Been Busy 😳

Ok let’s see how fast I can be to lay down a post before I fall asleep 🥱 🙏…

Well life has been busy!! The school year is coming to an end, my daughter has been in rehearsals and the play has been running since May 4th

My sons birthday happened and Mother’s Day coming

They are all coming to play with me to watch daughter on the 13th – and a girl friend I walk with is coming…

The other one was literally on deaths door ☠️… she could have died … she was lucky … and is still being lucky 🙏 I sat with her in hospital and brought her things at home… help her when need

After the play the kids are all spending the night and we have awesome Mother’s Day/Bday celebration …

Mother’s Day is not his birthday but it was the year he was born ❤️ … we just always celebrate together because was one of the best presents I ever received ❤️ so that will be Sunday ❤️


And then work, going well – getting everything handled and I can see light now and is less anxiety 😊

Although I will tell you 😮 … we are currently about 3 to 4 weeks backed up on cremations 😳 so it’s busy

I put in to take vacation this week 😄😄😄 they like can you just tell us everyday until that occurs lol 😄

And today – one said to me about a locked cabinet … what is in here?

I said “that’s all my secret stuff” lol … only I have that key to it… it contains manual contracts, which I have to keep count of, as well as, banking things etc. – things I handle when I can do MY job lol ✌️

I also said “I’ll have to show you some of the things just in case something happens while I am on vacation lol … and they groaned lol 😄😄

You can survive one week without me lol hopefully 🙏 … they just groan every time I say anything about it lol 😄😄

But that’s not until July … I give them time to build up to handle – be ready!!

Lately, my life been like this:

But right now is about to be this:

Not very alone 🤷‍♀️ and that’s not exactly my dream lol – but whatever

Gnite 😘😴 💤 🌙 ❤️

6 thoughts on “Been Busy 😳

Add yours

    1. Yes been busy but is a good busy not bad busy

      My daughter has her play and we have Mother’s Day/Bday celebration 🎉 – I will have all my kids with me ❤️

      And my friend out of hospital and doing ok 👍

      Week in March still sounds amazing though lol ✌️😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ❤️ busy but good 👍 just tired lol lots of stuff 😘 I don’t even have a sleep day!!

      And I will eventually have a vaca ❤️👏 hopefully 🙏 woo hoo!!

      God bless to you too 🙌😘


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