Balancing 🙌

So let’s see – how do I wish to start this? Lol

Ok well … in the mornings … I can look amazing lol … the clothes will be right – all put together, smelling all nice, hair, make up – ready for the day!!! Gonna be good day …

Ok so remember I say that as my story continues lol

Alright so I am looking top notch this morning… we walk out of the house this morning to bring my daughter to school 😮 and a guy walking by that I have seen at funeral home with deliveries 📦 was walking past and says “hey! Don’t I know you from the funeral home – I know you!”

I just say yes that is me.

Normally – this probably would have made me little nervous if I was by myself – but I was not – my daughter was there …

And I stop for gas to bring her to school and same thing happened lol

So we get back in the car … and I say to her … your mother is known 😮😮 … and she rolled her eyes …

So I said “hey well – be prepared cause your mom gonna be known, what’s it like to have a known mom?” Lol ahhhh eye rolls from your daughter ❤️ she also can’t help laughing ❤️

I only tease … I mainly like her eye rolls lol

So I drop her off and get to work… shortly after comes new guy… he is looking all great too and so is the attendant 👏👏

Day starts well – but then …. The day comes 😮😮

And then you walk by a Mirror and think “how long have I looked like that?” Lol

Well today was new guys first real feel for the insane lol

Just meaning that it comes at you – and it comes at you from every direction – real fast – no mercy

Up until today, he always looked so great

After today lol … day grabs you and it’s go time

He was red by end of day and hair messy lol … disheveled

Awww he has been broken in lol … he asked me why a toilet keeps flushing

So I take him in the bathroom and I show him the handle and said “when you flush – you must put handle back up” lol

He looked at me

And I said “hey welcome to the country” lol

I don’t think he expects my ?? Responses ? Sometimes lol … cause he laughs off guard lol

He will get used to it … I’m serving families at moment and sorta trying to juggle my own job – a jiggly toilet handle is not my priority at this very moment

Also another funny thing… he is from this place – is here in California … but the name of the place sounds made up or from super hero movie lol 😄 every time someone ask me where he from lol … when I say where, the initial reaction is laughter lol … it is funny lol – I laugh too

And we see so many names on people – sometime ones that are rare but you know or love for some reason … so … we have one… that normal funeral people instantly think of this one character in a dark show – shhhh … no guessing …

But “I” instantly think of a beloved cartoon character on Nickelodeon back in the day 🤟 ❤️

So I kinda said that out loud from my desk and down the hall he sings the theme 👏👏 it was very funny – those are the funny balance things

He will do fine 👏👏 I approve lol ✌️

He also works hard 😊 thank you – good guy – funny

Ok well anyway –

Then guess what, my friend recovered ❤️❤️❤️ they released her and she is home.

When I went to pick up daughter from play rehearsal tonight – I stopped by my friends house and brought her her car keys (cause I brought her car home) , and also a heart beat monitor I have already lol

So she is good – they say her recovery went so well, because she is generally really healthy!

She eats vegan only – has not eaten in a restaurant 😮 …exercises a lot

But she was not going to see a Dr … her family urged her to!! Cause I don’t know that she would have lasted without care 😮😮

I have another story with her ❤️ but I am too tired

❤️👏 so yes – good week

6 thoughts on “Balancing 🙌

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    1. Yes she is doing good… I would like her to be ALL better, but she needs to take it easy and have friends so she CAN get better ❤️‍🩹

      I know her type because I am her type lol

      Lol .. it is an old funeral home …

      Yeah he’s great! 👏👏 when you love what you do, and your work environment is amazing, makes all the bad not so bad – little character lol

      When we have the staff I can have that fixed.

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