I turned in resignation …

And higher management called me … they talk to me briefly and asked to speak to me again after work tmrw.

They ask for the chance to fight for me – I will see what you gonna pay … but will have to be worth it.

I did not expect that at all. He plead with me to give a chance

This is gonna come down to money. I have not rescinded anything yet.

Also – question to ponder – why it take the threat of me leaving? Why you not appreciate before? I have been here at this location since July of 22 and it has struggled. I have done everything humanly possible to make this location work. Pretty much by myself.

He said Trisha – I trust you, I trust you running that location, you have been essential to that location.

Ok so then tell me this… why you wait until I am breaking and ready to leave, before you think oh wait – you are valuable, please don’t leave … I have to give resignation before you know what you have?


(Just take out the love words because that is not at all work related) except for my love of the community and location – if they wanted to keep me so bad why wait til this? Recognize before

I come out of domestic violence so ya know I am one who always wants to believe it will get better – I have to threaten to leave before it does – and then who’s to say? I have been in that position before

He pleaded with me so I said, I need tonight to think and I also wanna know how much plan to increase – what am I worth to you??

He asked if he can call me tmrw after work – because will be away out of town with all the massive management.

I said yes – I will speak to him tmrw after work

😮😮😮😮 whoa 😳

And then just now my staff call me and say “hey you at funeral home?” I say no I just got home…

And they say something about a first call and can’t reach someone? I guess removal team there – she want me to go to funeral home and get the info for her

I can not… I have groceries being delivered shortly and I have to get daughter after that – she’s at school practicing for a MaMa Mia play she is in ❤️

So no – I can not do that right now … I do actually have somewhat of a life.

But see – and today was rough as hell.

So no – if you need it – go get it.

Also she took that first call before leaving work at 5 and never told me. I knew nothing about it. 😑 you NEED communication in this business at all times – we are supposed to be a team!! She killing me!

Ok so we see what they think I am worth then 😮😮😮😳 I’m willing to listen

So this has been a day 😮😮

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  1. Please be careful with your decision. What if they offer you a substantial increase in pay – will it lessen your workload? If you decide to stay and nothing changes you would have lost your opportunity at this new job. You seem like such a hard worker. A caring person. You do what is best for YOU. You were so excited when you knew you got offered the new job. Think long and hard and be true to yourself. 🙏

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    1. Thank you for that ❤️ I have a million thoughts and I do think of that – how excited I was yesterday… and I know this other job appreciates their workers – it does not take their workers threatening to leave to make them see or appreciate who they have.

      He kept promising it would get better because they just hired some guy… which is great… but they will pull him in a thousand meetings and still leave me doing everything

      He said he put in for me to make more than any area office manager – but ya know I do more that be office manager

      And promises … hmm don’t wait til I break before doing that. How am I supposed to take that?

      I do not want to lose opportunity I have on table… and what exactly is gonna get better?

      Today was HELL it’s kinda been hell for awhile –

      I am extremely hard worker and I care for my families – some even have my cell and text me on holidays to say hi … and some even move away and experience other losses – they call ME to ask for referrals… some send their friends to me

      And this is my community so I know everyone and people take to me really quick.

      Sometimes they get mad at who they work with and will only deal with me, so then I take over – but I don’t make any commission or anything – I do because I love what I do and I care for people to be ok… I know how to make them ok

      I am not a money maker like the rest are – I am supposed to be just a simple office manager – but I am more than that for a long time now.

      So yeah – I am willing to listen to what they say… but I also know my worth

      I am taking all of it in, and have a million thoughts at the moment

      It was really hard day today and for awhile now … so I am fully aware – I will give them the courtesy of listening – but one of my reasons is sometimes there is soooo much that comes at me I can not do everything – I am one person

      And I can feel my blood pumping up my neck so I also do not want to have a stroke or heart attack with so much work and the only one caring… at least at other location when I only had one… we had each others back and if they needed help – I help… if I needed help – they help

      This location I’m on my own

      Someone said you can not help others if you don’t help your self – so I think of that too

      Like I said – a million thoughts – but I’m also smart when comes to bottom line so we see what is said.

      Promises promises ya know?

      Thank you for giving me words of thought ❤️ and also understanding my worth 😊✌️


    2. Oh one other thing… I also know they did hire some guy to come help as a location manager … if I leave then all this falls on him and they will lose him too… soooooo I know the position at this moment

      So I dunno – many many thoughts


      1. I’m sure your head is swirling in a million directions. If I remember correctly you were always extremely busy at your other location too. I wish you the best in your decision. I always tell my daughter when she has a dilemma to dig deep – look inside yourself and do what is the best for you and your family. Life is too short to be running yourself ragged. It truly is. God bless 🙏

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      2. I replied but it messed up and I have to get ready for work – I will be back later tonight

        Thank you for your thoughts and words ❤️ deeply taken


  2. Even if they give you more money, their behaviour won’t change. Still too many hours and too little support.

    Your call but my thought is that of it reached the point of resigning, you should stick with that.

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    1. I’m thinking along same lines

      I do not want to have stroke or heart attack with all this

      And other than money – what will change ?

      I’m not supposed to have this level of stress


  3. By all means listen to them, however don’t stay. They only realised your wealth to them upon your resignation. Life’s too short to alter life changing decisions on a whim.

    I know you are hesitatnt about leaving, l could read it between the lines of your last few posts however it’s because it isn’t just a change but a deeper change.

    But l do feel that whatever they offer you now isn’t because they value you and your experience it is simply a case of ‘Shit we have no one else that can do what Trisha does, let’s weet talk her, offer some money and a few additional benefits and then see if we can get her to stay before we have no paddle!”

    Too many company’s are performing this action on employees and it’s not a new tactic, we see it all around the world and it is as old as time itself – people only see the value in people when they think they are losing them. People stay then the shit starts up again.

    Don’t be the donkey Trisha, be the carrot.

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    1. I know – I am taking it all in… I am listening and thinking

      I am not supposed to have this level of stress after cancer

      I will make smart decision. I know what is ok and what is not. I don’t want to die for my job. ✌️

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