Hi 👋

Sorry I have been away. I am currently silent but I am coming out of it … sorta

Just collecting my own thoughts. I have to make sure I can handle things. Which I can not lol … ✌️



I’ll tell you all about everything shortly

I have a lot of suitors evidentially cause Valentine’s Day went crazy 😳😮 what just happened? Holy moly

Oh and yesterday I called a person who does something work related that I need… well when he answered 😮😮 he’s British 😮😮

Well I just love the accent – it’s so adorable!! Kinda hot … so I whatever – I have a British girl friend who’s way older and I love love love to hear her speak lol ❤️ I don’t care what she says lol … I just love the sound of the words

Ok well whatever … and then he came down to see what I need him to do … omg he’s hot …. With an accent 😮😮 well hello lol … just kidding … but he is hot with accent 😮😮 I just loved all his words and then he’s hot so … I will stay over here

I am looking for something to do with URNs ⚱️ … so I called him… he engraves… so I say “hi do you do urns?”

He say “what?” … I say urns ⚱️… but maybe he think I mean earns ?? Lol … cause then he ask me “how are you spelling that? Lol

I say “ U R N S” lol 😄😄😄 and he didn’t even think of this profession … so we may have a partnership if he can show me how he do on an URN lol 👏

He is all excited cause if he does well… I have 10 funeral homes total plus 2 cemeteries …

Yeah learn the urn lol ✌️

But yeah… I am just in a little bubble currently – I am realigning own self

Fricken spring


I just need summer!!!!! I miss summer!!!!!!! I just need to find a place that does summer all year long lol ❤️


Other than that – I’m am readjusting self like I said …

I just need time… but I am coming out of silence somewhat? I try to force it, but sometimes I just need it for the peace

Some things were WAY over my head … and with Valentine’s Day which went all crazy and I didn’t see that coming at all … 3 new 😮😮 not just one!!! Omg … so then I get overwhelmed

So yeah the crab 🦀 is in shell 🐚 … slowly coming out but people need to chill for one second

Omg and cases are pouring in 😮😮

Old and young 😮

Ok I have to go – bye 👋

27 thoughts on “Hi 👋

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    1. Lol… nope – we crazy busy and I only have 2 people now… so here I am, at crack ass of dawn and have to run to crematory this morning.

      I am exhausted 🥱

      But I should be done early and then I will sleep 💤

      It gonna be crazy for minute cause we have massive cases

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    1. Yeah… for my job – the lack of staff and amount of cases is crazy enough…

      In my personal life, that will be kept nice and peaceful 🙌

      “Balance” I can not function without balance with this job.

      And then with my own mental health – sometimes a person is not healthy to have in your life – so I am very very careful

      Also – I don’t do ANYTHING I am not ok with.

      With my job I have to go at deaths pace which gets crazy sometimes … I’m not doing crazy in my personal life – nope 👎

      Thank you ❤️ take care too – eventually I will have time and clear mind to come back ❤️

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    1. You are very welcome – I’m always curious to read – but to be honest… I am a little squirmy with religion?

      But I think you are very funny and kind too – so I will read 😊❤️✌️

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      1. Thank you 🙏 that’s probably because I March to the beat of my own drum lol

        Don’t do social media or pop culture – mostly comedy and music ❤️ tools for survival lol 😘

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      2. Well isn’t a pride thing…

        I don’t like negativity and I do not trust media or social media – I think they brain wash and also do not think are good for the mental health of society

        Nothing to be proud of – I just stay away from it lol

        I like to think for own self and not have that influence ✌️

        I like the peace without ❤️

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      3. Well everyone does what is right for them – is no right answer for all

        You do what’s right for you.

        I needed the peace ✌️ – I couldn’t handle the negativity on there and I think it’s very bad for mental health – plus I don’t like attention 😄😄 only when I command it which is usually for work lol

        I value my freedom and my own thoughts and decisions ❤️✌️

        But people have to do what is right or ok for them. That was my choice

        Life is more beautiful without ❤️ well to me anyway ✌️

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      4. Yes – chicken soup for the soul 🙌

        Yeah I sorta have freedom – death kinda owns me lol

        But I am free to be as is ❤️✌️ appreciate many things – am thankful for life and to continue 😉✌️❤️

        I hope you do well 👏👏 congrats 🎊 on that!!

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