Rain 🌧️ & Fire 🔥

Ok well FML 😑

Ok when it rains it POURS – omg stop that ✋


True lol … and I really love that woman’s voice – her voice sounds angelic to me!! ❤️ 🎶

But no… I do not like rainy days or Mondays lol … they suck!!

We are out of drought and if I hear ONE person day that word later – I will lose my shit!!!

Ugh ok – well whatever … nothing I can do

Looks like I am a wavewalker 🌊 ✌️ lol


Anyway… ugh 😩 I don’t want anymore wind, rain or cold!!! (Said in a very whiney voice)

I am dying for sun… It’s like a flower someone is TOTALLY OVER WATERING💦

Alright whatever – I’m just whiney because I have rain and storms always

** reasons I could never live in Seattle – I would die

Way too much rain!!! I just can not!!! I do not mind when spread out over the year – or a nice summer rain – I love love love summer rain – but we never get that – is all at once in winter 🤨

Ugh 😩 ok I will keep moaning so we will leave it at that.

In the same way it pours rain, it is now also pouring death 😮 yikes 😳 ok … well let’s hope I don’t drown one way or another 😮 🙏

Winter – I am done with you!!

Ok well – in other news 🗞️…

Military reached out to me yesterday – but I am swamped in death at moment – and it was Friday night and I do not want my Friday night all crappy – so nope 👎 I can not deal on a Friday – that is MY day


Also – I did not mention this because I don’t like it … but he calls me “red” – I hate that!! Please don’t call me that. Also I do not want any kind of pet name – you can move along with that…

Say my correct name …


Do not call me red 🤨… that will also be a kiss of death – so stop that!! Don’t do it!

I don’t even wanna deal with you if you do pet names or bullshit – cut the crap

I really don’t like that – you want me use my name

Also that just shows me is superficial because name me after a physical attribute – so correct your shit!


So yeah – that’s not happening

Fricken calling me red – yeah no – not cute, don’t like – probably should not do that!!


Know my name or don’t – whatever

See if I respond ✌️


Not gonna put up with stupid bullshit… don’t want that shit in my life

I am not looking to have my life more complicated than is… definitely not enhancing my life at all… so nope! And I won’t let him use his money – I want nothing to do with him. I’m good

I am not going there so… try another bitch


I am so good – it just takes me a minute to remember why I keep to self and do not even try

Ahhh what was I thinking giving someone a chance ?? Nope – I should know better


Date a satan – dumb ways to die ✌️ be safe around jackasses!!!

Yeah you should definitely use my name lol 😘



So yeah – you should definitely know, listen and understand the woman you want … if you don’t know your shit – then move along – no bullshit allowed



When you approach an actual woman – maybe know the kind you dealing with 😘✌️

Also – just fyi – I have been no contact all this time because no! End of story – already said that

Maybe listen and certainly never call me red

21 thoughts on “Rain 🌧️ & Fire 🔥

Add yours

    1. Hahaha or down the river – whichever 🤷‍♀️

      Thank you – it’s just always raining

      I feel like Charlie Brown with that little storm cloud over him lol 😩🤨✌️😄❤️ (heart for Charlie Brown – not the rain)

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      1. Hahaha … well I am a swimmer lol … but I would prefer a bad ass boat, which I do not currently have – unless my house turns into a houseboat soon lol ✌️

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      2. Yeah – eventually lol

        I just got a weather notice about HIGH winds 🤨🫤

        I’m soooo over this winter stuff! Enough stop taking my fence down!! Lol

        Damn – Mother Nature has a fury this year

        If mistreat the planet – Mother Nature corrects that lol

        Eventually spring HAS to come – please have mercy lol

        White flag 🏳️ surrender 🙏

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    1. He’s just obsessed because of that 🤨

      He would talk about my redhair constantly 🤨 like was a thing

      Also it makes me feel like can’t remember my name cause who knows what else he does 😮


      Yeah whatever that says everything

      Nope 👎

      Welcome to the world of being a woman lol 🤷‍♀️🤨

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      1. Not all women, or is it all women l wonder? I know sexism and all the other poor quality male behaviours and attributes have been around for a millenia, but it appears to be in the last ten years especially that l have noticed this ever increasing male arrogance towards women.

        Attractive and beautiful women seemingly receive a abarrage of abuse, and whilst women used to complain about the wolf whistle, l think the abuse they receive and can receive online as well as in real life is awful?

        The world seems to be becoming more like that of one giant we hate women, and whilst that ism’t applicable to all men, l don’t get where men are coming from these days.

        I think many men struggle with equality for women.

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      2. Men struggle with that because they fear the strength of a woman … if they didn’t fear – there would be no problem

        I think it is all women… but if you pretty – you are extra cursed

        There are both men and women who behave badly

        Is different world today – so men don’t adjust well ✌️

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      3. Well Egypt had women pharaohs ❤️ and many countries respect their women

        But some have old world ideals they wanna cling to – so there is that change that must occur (speaking to you Iran 😘) don’t even get me started there!

        100% support women of Iran ❤️ fight for your freedoms

        Respect to them ❤️🙏 please stay safe in the fight!

        And if the men did not fear an uprising from women – this would not be a problem

        What’s the matter? Scared of us or something ? Think we might run the world better or take their jobs ? Probably … maybe they should be scared 😘.

        Instead of holding back because of what sex someone is – how about working together to make a better world?

        Women can be intelligent, hardworking and have the ability to do anything a man can do!!

        Traditional roles are hard to squash – it just takes time

        Life will be much easier without holding someone back – and eventually people will fight back if you take too much of their freedoms

        Men can be afraid if they want – that’s ok – the women will handle it lol ❤️✌️😘

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      4. It is a fear l feel. Many men seem to think their manliness is being challenged. I read an article the other day that basically suggested men being confused with their position in society these days because of the shift in society and l was like WTF?

        I was speaking to it with Suze and said l was confused why men were so confused? I am not confused – but maybe as l am older and comfortable with me, comfortable with women and comfortable with equality maybe that is the difference? i know not. Maybe younger men need to sit down and smell the coffee a bit more.

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      5. Lol – absolutely their manliness being challenged because look at our world!!!

        Either get with the program or move over

        If their intelligence is so easily shaken – get out the way

        Well you are a man who does not have a problem and are secure in your own self and your own things …

        Many men have no idea how to handle a strong woman lol

        Sucks to be them – sorry welcome to todays world that they have created so… these are mothers, sisters, daughters etc

        Equality should be based on nothing but skill… race or sex should never be an issue

        If it is / they just afraid of uprising

        We have seen that within race… now is race and sex so…

        Men can correct themselves or be left behind…

        Because women and races gonna go all or nothing

        As if – old ass white men gonna tell me what I can or can not do

        So yeah – shit or get off the pot lol ✌️

        Different world – move aside if can not accept

        They done if they not accept

        So yeah they don’t know their place now

        But that’s ok – life will correct their shit … matter of time

        Those who can not handle … oh well

        Those who accept and grow – that is what we want – to make life better for all and never be at mercy of anyone regardless of sex or race

        Basic human rights / point blank

        They can correct themselves or not – if not they gonna fall hard – not my problem and sorry they so anciently thinking

        Welcome to the new world 💋 that THEY created!!

        Yeah smell that coffee ☕️ lol

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  1. I don’t think he understands you have already ended things and it’s over. That’s why he messaged? Anyhow let’s leave it.

    I am much more interested in the weather because till last year I thought USA was dying due to no water but suddenly in a few months they getting kicked in the ass with so much rain. It’s actually incredible how quickly things have changed 😂

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    1. Yup – I have left it alone … I just can’t … I don’t trust and I cherish my life so … sorry – try someone else

      Lol well the USA is huge / is California and my area that was in drought … In summer we have temps that can go to 115!! Instant drought temps cause literally sucks all water when that hot! 🥵

      Northern California supplies water to Southern California who for some reason has no water reserves themselves ?? They are needy! lol


      California does not know how to run its state – we are severely democratic which is fine and I like the protection of my rights ❤️

      But they suck in other areas of protection too much red tape

      In Massachusetts we had a saying about the weather there …

      We used to say – don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes lol

      California is …I don’t even know anymore ??

      All I know is I miss the sun and spring and summer ❤️✌️

      This is not my normal California weather 😮

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