Mic Drop 🎤

They playing games … he had my boss come and try to convince me to stay.

She said how am I supposed to convince you, when I don’t believe myself?

I said you tell him… I want closed door face to face meeting and then I will lay it out, why I leave or what I want … period – he can come here it from me directly if I am so suddenly important … come face that music 🎼 come talk to me – see why I turned in resignation and come see what I want.

They playing games – and speaking of raise – it’s nothing she even said. So that’s why he wouldn’t say how much was – yeah I’m good … it’s not worth to stay and go through all that…

It won’t change I would still be doing everything and this man they hired will be in meetings constantly and not available – so I be busting my ass while he making bank – F U on that 👎 I held you up… yeah come see me… come talk to me… come find out what I want – come on … show me I’m worth it

So yeah they playing games to buy time for me to lose the opportunity

And sending my boss to try to convince me to stay? She couldn’t … you come talk to me corporate … don’t hide behind a middle man – you be straight shooter – point blank. Don’t fuck around … cause there’s your problem

Lol … see I just had to absorb everything – and also see how they were gonna move

They done for? Cause I really don’t think he have the balls to come see me… let me tell you how it is here – let me educate … yeah come see me

Also come hear what I want …

So corporate – you gonna know what you got? Or you gonna fuck yourself? – cause good luck

So their choice

Ya I am not opposed to playing hardball, I was taught by corporate – byyeee 👋

Come talk to me, come hear what I want

You gonna miss me – know what you have 💋


And mic drop 🎤


Never ever underestimate me ✌️💋

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