Storms?? All over – blizzards … great no one’s gonna work

Omg – meh … making my life so hard!!

Ok life/death


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    1. Well here is just rain – but it’s California and people lose their minds with one drop lol 🙄

      But it’s the rest of the country having massive blizzards and hurricanes and whatever else 🙄😑 who knows 🤷‍♀️

      Welcome to the United States 🇺🇸

      Currently the land of natural disasters 🤨

      My heart goes out to Turkey though ☹️ they keep having hard hits 💔

      Our stuff is nothing to theirs ☹️

      Am always sorta safe lol mostly 🙏 … I just pray

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    1. Haha… 🤔 umm maybe little ? Kinda silent? Handling some things – think I got it?? Maybe – and hopefully 🙏

      Should be good ?

      Kinda in protection mode and then also, so many thoughts and things in my mind about everything

      So – sorta collecting my thoughts? Organizing lol

      Plus it keeps being winter 🥶 😠 so also in hibernation mode lol

      Totally waiting to come alive for spring but it is taking FOREVER!!!

      Soaking in peace ☮️ ❤️

      I’ll probably post shortly

      Also – I kinda like hiding away – I have less problems lol 😘

      Just when I want to feel little safer – I like the silence


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