Believing 😮

Normally I do not believe many things – I am skeptical … in regards to people – I will have to know you … then I’m fine

But stuff like what I am about to tell you about – meh… I take with grain of salt – more for entertainment …

This morning I got an email with a tarot reading lol … it said:

These are your cards for March 31: the World (21) – the Sun (19) – Judgment (20) – the Wheel of Fortune (10) – the Chariot (7)

I have no idea what that meant but it explained and said:

The World (21) and the Sun (19) in first position talk about your current situation and how you are dealing with it. They indicate that you are a thoughtful and caring woman who is always willing to help other people. These are great strengths you can draw on to create a fulfilling life.

Things should start changing for the better very soon indeed. Judgment and the Wheel of Fortune indicate your life could take a new direction, perhaps something completely unexpected for you, which will lead to a successful and happy time for you.

So ok whatever – I read it – but brushed it off this morning – whatever I’m WAY too busy today

I just got home and check my emails and there was this one:

I want to be the first to congratulate you on your new job! Oh wait. Have you not heard about this yet? Weird. If the new job works out like it’s supposed to, it was worth it!

lol – we will see 🙄

I am skeptical- positive but skeptical

We see how good my magic is ✨

I am actually making little bit of magic… for me and for 2 others ❤️👏✌️

So remember the woman who brought me the stuffed animal 🧸? ❤️ well I really like her – she reminds me of my mom – and no one has given me a stuffed animal in years ❤️

We decided that tmrw we meet and walk some trails for little while ❤️👏 I get to walk again and breathe in fresh air and ahhhh just BE … she’s really awesome

Her husband recently passed and she doesn’t have anyone really … so she has me 🙌

And then I invited another because also has same sorta situation. I thought would be nice to include her and have her join us- she always has tears in her eyes when I see her so thought be good idea to invite and they could know each other . And we all be friends and enjoy walks ❤️👏 woo hoo!

Tmrw at 10am – both know me obviously … but I will introduce them tmrw 👏 … I sorta introduced today in group text lol – so we could coordinate where going

I was busy doing end of month, end of quarter, Friday, and services ughhhh I am exhausted

There was some point midday that I feel so lightheaded and pass out- ish … I had eaten so I wasn’t hungry ?? Not sure why – my brain is much after work always!

5 million things come at you at once and they keep piling more on … so ya know whatever – I am one person and acting my wage – whatever gets done – gets done – there is NO WAY humanly possible for one person to do everything – so whatever

I’m feeling overwhelmed and checked out and they continue to put things on my shoulders so ya know – whatever … once again – I am one person… so I just give up

I will do my thing best I can … but I have Monday off … and a job interview – I have already spoken to him. I would have ONE job and make way more money… so we see he’s very laid back and funny – so I can work with that … and I wouldn’t be having heart attacks every day ❤️👏

If I stay here – it WILL kill me

Is same field just different and new location – NOT within my company – is another

I have connections in death so – pulled them 😮

I know this company is good one, so we see

I know the staff already from working funerals lol … and I know high management people because I used to work with some of them at my company – they know who I am and how serious I take, and how hard I work. They are also aware of what I go through here, because they once knew too.

But we will see – I will need it to work with my life too… but I will worry about all that after Monday

Ok with kids – back later maybe tmrw ??

4 thoughts on “Believing 😮

Add yours

    1. Thank you 😊 … I will – going walking today 🫶 I’m excited with that!

      And Monday should go really well, I already know people there so foot in door… I just have to make sure will work ok with juggling getting my daughter from school.

      Will be good experience anyway 😊❤️ and could change my life so we see 😮

      I always want to love where I am, what I do and who with. ❤️✌️🙏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙏

      I think will be good, I am little nervous on new… and it’s kinda hard to leave something you do love – I do love being so close to work, and I wanted that location for so long ❤️

      So is little bittersweet

      But they are seriously killing me… everyday, with what appreciation or thought? I’m so far uphill that they rarely come, and we on our own with help

      So would be nice to have one job, there is a lot of it – but won’t be giving me heart attacks and I want to be able to trust management

      My thing is trust. So we see 🙏🫶

      Liked by 1 person

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