Vet …red …dog lol ✌️

First of all… Happy Veteran’s Day 🇺🇸 thank you to all those who serve ❤️ you are always thought of … Veterans Day or not … so again … Thank you for your service! ❤️🇺🇸❤️

I took today off. What a beautiful day it was too … little on the chilly side 🥶

I am really bad at reading clues if someone likes me lol 🤷‍♀️ unless you are direct – I do not notice lol 🤷‍♀️

I have always NOT noticed that – I am oblivious unless you outright say lol 🤷‍♀️ … I am not a subtle hint girl lol

Well first – I went to a friends ceremony … and then he immediately come over to me all smiles, hugged me (which is totally normal) and then kissed my cheek – which again, is kinda normal greeting – just after Covid not really 🤷‍♀️ but ok whatever

But I’m thinking it’s all totally normal, until he is introducing me around and made one particular comment to someone about maybe wanting to date me. Umm 😮 I did NOT see that coming and I try to keep always very level with no leading on!!

Evidentially I am very bad at that…

And then while we are all at ceremony … another man speaking to me… he lives near me – I didn’t know him at all, until I met today

And he’s all smiles ??? I told him I just bought the house in January but I work a lot, so I haven’t done a lot of work on it – but eventually. I’m busy lol ✌️ we were just chatting about things

And then he says well I’m a contractor builder if you need help – here’s my card – and he gives me his card. Then he says if you are free sometime maybe we grab dinner ? Ummm 😮

Do you see?? This is reason I stay away from world … I can not really handle ? I don’t know?

And that’s not all … I can’t count how many people come to comment on my hair – I never ever ever remember or think of my hair until people point it out … normally I just be normal… is not a thought to me?? Until you point it out and make a big deal.

I do not know what the big deal is???

I stop at store before going home and I was gonna get 🍜 soup… and a guy all smiles comes over and tells me “hey if you do the bigger can is cheaper”

Lol … I said thank you but that’s too much soup for just me lol 🤷‍♀️

I don’t like too much left overs – I’ll do leftovers for one time – but usually I don’t like to have leftovers

I was in front of him in the check out and he smiling the entire time… I turned to leave and he says “Hey have a good weekend” so made me look back and he had a huge smile and gave that guy look 🙄 he was nice – but that guy look 🙄

Alright well you too

See what happens when I go outside in public ?? That is partially a reason I don’t very often.

I just think that … well I’m a little nervous with those things and then also… it can be little overwhelming … I am old too so??? I thought it dies down … but no it doesn’t … sometimes I think is worse the older I get?? How the hell did that happen? I do not understand

But yeah I find a little overwhelming.

I think the red hair makes me stick out and initially noticed … the Irish – with the freckles and eyes … yeah that doesn’t help me either. It’s always a thing

So what is the draw? Am still regular person … it is hair!! Which I find very weird

Anyway… like I said is little overwhelming and what kinda keeps me to self and quiet. I don’t know if I am actually ready for anyone to enter my life in that way.

I would like that… but I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ … It’s really hard to let my guard down there.

Also… have you ever gone along in life thinking you are doing well and can handle things … but then when there are things – you are scared? Or something makes you think, remember or flash back?

Can be good and bad… but I usually keep busy… I have processed and healed mostly. I do prefer to focus on others… so I don’t have to Stop and think of my stuff. But sometimes something or someone, just makes you remember?

And then ya know – there are scars and things and last time I was 17 so… just makes me nervous and uneasy and all you people are way over my head with dating or things of that nature!!! 😩 it’s very hard – out of my world

Anyway whatever – just thinking

I do not know what is the preconceived notion about a red head… I am boring and firey 🤷‍♀️ stubborn and strong willed… funny and social but I’m quiet …

I don’t know how to explain “being quiet”

I am social and friendly and outgoing so … not quiet in that sense ??

But maybe with keeping to self? I’m quiet if you wanna know me… then I watch you lol ✌️

I have best friends who are in my life a lot … they call me all the time – we are just far from each other … but we laugh and laugh and talk about everything … I have a man best friend and a couple woman ones lol

I feel safe, loved and like family with them. ❤️ love them very very dearly – would move mountains for them ❤️

They just appeared to me and melted into my life ?? ❤️❤️❤️ when I needed that most – very thankful and blessed

Typically though I have to trust people… so I keep a distance so I can know someone. I need to know who someone is first.

On WordPress I am more free ? Safer ? Or false security but whatever – works for now. Has helped me. Maybe? or I think so? Just not all the way lol… I stay here cause I like it here ✌️ happy here 😊❤️

Anyway… that was my day off 😮

I also taught Doby a brand new trick – this little dude learns after I show him twice!! 2 times and he’s got it… I just taught him to shake 🤝 😮

Every time I teach him something that is how it is!!!

He does not get the concept of “stay” … he just wanna be right up on me constantly – he can not stand it otherwise

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  1. Good on Doby, he’s the main man 🙂 He’ll be the best judge of guys when he is older. Some dogs are like that though. Dora and Wolfie, my Wolfadors [they were gun headed labs and wolfhounds crosses] they were very loyal and very stickable. They were the sort of dogs you didn’t want to be so sticky due to their sizes. Dora was the size of a tigress, whilst Wolfie was the size of an adult lion.

    Mm, what is it about redheaded women? Let me think, l have dated both redheads and Scorpios in the past who are very similar.

    Well, fire, passion, of course the stunningness of the red hair itself, the redhair makes the woman look hotter as it emphasizes all of her, many reds are rumoured to be more fun than blondes. However, what l do know as this is more important, is that it’s not the colour of a woman’s hair, BUT the woman herself.

    I have met great redheads and shallow redheads, but many men simply think redheads are ‘hawter’ than other hair types and go for that first impression than common sense.

    Did l find anything truly significant about the few redheads l dated? no, they were just the same as the others, but maybe like the Scorpios a bit more of a fireball when it came to heated emotions. As in don’t piss them off.

    Maybe that is what is going on with these men Trisha.

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    1. Yeah no kidding – Doby is getting BIG!! 😮 I used to be able to pick him up – even one week ago … but this little man is SOLID like a rock 🪨… I can not pick him up anymore 😮

      I have never had a dog I can not pick up lol 😮

      He is sleek and muscular and looks like you and pick him up – but he’s so SOLID!! 😮 he’s so long 😄😄 He is now 4 months old

      I am not Scorpio 😝😝😝 satan was a Scorpio so nope! 👎

      Ahhh nice answer “the woman herself” 😊

      I am cancer 😝 I love my sign and totally fit it – I just HATE that it’s called cancer!!! I seriously want that changed!!

      I can be fireball though 🤫 😘

      Not with anger – if I am mad – I just swear a lot lol 😘 (family is from Massachusetts and are Irish lol)

      I am more of fireball as in its always a whirlwind – I am a whirlwind person… so you just have to be careful. I can make someone forget the weight of the world – and remember life in moments that are not typically that way?

      I have a life spark ⚡️ And I’m easy to feel at ease with

      I do have a fire though lol – nothing like Scorpio though 😝

      I have Scorpio friends – and they are awesome as friends … just not for me otherwise I do not trust a Scorpio in that way nope 👎

      Ya know what I struggle with? I don’t like the ?? Attraction thing??

      I understand that – but I don’t like that is always front and center like superficial – they don’t know me

      But then ??? I do understand how that’s a thing… so is sorta like “you damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”

      Is just not how my life is based on. I get it … but I’m weird with it.

      And then what about me ? How do I view another?

      So see … yes I want to be attracted to someone ?? But regardless of their look? I’m gonna watch the person… it’s gonna be allllllllll about the person lol

      Plus is not generally a thing in my life that I think about until things like that happen

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    1. Ugggghhh hahaha I remember!!! That’s hilarious

      I went to bed somewhat early yesterday … but this morning there was a WordPress message from yesterday … it was a happy anniversary message 😮😮 lol

      3 years 😮😮😮

      Look how much stuff!!

      Yes today we are hibernating … is freezing, gray 🌫, overcast, periodic boring cold rain showers 🥶

      I’m supposed to go see friends tonight but no – not with that weather … at night – nope 👎

      Homebody – like the warmth and comfort of home or not having to drive in that – much less bundle up for cold 🥶

      Sounds way better to snuggle up and hunker down lol ✌️😘

      I’m way more alive when it’s warm 😘

      Thank you 😘 that is funny memory

      Hope you enjoy the weekend 👏❤️

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      1. Haha, you are welcome. Sometimes, a laugh is needed! Three years already? My three year anniversary was last week! Time has gone quickly but also not!
        Thanks for your good wishes! Hope you have a relaxing and warm evening! Stay well! 🙂

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      2. Yes it is ❤️

        I know crazy huh? Well happy anniversary 🥂 also

        It’s the 2020’s – it drags feet or goes from zero to 60 lol

        Crazy how 3 years can be such difference 😮

        Yes – my boys coming back over because is some video game special event 🙄

        I have gamers – last night we played the new Jack game ? But I didn’t like it like I have with others before … the younger generation and their warped humor is taking over lol ✌️🙄

        But yes will be nice warm night with warm food and fun or whatever lol 👏

        Same to you 😘

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      3. Yeah they spent the day here – I feed and feed them ❤️ while they play games – and we decorate for Thanksgiving Christmas – little bit – not a lot

        Was really great ❤️ it’s a cold crisp winter night 😝 brrr gonna be 36 with a real feel of 32 😮😮 omg so cold 🥶

        If I said that in Celsius I would die – don’t tell me what is I’m sure is below zero or something cold and negative

        I will stick with 36/32 – Celsius will depress me in winter 🥶

        I’ll try your Celsius when it’s 115 lol – you can tell me that one lol

        We staying nice and toasty warm, fully belly – house all clean and smells like cooking

        Yeah no one gonna get me out lol

        How anything gonna be better than that?

        I’m all comfy dressed – no make up just chillin –

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      4. That sounds great! I miss times like that especially as the calendar draws towards Christmas! Hopefully, the children come back here at the same time this year!! Be great to have everyone together!

        Ha, ok, I shall not give you our temp in Celsius until winter is over! 😉 Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the weekedn! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Reminds me of birds … they fly away to create their own life and then always come back to their roots ❤️ from where they start 😊❤️

        I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your people – it is wonderful to have all your people ❤️

        My boys come and stay the night- we have huge family sleep over both thanksgiving and Christmas ❤️ I love that ❤️ is warm, cozy and full of love and magic 🪄 ❤️

        Plus we stay up all night playing games – well they do … I’m too old now they lucky if I make it til 1am lol

        I cook a lot – I already have everything ready except the fresh vegetables

        I have beds for everyone ❤️ they would come even if I have no beds for them ❤️

        Is first Christmas in new house – and it’s almost been a whole year 😮❤️

        Will be nice Christmas ❤️ much to be thankful for ❤️

        Now I just have to worry with having a big tree in the house with Doby 😄😄✌️😮

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    1. Hahaha yeah cause he like that ❤️ he so funny

      He finally getting past being a velociraptor… and being all licky 👅…

      He learning he gets more play that way lol ❤️ although sometimes if he tired the velociraptor makes appearance lol

      But he’s just obsessively licky now mostly lol

      He has very cute personality and just soaks up learning things!!

      He has gotten soooo big… I will have to take new pics lol

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      1. He is?? He only barks when being protective … is only time you will see him bark… otherwise he doesn’t ?? Not even outside with other dogs barking – just when being protective if he thinks there is threat to me lol 🤷‍♀️😄❤️

        But has always been little barking with him – he saves for absolute seriousness lol

        He seems to understand really well – they supposed to be 5th smartest dog in the world ❤️ he’s very smart

        He learns so fast ❤️ like little sponge – he loves learning 😊❤️

        I will try to take some pics later 😊❤️


    1. Thank you ❤️ yes he’s awesome … funny energetic and full of life ❤️

      He is very handsome – I think he knows that lol ❤️

      He is a charmer with people


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