Sunshine please 🙏

Well… hello …

Meh… still winter 🥶 … cold, dreary, rainy – bleh

Missing spring so badly – I have massive spring fever lol – it might be contagious lol

Oh I just want spring so bad!! I am so done with winter 🥶 it has been off and on pouring today.

Sooo… I have a situation 😮

I thought I handled it… and I have gone massive silent – but he text me last night which I didn’t see until this morning and made me feel exhaustion upon seeing it 😮

He just said “hope you having relaxing weekend”

I have all kinds of bad vibes – I am not comfortable, at ease or ok with this.

Also the universe is constantly sending me messages to get away. Bad bad bad

I’m gonna trust that… nope – I would like to stay alive…

He continuously talked about how great and amazing HE is 🤨 … umm not really … he’s hard core just like Trump and speaks badly about others and tries to control everyone – I will be damned – no way… leave me alone with that bullshit

Yeah that’s not gonna work for me – I’m good

But he’s a Trump’er … and was still in the love bombing stage…

I don’t trust him at all… not one bit – and he makes me nervous because I feel he is loose cannon

He tried to call me tonight but ya know – I just can’t – I just want time off of everything before Monday comes – is my end of month and I don’t want to be dealing with shit

No way am I dealing with drama and heavy – nope


I don’t want to be changed or told what best, or who I should be … I do not want to feel like you trying to manipulate me – fuck that shit… nope leave me alone with all that.

Listen … like this:

I’m good – I like freedom … see?? No one seems to know how to be normal, chill, not crazy, and not heavy?!!! Omg does anyone know how to take life in?? Cause I want that one

How is that so hard??

I’m not gonna try to change someone or make life heavy for them – omg get away from me with that!!

Yeah if you can not enjoy life and enhance my life in that area then nope 👎

This is why keep to self… is always hassle omg

And I will think ok maybe I am ready – cause time has passed so maybe ? But nope because I do not want drama heavy hassles 😮 peace or nothing

This is my favorite SNL skit lol ❤️ I am buying one!! We have those!! I need that

It just makes me laugh every time I watch it – and I hope to god works for me!! Lol

When I lived out in middle of no where – there was this creepy neighbor … omg he used to creep me out so much so rather than be social or cause any problems – I just be creepy funeral girl – it was wonderful cause I could just be weird and he didn’t overly invade my space

My old landlord still laughs about that to this day lol – hey ya know … nope 👎 I just can not deal sometimes … and since he know I do funerals, he have no idea what to think, because people generally creeped out by profession – so whatever

I do not want any problems – just peace

Make me love being around you…enjoy time with you – if try to control or make me uncomfortable I’m gonna back way the hell off

Also don’t misjudge me – perhaps know me first 😘✌️ kiss of death to misjudge – allow me to correct you

Just because I work in funerals and am quiet do not mistake me for naive or something I am not – and I can levitate all on my own thank you very much 😘✌️

In other news …

I got a job offer in Arizona but I say no because my daughter still has 2 years of high school so not yet

That is within my industry.

But I have another potential job offer with more money and less stress like what I have … would be different stress and is one that I am not hmm 🤔 … it could be good. Personal growth I guess – is an element I have ptsd with …but could be good by taking that away? Maybe – we see

I am not sure – because I really fit with death 😮 or maybe it’s just been so long? Plus I get to hide away mostly … who’s gonna come see me lol

It’s been nice and I have a tight supportive group! Am respected and know what doing. Am confident – have freedom to be self ❤️ I really love that – I worry I won’t have that if I leave

And then also – outside the industry I would not be hidden. So how would I be with that? Omg

I just don’t wanna be overwhelmed or regret decision

So I dunno a lot of things occurring – 2023 can chill the F out!! And also – give me my spring!!!

Yeah so there is the shit ❤️

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  1. Oh my goodness! You sound like you need break from the year and we are still in February!! Geez 😔😮 Sounds like you have your stuff together and are staying positive! 🙏 Take care and I hope this week is a kinder one to you! 🤗🤞

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    1. Haha why YES!! I DO need that week in March lol ✌️ 🙏

      Is not my first rodeo – I’ve already had a satan and not trying to have another – I’m all set!!

      I know my worth AND cherish my life

      Have a wonderful life currently and not willing to lower that – only want someone who knows how to enjoy life not add pressure to it or expect me to be anything I am not ✌️

      Is ok… is life – I am used to it 🙄

      To a good week 🙏🙏🙏 😘

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    1. I can bring sunshine to a cloudy day lol …

      Is ok… I can handle – I am used to the way life and people are lol

      It will be fine – I have many people who have my back and ready to protect if needed 😊✌️

      My life is always up. Even with these little shenanigans lol

      I am alive and survived much!! So every day is up ❤️✌️😘

      Thank you – to you also ✌️😘

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  2. The other job offers may or may not be ideal but I don’t know if it is possible to judge them at face value. Maybe if you talk to a few people who have worked in that position and research a little bit, you can be more sure.

    But I think as much as it is an opportunity to grow in your career, it can bring massive changes with itself, such as getting open in an industry in which you are not currently. So my suggestion is to not ignore them, assess them, and then decide what will yield better results. And you won’t have regrets in the end if you accept/reject the offers.

    God bless you.😊🙏

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    1. Oh yes – I have been talking to someone there – is different stress than funeral business …

      And would be more micro managed – as well as back into society 😮

      Here I run an entire location, and hidden away – I like it – but I am one person and can get crazy … I love the team I have ❤️ and fit very well

      The other position would be total change of profession – to one that makes more money …

      I just wanna be sure the money is worth my sanity lol

      But yes I am thinking it over – if the money is right – I will see where my sanity is lol

      Thank you though… I am thinking over realistically with serious thought – considering everything 😊

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    1. Hahaha you are so funny 😄😄😄

      By the time they ready for the urn – there is no blood 🩸 just ashes

      There is never blood on urns lol

      Hahaha but that would make it creepier 😮

      Yeah I wonder if it actually works – I really wanna test it lol

      See if it’s for real lol

      If someone pulled an urn out to you – how would you react? I am curious of your answer lol

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      1. Well l am different – l would be more curious than worried – l would be respectful if someone else BUT Madam Trisha if it was you!!

        I might be a little cautous incase something leaps out from it – like a jack in the box 🙂

        All in all, l think if someone pulled out a mobile urn, l might take a step back and reevaluate the situation hahaha 🙂

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      2. That would be little humorous with a Jack in the box

        Haha to reevaluate because ashes might blow up to 50ft away? Lol

        If was me – you would know I was up to something – most likely lol

        I am curious if it would work at all? Or cause more conversation or curiosity? Lol

        Yesterday after work – daughter and I went to store …

        When we walked in… the clerk did a double take?? And then just smiles and suddenly becomes massively attentive and helpful

        And then some random man trying to talk to me in the store – but I am with daughter …so I am polite but no – do not try to have a convo when my kids are with me!!

        Anyway we get back to car and I said “did you see all that?”

        And she rolls her eyes and says “yes mom is because you are beautiful”

        Then I roll my eyes

        She went on about how I am the definition of beautiful – I said oh stop ✋ there are many many many more beautiful girls than me and younger!

        And she said yes but you are the natural beauty … you are what society finds beautiful

        So I roll my eyes again – she’s my daughter so of course she see me like that – she always thinks I am beautiful lol

        However – guys drop everything to come help me usually. Even if I don’t need help … or they try to talk to me everywhere I go – is always

        A huge reason I shop online and have delivered so I don’t have to have the hassle

        The more I want away – the more they close in lol

        So I am going to guess – it would be a MASSIVE curiosity ?? I don’t know that it would have a repelling feel? Lol that would just make someone more curious and open up a convo lol

        Not that I am not flattered – I am … but I also like to be normal and not noticed and that doesn’t work for me

        One day I will find something lol ✌️

        It would be hilarious if it worked though!! I am sooo tempted to try it!!

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      3. Yes, you must curious, you and l share the same style of naughty sense of humour – yes yes we can be serious, BUT, when we are being mischevious, we can be impish! If you suddenly pulled out an urn and said “This is my urn!!” I might laugh or try to look serious, but yes l would be very cautios especially if you asked if l wanted to look at it …..

        Erm, no, it’s okay, you keep it – l will look from here 🙂


      4. Maybe you need to wear a mask – like a werewolf or a mummy or a clown hahahaha that way no one will bother you – then your daughter will be saying “Oh yes this is my lovely mother with her wicked sense of humour, she likes a quiet life and not to draw attention to herself hence the wearing of the wereworlf in your face mask to distract you … are you distracted?”


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