Hmmm 🤔

Well first of all … I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving with friends and family yesterday.

Today I sleep a lot, because I was not feeling very well. Am ok at moment but then runs me back down quickly. Doby is not happy with this lol

Omg the energy from this man! Is non stop!

Anyway… 2 of the 3 kids give me lists this year… which is good and bad

Cause I buy early and then I’m all excited so I will offer to give early – what you gonna say? No? Lol

So now I have to just not do that. It kills me to have before the time – I already gave them 1

And if they don’t get me lists – they get mom gifts and no one wants mom gifts lol 🎁 … they are practical and things I think you would love or should have lol 😘❤️

Is never what you want lol … but really awesome things to me lol … so this year 2 gave lists and one still gambles lol 🎲

We shall see lol

And then I have something else to talk about…

So… ok let me walk through this…

This guy who I’ve been talking to… he is funny and texts me and is not overbearing – pretty chill

So as we talking he mention he is former military … hmm 🤔 ok… I can be open minded – I am not typically military type – we see …

And the section of military he was in makes me cautious?

Totally totally totally appreciate the service and my somewhat freedom. Absolutely grateful

But we just see… he has already introduced me to both his blood family and to his military family 😮

That went really fast but I didn’t totally expect but knew be many people – and the way he introduce me around ? Just interesting

That was few weeks ago even

And he opens up and tells me little bits about his life which is complicated cause he has a lot of things 🤷‍♀️ nothing that seems overly insane but I don’t know

Last night we have a convo on text… and he make a comment about emotions lol … he is not fully aware of who he deals with lol …

So… we see … I am strong woman who does think before react – but I am totally emotion – lol … I am funerals – how you do that with no emotion? Of course I feel with emotions lol

And then … how is military man gonna handle that? I am not cut from military cloth lol

We see – he shows me a softness but then I also see hard so… not very sure

He is kind and funny and gentle towards me…

We have not spoken of politics lol … I am independent but if he military he gonna be Republican watch – we see – let’s see

We have same religion so that makes no difference – neither one of us are formally practicing. I am probably more into catholic little things than him… I do not go to church, I do not think he does either?

I just feel some of the beliefs held me back – and I do not need a church to pray to whatever I believe. I say my prayers & have my own beliefs – end of story

I have a fire 🔥… and I am strong so do not mistake my kindness for weakness because that I am not… I am woman …

Also… am not 20 so do not try to manipulate – I think too much for that. ✌️ highly cautionary ⚠️

When he made that emotion comment – immediately I say “well you know I work funerals and I do ride with emotions”

So he is aware

And especially if you attempting to come into my life!!!

No one … not one person makes in into my inner circle – my children or my people … I have never ever introduced anyone to them in regards to me being interested … no one makes it that far so I will not introduce unless I am comfortable and serious

Do not overwhelm me or pressure

Careful … I am whirlwind of life … be careful

It does not have to be totally perfect – but has to fit and be ok.

Small little side note – recently I have been watching that 48 hrs show … the crime one ?

Probably not shows for me to watch ✌️ just mentioning that – I just be very high alert 🚨 lol

I’m sorry my inner circle is my core so if you want that … you better be worth it so I’m gonna take my time.

You got patience ? You gonna plan your attack or what? So let’s see how military man holds up?

So far he is doing well – I enjoy his texts – he is fun to talk to and makes me laugh

But I am both hard and soft so… just be careful

I don’t know that I am totally at ease because when I stop and think of a relationship or going anywhere near that – oh boy does that strike little panic

Because then you are “with” someone – so I just wanna make sure that’s ok… I’m gonna watch his character and who he is – so we see

He say tonight that he wants to spend some time with me when I’m able.

Alright so… if you fall off the bike, you get back up right? Well I am afraid of that giant gash from falling 🤷‍♀️😘

Any time I have given someone a chance ?? I dunno? I keep little distance just because I am not rushing into anything …

But I am whirlwind type – so you have to be very careful. Easy. However – my spirit needs to be free so you can not squash or inhibit lol ✌️😘

So… we see Mr Military

I’m not sure?? I am bit of free spirit so 🤷‍♀️

So far he plays his cards well … makes me laugh and enjoy the convos – he doesn’t be weird or try to send me a dick pic I don’t ask for, or ask me for anything racy 🙄🤨 … he does not do that 😊 so alright … continue lol

So far he is quite gentlemanly – but we see

Let me see his umm … I want to see if he has integrity so we see

I have not spent much time with him in person – some but not a lot – small pieces of time but always in middle of things – never alone…

Is the text messages I am learning who he is. I can’t quite tell in text? That is where he can speak to me alone currently lol

He kinda steps easily as to not scare me off – can totally sense that lol

But ok – we see

I’m interested to see how he will do? So far is ok. So far, I like him. So ok… we see … cause careful what kinda girl you go after … if you can not handle that type ✌️😘

So we will just see … it’s like I gamble 🤷‍♀️ but I am curious and I do like him and am enjoying his personality.

I am very positive happy person – and so is he so far … he just might be little bit heavier with things ?

We will see … I will just have to gamble and see

If I actually spend time with him in person one on one – then I will know who he is lol … I can observe better and be more at ease ?

Also… I am really guarded with my inner circle – is the family I have made myself and my blood… so …

I am not sure cause I’ve never gotten to a point to consider it with someone ? I keep very separate normally … I say normally 🤨 sometimes things are not normal … I also have these crazy events that life will throw at me to test my handling lol 🤷‍♀️

Sometimes I do ok – sometimes I do not 🤷‍♀️ depends on the event lol

Military guy gonna be harder than me. I am soft so what he want ? Balance ? – be sure of what want

And again … careful – I am whirlwind

I would let my people meet someone before my kids – if you don’t pass my people – you don’t get to my kids so … good luck 🍀

You must get to that point – and pass through them and then maybe ?? Maybe … totally maybe my kids

We see – you have to be completely amazing for that – so we see

Yeah better blow my mind for that lol … we see

To hear that song makes me smile soooooo much ❤️ it reminds me of Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon on SNL ❤️

Well I always loved that one … but only people recording it from their TV’s is what I find on YouTube lol 🤷‍♀️ so anyway … is awesome – that song reminds me of it and then makes me smile ❤️

Ok so… letting someone come around close I don’t know we see

I already told him I am boring but he is not listening 🤷‍♀️

Also… he flies so wants to show me places 😮 omg

Well … first of all… growing up … I was all over the United States if did not live there – vacationed there or through there … every year big cross country vacations and we moved every few years … I lived all over the east coast north and south… as well as west coast north and south.

I have seen many things already … I will go places and have deja vu … and guess what, there will be a photo from back then and I remember

I just went so many places in United States all the time that it began to blend – ah ok trees and mountains, deserts, plains – totally took for granted

Was the 80’s

Lol 🤷‍♀️

Totally wanted to be with my friends … but I do appreciate and love the experiences and memories ❤️

Anyway … queen of hearts sir – how you gonna play those cards ? 💋

💋✌️ gnite

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  1. Yeah… lifetime military is probably republican. But that doesn’t mean he’s hardcore or intolerant of others.

    Is he an “ooh-ra!” Marine? I dated a bunch in my 20s

    Goid luck, whatever you decide!

    I’ve been feeling mildly nauseous and extremely exhausted for a few days. I think I’m okay but not sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No that’s right doesn’t mean he is intolerant or hardcore… we just May clash on issue or 2 … but we see

      I don’t mind if we clash on issues – as long as he not hardcore and intolerant so we see

      How did you know marine? Lol 🤷‍♀️

      Just cause they can kinda be playboys – so I am cautious

      How the hell did you know? Lol – you crack me up sometimes

      Yeah something is going around for sure – we keep taking Covid tests and they keep coming back negative so probably just flu?

      I am ok in periods … I will sleep and take meds – wake for little bit and start to feel better but then night sets in and nope

      Luckily I have couple days to recuperate ❤️ but am achy and feverish without a fever – I feel that my temp is hot and cold cause sometimes I can’t get warm enough and the sometimes I am too hot!

      I also think I am ok but not totally sure lol


      1. Guys I was seeing enlisted in the corp so I was in that enironment for a few years.
        Something about your wording was the giveaway.
        I feel like they’re playboys when younger but career Marines mature just like anyone else. Maybe moreso because they know they’ll be the first deployed. Has your guy seen combat? I’d worry about PTSD.

        I hope you start feeling better. I’m cracking up because I could not sleep last night… couldn’t get comfy and it waa making me irritable. I had an insane craving for potato chips. After fighting it for hours, I went to 7eleven at 2:30am. Ate chips and almost instantly fell asleep!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do not know if he has seen combat or not yet… maybe I learn that tmrw?

        I thought about the PTSD thing…

        But how I gonna fault that, when I myself feel that?

        Different PTSD? So I dunno… we see

        That is a thought that crossed my mind.

        And yes I am well aware the young ones are playboys – he still has a playful type spirit – and says the right things and then also his timing – very nice lol

        So just suspicious lol we see

        Hahaha guess your body just wanted chips lol

        I am feeling better today – I am just disinfecting everything ✌️

        Dogs and kids and sickness omg – yea have to disinfect!


      3. Re PTSD I think of things like when I went to wake my BF with a kiss and, while still waking up, he tried to punch me. Fortunately, I somehow saw it coming and backed away before he contacted me!

        But, yeah… we all have issues. It’s simply a matter of whether we can manage each others.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I kinda got that from way he spoke about it and his military buddies are tight 😮

        I haven’t really asked too much… he just tell me Wednesday night and then I have been sick.

        But we doing lunch together tmrw ? We see how goes

        I am just learning about him.

        There is a book about his father who was in naval aviation

        So yeah. He’s some big deal ? We see


    1. I have moments – been sleeping a lot. But lightheaded (perhaps that) and achy … also look like I have risen from the dead currently lol

      But yes need music to ummm?? Realign/ feel better -ish lol 😘✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes lol … I mostly have the musical bases covered ❤️ there is some music I don’t like 😮 like screamo for example 🤷‍♀️

        Plus is fun to talk with music and what you can pick from ❤️ you get a feel for something with the musical picks lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes lol … we gonna see how he is… he coming to my area tmrw and wants to take me to lunch.

      So… we see how that goes.

      Well so far he is doing well… he draw my initial attention slowly … and then once he get my attention he using it well – he makes me laugh and he seems to look for connection? I don’t know. I am suspicious still but we see – am enjoying our convos

      Is new thing so we see. Nothing developing yet – I am see’ing ✌️

      Not sure if he gonna match me or mesh? But we see

      If meant to be, will be… if not – that’s life

      I just need to know the person he is …so I know who dealing with – want to know is good person with integrity so… hope he is that – we see ✌️

      Yes lol … best of luck to him 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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