So I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

He makes me feel little bit nervous. I’m not sure if I am ok with or not ??

I am trying to see who he is as person

I dunno – it’s sounds like a lot of drama going on in his life ??

I keep very low and quiet – I like peace – I don’t want a lot of drama – I work very hard to build life without that. Stay very protective.

I dunno if I can handle this? I’m very low key and only want to enjoy life. If you can do that with me – GREAT! If not – ok

I have some red flags 🚩… so we see

Not looking to complicate my life – just enjoy it so… we see

I want to see what kind of person he is …

But he tell me of things … things he has or has done – places he goes or name drops?

I’m not sure if that’s meant to impress me or not? Maybe? But ok ??

None of that is really what I care about?? And ya know I want more than something shallow… so we see

I feel like he thinks I don’t have a lot of experiences … lol so he wanna show me or open my world?

Hmm 🤔 … I have had many experiences in my life – know what to cherish … go ahead open my world – show me what you got

I dunno ??

I be cautious.

Be really careful with trying to impress me… I am looking to see who you are … so careful there

I am going to be watching his character, demeanor, how he is… oh he will be watched!!

I’m not sure I am ready – I’m not sure I feel ok with this but we see

It would be much easier if I can just go online and order exactly man I want lol … I would get the warranty lol 😘✌️ … but I wouldn’t have to do all this – it would just work lol … ahhh day dreams

I’m just not a dating type?

But we will see – we will have lunch and we see. I’m not sure how comfortable I am.

I dunno if is me or not … maybe is me… it’s me – not you lol …

But I dunno if you understand how much peace I keep in my life to balance other areas

Also… I’m not sure who he thinks I am… lol

I dunno 🤷‍♀️ I really love the peace – so we see if he worth it or not?,

I am not some woman who needs to be saved or anything – so watch that… don’t get ahead of yourself – remember:

I let you be the man – sure – yes please

Go right ahead – I hate all the man stuff lol

But you can’t own me like that… so in other words … I wanna see integrity so I know worth it …we see

He might be little more than I can handle? I don’t know?

I’m probably not ready or isn’t right – since I am feeling nervous? But I will see so I know I am not being overprotective – I know how to protect self

I was wondering if he thinks I am loner ?? Well I am but I have a pack ❤️ so I am never alone – I always have someone who love me

I never feel like I have no one.

So I’m not sure if since I am silent and little hold back ish … if he thinks I have no one and am a lost soul… I am not

He thinks my pain defines me – but it does not

I say that because he ask me questions – and I try to be vague but he want more in-depth so ok – here’s the shit – the shit is bananas lol

I just have a funniness in areas to keep life enjoyable … not dwell on painful things ??

And I keep to self to stay strong and know who I am, what I am ok with and what I want

Nothing wrong with that.

He seems a little darker in life than I am?? We see

I am more like this in life:

But you have to know me and I have to be able to love life – I almost lost mine few times so I cherish how amazing I keep my life and who’s in it

With those closest – I am free like that – we can be light and goofy – we in funerals so we normally have heavy and dark …

I can be full of life with my people ❤️

He sounds nice but not sure if he over my head or not – we see

I’m not sure I am comfortable – but we see over lunch ?

I am not sure where he is taking me for lunch – we see there too … he be mysterious and not tell me – says is surprise … so ok we see

Also… when I brought up my people – I did say they would be protective – he was little weird with that?

My people very important part of my life – just because I came from domestic violence does not define my life… I am not some meek little woman with no one – correct yourself ✌️ and just because I do funerals and can connect on level of loss – does not mean I am not strong as hell so also correct self there ✌️😘

I have strong core of men and women behind me and in my inner circle … so not sure who he thinks I am?

He might be too much for me? I am not sure – but I question

So I dunno?? Who can it be now? Lol 😉

So let’s see – one shot – lunch tmrw. Then I know.

I am nervous – I am not cut out for this?

I do not know if we on same wave or page? I keep my life very simple not all complicated … but we see

I am not like people on social media or with tons of drama

I try to tone down my love of life itself so it’s not crazy lol … with my people I can show my full love of life because they also either know hard times or almost lost their life … so we know how to cherish life – I can laugh and have fun and be self with them ❤️ adore them

Otherwise I am quiet and to self… totally nothing wrong with that.

We see with this man … he feels little dark and heavy but we see?

I can not save anyone just fyi

I’m not dark … way more Disney with funny darkish but bubbly flare lol … probably more bubbly than dark – but I have warped sense of humor lol

I do not fit in small little town… in big city I do fit … but I prefer in the middle of nowhere 😘

Sometimes he says things that make me have red flags? I’m so careful

Just things I am not sure I am ok with so we will see when I see him

I don’t know we see same ? And I have caution with some things – we just see – I’m just nervous

I’m looking for something in particular if gonna come into my life – so not sure if he has that

We see


So maybe take time to know who you deal with – we gonna see who he think I am … so ok let’s see

So alright – we see

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