When life happens 😮

It’s been bad and is raining again!! 😮😮 is soooo much flooding!!!


We are totally already saturated 😮 and being pounded again at this moment … my yard … is a moat … I now officially have a castle compound lol … moat and all 😮 my backyard a complete lake 😮

So much flooding



And with military I understand him more and I like him a lot so… so far is going well

Ya know he’s kinda republican and stuff lol … but he’s good, he’s smart, funny – very sweet.

He just lights up to see me always!! Just his whole face lol … every time he sees me! he is totally like this:


That is how he is with me …then he just smiles when with me – except if we talk about emotional stuff – cause some of that is sad and hard.

I said to him … look I don’t want you to to have a fantasy of me or anything ? I don’t want you to believe I am something I am not? Thinking that I am certain ways … you may find me boring ? I do not like any kind of drama 🎭 I told him I am different because of what went through and then also I work in funerals – so I just like the peace

And he just said – I know who you are, I know you are different – and then he said… I want that… and he made a real quick comment about the pressure he has.

So I slowly see … he has very fast paced life… but with me he can be himself and say whatever, and then I just have a peace or whatever 🤷‍♀️

I make a point to always say that I need the peace because is how I keep balance and how I cope. He is aware of my trauma I tell him enough to know is a serious thing


When he is with me the world just melts away… we laugh and talk… so I think with me is lifting of pressure he normally has?

He keeps saying he wanna escape away with me lol

Yeah he needs little soul respite lol … but yeah society and media/ especially social media has severe effects on mental well being – I am not a doctor – just an observer with an opinion lol

I think is negative and causes depression – on TOP of life’s normal hits

If you only knew how freeing it is to not care 🙌❤️ not have that chatter – have freedom to be however wish to be without influence ❤️👏 mostly lol … I am influenced by those I love and admire ❤️

Anyway… so yeah

He wanted to do dinner last night so ok … but my GPS did not account for flooding??? 😮😮 omg why you not account for flooding???!!!! Ugh whatever – what kind of GPS does not account for road situations??!!

I do not go out usually – so ya know I don’t like night driving and stupid people with brights on and don’t turn off when you right there – Jeez! Learn some consideration

And he told me to take one way… but ya know … I’m gonna do my own thing lol … I will hear you, but I will think I know better lol 😄😄 🤷‍♀️

So I will do my way – which would have been totally fine if stupid GPS would account for flooding!! Omg everything is flooded soooooo badly!!! Like LAKES instead of roads 😮😮

I wanted to attempt so badly – but no … I know my luck when I push it lol ✌️😘 I do not want that lol

So anyway took me awhile to get there because of flooding

So I thought ok … let’s just see how he handles me?

Well … he was just happy to see me as I mumbled about that drive lol

Later we talk and he tell me … at first he was stressed cause I late but then he said he thought “this beautiful woman is coming out to dinner with me and making effort coming to see me” so he just went with it and let go cause he just happy to see me

Ahhh nice answer – nice handle


I know he is not used to my ways at all… but he does good. I am very different than he is…

But I think he wanna be little slower and free’er? Not have heavy pressure

Also he lets me take my time telling him anything about me 🥰❤️ he will ask… I am little uncomfortable with just speaking of in general cause I cry so I can’t really speak too much – so he just is fine with that.

I tell him I am still somewhat healing or coping lol , from my own stuff so 🤷‍♀️ but he doesn’t care

Last night he said… you are just amazing and refreshing to be around, you are not like how other women are…

Well as soon as he said that… I say… well like what?? What are other women like??

He smiled and laughed and said nah I’m not gonna tell you lol … he does not want me to be like other women and have those ideas lol 🤷‍♀️ that’s funny

Anyway… I don’t have fear or panic with him, is very mellow and enjoyable to be around him

He is typically high energy but I think he likes my slow speed lol


And “”California” ya know?



I’m just kidding … but I think he’s very considerate and thoughtful of how I need to be so… I like that… he is very chill with me which I don’t think is generally how is? Lol

I think my peacefulness rubs off when he is with me … he seems less tense when with me?


I like that he is different but also accepting and thoughtful … so I like that.

He can be whoever he wants as long as he allows me to also lol … I wasn’t sure if he would like how I am but he just is full in 😮

I also wanna make sure he heals for himself? But I can definitely teach him to slow the world down … I do always remind him if he needs time I am fine with that – but he doesn’t want time

I just tell him to be careful because I have history of cancer and my mom has and grandmother had Alzheimer’s … so ya know you just take life as it comes at that point but be aware cause could be thing and then that is why you just simply cherish moments … be happy with what blesses your life – know you have a blessing


We discuss things and I tell him/ he tells me and we understand so is nice … he listens and is trying to know what makes me tick … he does well – I like him 🥰 he is very romantic 💘

He not like other guys he is total gentleman always … he makes sure not to fuck it up lol … I like that … I have a rule in place that he is not allowed to buy me anything lol – I just prefer it that way – he listens but complains – whatever is a rule‼️ … not gonna listen on this one … several reasons for this rule!

You should see his smile when he sees me lol … like I said – his whole face lights up … every time! And he is just amazing to me 😮 always 😮


I do think he learns with me though lol … I like that we can be different but still get along and not have any effect … I like that a lot

He will have his ways – which I have no problem with … but just also know who I am lol ✌️😘 I will have my own ways – 2 different lives

Tonight on phone he told me he doesn’t think I am boring at all. He says I make him so happy

It’s not my personality that is boring … just how am is. I am not a “go-out’er” or a partier … I just live very peaceful quiet life balancing the death


But we see – maybe he just not see me as boring? I am funny though – I’m just quiet person

This is how he is with me:



I tell him be easy… because things make me tear up and am sensitive so easy with your heart touching things … and ya know is just sensitive

I am getting used to having someone around my life – I am still determining how that is lol … I like him and enjoy time with him but I do need down time – cause I like to just be home and be chill

It’s hard to always be driving places – but he’s amazing so I do lol … but ya know – am quirky … Am very used to shutting the world off not going out in it lol ✌️ but like I said he’s so amazing so I do.


So we see – I am taking it as it’s coming at me. Also observing and being quirky lol … I say stuff so he’s aware of things – I don’t want him having blinders on – I want to be able to heal and things and I’m gonna have to go VERY easy there

So … is an adventure. I like him alot 😊 he definitely sweeps me off my feet 👣 😮❤️

Definitely treats me like a queen ❤️


22 thoughts on “When life happens 😮

Add yours

    1. Yes!!!! I always use GPS… I am directionally challenged with new places … I just always use it

      Well with the flooding it did not map that for me!!! So maybe 3 different ways I try to go – I was trapped by flooding 😮 massive flooding like what you see in that news clip – like the road is just gone.

      That would be a very nice feature to add please 🙏🙏 that was awful!!

      We getting more – it’s gonna be really bad by end of week – little nervous – we see

      I maybe won’t go out? ✌️😘

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I think Waze would show flooding, since it’s updated by users. The GPS in my cat only show streets (no traffic), and some of that’s wrong because it’s fron 2010 (expensive dealer upgrade only; can’t upgrade myself).

    I’m glad things sound good with Military!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I downloaded the app you mention yesterday but I have not looked at it yet

      Yes it is going well with military 😮

      Is just weird to get used to having someone in your life when you haven’t for sooooo long!! So that is new to juggle


      1. Let me know what you think of Waze. I hate it.
        Totally forgot… I usually use SigAlert, which has CalTrans data. But it’s info only, no GPS (at least not in free ver).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah – I need GPS – I am directionally challenged 😉

        I just checked it out – I do not really care for its interface and does not give me options for how I wish it to map it for me… such as highways or no highways? That’s a no. And then I have to put it to sleep – forget that no – I don’t have time for that … it won’t even let me see the back roads to see if maps flooding … that is a definite no

        And without GPS I’ll never get there ✌️ until I get comfortable with area – need GPS!!!

        I am also not one you can give directions by actual directions lol

        I do much better with landmarks … turn left at the white church lol and if you hit Mcdonalds you’ve gone too far lol 😄😄


  2. I’m getting nervous now that CalaTrans is asking people to stay off roads in ALL of Calif when the storm hits. We’re currently expecting our heaviest rainfall from roughly 2-6am… but in my area it shouldn’t get too bad (plus I’m on a raised foundation).


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well my house is still standing and I have not floated away… it’s still dark but my fence that I can see is still standing 👏

      I will assess everything else shortly once I get to work

      Is still raining, I am not sure about wind yet but is nothing like was last night!

      It’s not over yet 😮

      I saw you guys in path too … be safe also!! 🙏🙏

      I have a 2 block drive so as long as no trees down or something crazy – I should be ok

      I’ll report shortly


      1. We got massive rain today but was NOTHING like New Years!

        Wind was severe last night but not now.

        But we still have some 1, 2 punch 🥊 coming … IF they are correct 🙄

        We see 🙄


      2. Off the coast it looks like a hurricane …

        They calling it so many names omg I can not even watch weather!!

        They said atmospheric river… and then bomb cyclone… I also heard pinapple express?

        😑🙄 they just gotta have it named


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