Happy Easter 🐣

Today I worked on my yard… I’m in sooooooo much pain on my right side! My bad side… I only worked on front and have not hit the back yet 😮😮

I can barely move my right arm, it is stiff with massive pain… it starts at breast and shoulder – and if I move it it radiates the right back shoulder and right arm. 😮😮

I put the THC cream on it and it sorta helps – it does dull the pain little – better than was but still bad. ☹️

😩😩😩 I hate that I struggle to do things!!! I’m alive so that’s awesome 👏… appreciate that and love that… but it really inhibits what I can do and that annoys me – I want to do myself!! 😩 life trying to make me NEED people lol ✌️

I hurt so bad – and since I feel the pain – I keep writing about it lol ✌️

I have THE most AMAZING neighbor ❤️ let me tell you about him…

He is older and in his 70’s… he always checks on me and makes sure I am doing ok, he always remembers every holiday and says “Happy Merry whatever day” ❤️ … he watches my house when I work a lot, he takes my garbage cans and my green waste cans down the driveway and brings them back up before I even have a chance to struggle ❤️

He has ALWAYS done these things for me ❤️ without me asking and just does it. Never asking for anything in return ❤️

Today he come help me in my yard, when he see me trying ❤️

He is also reclusive like me lol … we are not chatters – we have quick convos and help each other – I gave him a heater this past winter and share my oranges 🍊 from my orange tree with him. He is the sweetest ❤️

And my new lawnmower is good… it is electric… it takes 2 batteries 🔋 🔋 …and they charge really quick. It didn’t run out of juice at all while doing front and sides ❤️

I don’t think I put bag on correctly? I’m not sure but there was nothing for me to empty lol … oops?? I dunno – good enough lol ✌️

It has a push button that you push and pull back on a thin lever… it reminds me of a toy but works well ❤️ doesn’t hurt me to turn on.

It does hurt me in the way I have to push it – it takes strength and I don’t have that in my chest ☹️ … I was also pushing with my waist – you have to push – it doesn’t propel forward. But got the job done nicely 👏 I just hurt

He pulled weeds along my house and fence for me ❤️ no way I could have done both


… I also wore Doby the F out today lol 👏 … I give him Easter walk… and then he was outside with us while working on yard and ran and jumped all afternoon – right now he is sprawled out like Superman 😄😄 on my couch and hasn’t moved since we came inside lol 😄😄

Usually he is glued to me – but this afternoon he doesn’t care lol – I can go to the bathroom ALL BY MYSELF without anyone jumping on the door lol ❤️👏😄 he is usually massively clingy to me lol

I even cooked dinner and he didn’t move – still not moving – I will go over and kiss 💋 him and he opens his eyes but just stays all sprawled out lol 😄😄 it is hilarious!! ❤️

Who is the best pet – it is him ❤️ I am so thankful for him… at night he curls up next to me or sometimes tries to be a lap dog 🙄😐 … he does not know how to actually be a lap dog lol … first of all he’s about 35/40 lbs… and all big – I am not big – he thinks he is little, but he is not anymore!!

He crushes me and then acts all loving and how I say no? Lol

This is how big he USED to be: at 8 weeks …

This is him NOW: at 9 months 😮

❤️❤️❤️ he’s such an amazing dog and is amazing company to me ❤️ I was worried little bit in beginning because I have only ever had small dogs – and he’s gonna be a big one 😮 but he’s so loyal and loving and such a sweetheart to me

I put a blanket down on my couch because of rain and someone’s paws 🐾 🙄

He has grown into his ears 😄😄

If he so much as hears someone coming to the house – man is ON GUARD lol 😄😄❤️ … and he has a nice deep man dog bark – but doesn’t bark much – really only when protecting me ❤️ otherwise he doesn’t bark at ALL


My baby growing up so fast ❤️🐾❤️

On Friday when my kids came over – I asked them do they think I am making the right decision leaving my job for another – cause I am right here, and do I want to leave that…

Without taking a moment to even ponder – they all say “mum yes!! This job takes your life and makes you work all the time or be sick” my oldest went on and on about how taking the new job be best for me because this one doesn’t care or appreciate 😮

I was just questioning cause is hard to leave for me – I know is right choice for sure. But I love where I live and I love helping THIS community ❤️

But they don’t appreciate and aren’t paying what worth and I do everything – so will be nice to be paid more and not do literally everything.

I’m still with death … oddly I like being with death… and most of us who are, have a calling for it. I’m good with death, except my own – I’m still bad with those 😮🤷‍♀️

Also I don’t really like tons of change but I AM getting very used to it.

But once again – here we are in the 2020’s – it’s nothin BUT change 😮


And here comes another Monday 😝 I already know we have deaths …and of course that is my business 🤷‍♀️ but Mondays are most insane 😮


Ughhhh if I can move tmrw 😮😮 I will take some Advil and put more cream on 😩 … please let me be able to move!! 🙏


Also – I DO need to get my laundry cleaned lol

Oh yeah – one more thing… I watched something today about other countries 😮😮 vs United States

And while I love my country and things – and I suppose every country has their own bad things … but I have to say I was a little shocked to learn few things



I kinda already knew a few things – but ya know to just really see it from other countries 😮

And the jobs yes that’s how is 😮 they mistreat their workers because that cuts into their profits – and they let you know how replaceable you are, no matter how good or hardworking 😮😮

To say the word “union” at work – is a fireable offense 😮😮😮😮😮


I already knew we were broken – but I just didn’t realize how badly 😮😮


It IS all about the almighty dollar 💵


16 thoughts on “Happy Easter 🐣

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  1. Sorry to read you’re in pain! I hope you feel okay in the morning!

    For a second, I read “Doby the F” as his name! LOL.

    I love my 12M cats but it’s hard on pain days, when I want to go to bed but they’re not all indoors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ❤️ that’s ok, I knew it would cause me pain – I am very careful to avoid pain usually – but I had to do this. Was worse than I thought would be 😮😮 I have that cream and took Advil so those 2 things should hopefully help, but it’s hurty and really stiff 😮

      Lol I just went back and read the Doby line … and yeah I can see that 😄😄 … he’s not an F lol ❤️

      He’s really good… he knows if I am sad or exhausted … generally he wants to comfort ❤️ my little Anubis lol 😉😄 ❤️


  2. Interesting post Trisha.

    First Dogy is effing A – fantastic looking cuty, yes l mknow he is bigger, but he is still adobyarable. Second, to help ease some of your pain, have you considered wearing a back brace, it’s like a maternity girdle, but it will balance your body a bit especially as you haven’t got the chest strength and third try taking some tablets for pain before you start working in the garden as it relaxes the muscles and doesn’t tense them up so much. Finally, try rubbing some of the heat cream into the areas that are affected before you start working, it has the same effect as taking the tablets. It might just make things slightly easier.

    I am working physically a lot these days and l do ache a lot, l have always worked physically, but this is the first time in my life that l am nearly sixty, so it’s very different from when you are forty or fifty. Aches and pains have a way of not healing properly after work.

    Something else is maybe try to add some tumeric to your diet if you can as that will aid things as well, not just for joint and body pain, but for mental wellbeing as well. You can get tumeric capsules if you didn’t want to add it to your diet directly.

    An interesting video also.

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    1. Lol yes he is adobyable ❤️❤️❤️

      I have a special bra to wear for these things but it almost hurts more and without there is no way I could do!

      Due to the scars and right side I can NOT use those heating creams – is bad bad bad

      I can try taking Advil before that – perhaps that will help

      I am still hurty and stiff but ya know life goes on – not like I can be sick

      I will have to read about that… I do not experience swelling only pain – and my stomach is sensitive to weird things – I do not want an upset stomach or diarrhea

      I would definitely have to research first and make sure is ok for me

      I’ve had cancer and thyroid issues so I don’t wish to have any problems

      The pain is just something I deal with – I am used to it… the thc cream is the only one that gives little comfort and they used to prescribe me all kinds of creams – none of which worked – I used to insist the hot bengay cream but they cause me more harm than good – that right side is a very very bad side

      Advil helps when I pair with the thc cream

      I am used to it now – not a new thing

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    2. Hahaha yes the video… I’m sorry but there is truth to what he say

      I love my country but it has issues and are never corrected just gets worse

      A reason I stay to myself ✌️

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