And BOOM it goes 😮

Happy Friday 😳

My daughter got sick at school so now I am working from home … anyone who needs to see me – I had family emerg

And I can handle what I can from here – omg


Still breathing but barely … ok this is fine

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    1. Dude!!! Well ya know, life is trying to teach me a lesson currently, but I am fighting it and so is life lol ✌️

      Pretty sure

      It just wants me to actually listen and I am not … I should listen … I want to tell you I will

      But I don’t really have an option to listen at this moment – so life needs to chill for a second while I handle

      It just wants to force me to remember myself and not overwork

      Ok well 🤷‍♀️ gonna have to give me some time… perhaps life could not make or let death happen for a moment and I could do that!!!

      Yeah I made her tea, gave her meds, got cough drops and had her sleep 🛌

      She came out when boys got here – her cheeks are all red, but face little pale otherwise – no fever … she sluggish – she complains about sore throat

      I am stocked on tea, cough drops and meds 🙏

      If it’s Covid and I catch it – I get 2 whole paid weeks off so 🤷‍♀️ there’s my vacay lol

      Didn’t wanna catch that before – now I’m like eh maybe 😮 … my how times change 😉

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      1. Yeah I don’t think it is Covid

        2 weeks off for Covid – doesn’t sound so bad though 🤷‍♀️

        But yeah I don’t think it is.

        Yeah we will see about the weekend 😳🙏 I don’t know

        Deep inhale/deep exhale lol ✌️

        It’s fine… it be ok 🙏 I just need some time to recharge – hopefully that happens 🙏

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    1. Whew – yeah I’m fine 💥 ish – I got through it – mostly

      My daughter is fine, she sleep and I give her meds

      Fricken weather 🤨 you can’t do that to bodies – too much winter is bad

      We are Californians lol ✌️

      But yes she is doing ok 👍 ❤️ thank you for asking 😊

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      1. Hahaha yeah here too … sky very threatening and very dark… but rain supposed to hold off til tmrw – my forecast say it hits tmrw and then for the week 😩😩

        Ugh ok well is what it is…

        You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit lol … My daughters kindergarten teacher used to say that 😄😄

        I feel you!!

        That stuff you got was probably one of my atmospheric rivers that went across the United States lol – it probably jumped the pond too lol

        Do they name your storms ? Lol

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