Whew 😥

Ok so did it… the deed is done 😮


This is why you need to take your time and quit the bullshit.

I was probably harsh cause this is my fire area … careful …

Don’t make me feel love bombed

Don’t go massively fast … that heightens my caution ⚠️

Don’t try to impress me – quit that bullshit… don’t hide behind money and power – show me who you really are … takes time to see that …

Don’t try to make me anything I am not and never ever ever attempt to change who I am!! 🔥

And do NOT assume shit you do not know 🔥 cause I will correct your ass on that

Not some meek woman who has no one and doesn’t know who the world is


You should probably do your homework first – learn who someone is before you go trying to imprint yourself ✌️

Was not born yesterday

So I was just honest about my mental well being as well as my caution – sorry if that hurts but I have to be honest and not going through a satan again. And can only handle what I am able to.

I have no issues with self esteem – absolutely know my worth… and I work VERY VERY hard to have what I have – think again if you gonna try and play me

I am not some meek and sad woman who you wanna swoop in, try to change and try to control

You will never control who I am – so let me lay that down – I don’t care who are – could be president of United States and still… been there don’t that – never again… just don’t even try – I won’t listen … “American Woman” …


All you have to do is step slowly, and be easy like Sunday morning


Fucking enjoy life without stupid ass heavy bullshit

Yeah you never controlling me so if that’s your motive – I’m not your girl – wrong woman

We can do easy like Sunday morning … or I can show you fire 🔥




I do not have self esteem issues

Choose wisely how you approach me


Know what you deal with ✌️

I didn’t rebuild all by myself in little amount of time without being a force of nature … so make sure you aware of that 😘

Also… don’t for one second think I have no one – I have my village so you ain’t my end all save all

I will give my devotion to someone who can be a human being and again – easy like Sunday morning please

Otherwise – welcome to the force ✌️😘


So yeah I have a little fire 🔥


⚠️ Just warning if you gonna attempt to come close

23 thoughts on “Whew 😥

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    1. I was nervous with that because I gray rock so you do NOT get read on my emotions if I sense anything bad. I don’t want to be manipulated – so that was a worry in the way I worded it – but I still strong with it … just watched how much emotion

      So I did carefully word but laid it out

      lol and here on WordPress I am more comfortable cause 🤷‍♀️ is my place of release 😘

      When he first started pursuing he bought me a Orchid… AFTER I already explained I only can keep one Aloe plant alive – I am plant grim reaper …

      But he insist be easy … is dead now

      2 months and dead

      Soooo 🤷‍♀️ not a green thumb and not that type

      But whatever

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      1. Ha yeah cause mine totally died – it didn’t even give me a chance – I’ve been trying to take care of – was maybe temps? But yeah I’m not an orchid person

        Ahhh but he is also temperamental so that matches

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      2. Orchid is such a strange flower to gift as well – it’s not a beginner’s flower and if you told him you were bad his point alone was orchids are not cheap and so he was just trying to impress you .

        Maybe they are in the States but here they are not a cheap plant to buy. There are also way easier plants to buy that are way less work and hardier.

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      3. Nah – they are cheap – you can get them in grocery store lol – maybe $10-$20?

        It looked very dramatic for ME to handle – looked finicky … when he give to me I said this is over my head with how to care for – and he just kept insisting it was easy – ok well it’s dead 🤨 just like the relationship so quite the sign from the universe – there were many

        Only one aloe plant survives always with me ❤️ I kinda love it ❤️ it was gift from death lol ✌️

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      4. Why? Do they like warmth?

        Ahhh it died from cold then – it’s been cold and it’s in my kitchen near the sink and there are 2 windows right there

        It died of cold 🥶 yeah definitely not the flower to get me

        It looked very finicky – pretty but finicky

        I am allergic to aloe so is weird that it lives for me lol … my little aloe plant is sooooo hardy ❤️👏

        It has lived through a lot with me ❤️

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    1. Well I laid it out … and he reply…

      With a question mark he say … I will ponder what you say?

      And then says sorry if respecting your time and attempting to make time stresses you…

      YES!!! When I work in death and I have low staff – you wanna see me – then you do it and come do it MY WAY!

      Respecting my time??? I work in death – at what point has he respected that?? – he has no idea what I do

      He wants me to always go out after a full day of work… I don’t do that on work days because I need every ounce of myself I can to handle all the fuckin death!!!

      So yes it fucking stresses me – I don’t wanna be driving at night after working in death all day 🤨 and have to come back late – I can’t do it – it burns my candle at both ends and I’m not willing to do that.

      He wanna speak to me in person and tells me that his friendship is eternal


      And yes they do misjudge on appearance – besides always wearing black you would not know I worked at funeral home if see me outside of work

      I am bubbly full of life but also little spit fire (I’m just quiet unless you awaken that lol) so 🤷‍♀️ know the woman before you go judging what you think or fantasize to be

      And don’t think just because I stay away from the world does not mean I am weak or unknowing

      Also men seem to think they wanna be number 1 – front and center

      Uhhhh no… I am single mother and my children come first, then job and my own personal well being

      I can not be responsible for anyone else’s mental issues or happiness…

      Is fine if you have issues but don’t let them effect me, and you must already be strong for self and happy

      Always remember you don’t own me – not own able

      I can be devoted but you have to gonna let me be my own person

      I won’t change someone and I want that same respect ✊


      1. I stayed with an F buddy primarily because he was avail on my very late night schedule, midnight and later – no requests for 6pm dinner or anything like that.

        I’m sorry they don’t understand.

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      2. Lol … yeah I don’t go there and can’t lock that down unless I’m comfortable and trust.

        That’s ok – I’m used to it … I appreciate your understanding ❤️


    1. Yes… but should also take the time to understand someone … and if think have to change them or control them – yes will be issues – should love someone as is for who they are if are sincere

      How you gonna just fall in love and want to change that person or control them?? I’m not the one for that

      I just can’t – crushes my spirit completely – not willing to be crushed again

      But yes I would love easy as Sunday morning and just to enjoy moments in life ❤️

      I don’t want to be manipulated at all and don’t do games

      Am extremely cautious – possibly overly cautious

      But I want something really amazing this time – I know it exists so I will keep waiting

      Is like needle in haystack but that’s ok – I take time and if never happens I am ok with that too

      I am always about peace of soul ✌️

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      1. Oh yes 😊❤️

        I am very proud I say things ❤️ very proud and happy with self 👏👏 I was able to recognize something 👏👏👏

        Yay!!! I will say later 😘

        Thank you ❤️ take care too

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