Wallowing 💋

So I don’t really have much to say again, but let’s see cause this helps 😊

Everyone seemed to think of me today, lol ?? 🤷‍♀️

Everyone was texting me, one to ask if I wanted cookbooks she is getting rid of – maybe

Another to ask about my leg … something is wrong with my left leg ?? I don’t know what? Friday morning when I woke… it just started hurting around the knee – and I hobble 😮 … no swag walk for me lol


I don’t know what cause it to kink up and hurt?? I have tendency to cross legs all the time!!!!!!!! Also when I sit on couch I curl up my legs – I can not do that – is extreme pain ?? So 🤷‍♀️ crossing legs? Is little better today – I haven’t been crossing my legs lol omg

I have to sit all normal lol… and my legs will do auto pilot and go to cross them selves automatically lol… but then there is pain – dang it – it is very hard not to cross them!!! But the pain prevents it ugh 😩

When I stand up to walk it hurts – when I initially stand – I have to stay there for a minute before moving

That’s annoying 🤨

Like I said – is better today 🤷‍♀️ but still hurts – just not as wonky as yesterday.

Also I can’t read someone ??? Is a man who I have something in common with… I am quiet and observant and also keep my distance.

He being friend ?? Which is fine … just started happening with texts and stuff

I am awkward in text lol unless I know you


Lol – I’m just careful because I don’t know him- so heavy caution ⚠️


So I don’t know how to read that yet – we will see

My brother text me to remind me it’s been a year since I visited Texas and caught Covid lol 🙄 fricken Texas … but that year flew!! Damn

My kids text me to say hello



And then couple other people checking in with me, remember my crazy girl friend? She text, but we end up speaking – same ole same ole for her

Her life is just crazy to me

She is like this:


Omg – see … I can not handle that – I am more reserved … I am private with behind closed doors – she is not lol 🤷‍♀️

She wants me to come visit – I’m not really comfortable visiting. Just her life is a lot for me to handle… I am supportive but I don’t wanna be around? I can’t is too much.

Another girlfriend from years ago text me ❤️ she was my neighbor once – that is how I meet her… I had wonderful moments and memories with her – we laugh so much and have so much fun – we would go Christmas shopping together and close out every single store lol

She was always fun – we would do girl weekends to San Fran and trace movie and tv filming areas lol

We just have fun… she’s my catholic friends ❤️ I love her and her family ❤️ I relate to them because we raised similar 😊 and I click with her because she’s a soft but fun spirit… she has pain in her past so just a quiet soft fun spirit 😊❤️


She wants to know if I want to do a girls weekend in February … maybe March – but we see … we would go to the coast. Glass beach or something – we see the redwoods ❤️


All the state awesomeness lol – I was not aware there was a state dinosaur lol interesting.


So… you learn something new every day lol

So we see – depends on what is going on in my life lol

She reminds me of this song:



So alot of people thought of me today, all at once

Oh yes – my leg still hurts – I just stood up – ish

It’s kinked for whatever reason 😑🤨 it will be fine – it will go away

Well anyway – cold cloudy and rainy 🌧 bleh

December 21st 🙏🙏🙏 hurry up – just fast forward winter 🥶




Ugh ok not there yet – but you can dream ✌️


But instead … I gain hour of sleep, so I guess is good. Fall back right?


Ugh I just like to spring forward lol

Especially through winter lol 🤷‍♀️

Ok so about to fall back shortly – so catch ya later

Gnite ❤️🙏✌️

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  1. Wow… a year already? Seems like a couple months ago! I remember being super worried about when you’d be allowed to go home.

    Just your knee hurts? Weird. If your calve swells, see a doc ASAP.

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    1. No before my mom had that health emergency – I had flown out the prior Halloween/beginning of November to see her for first time since my dad died, I had cancer, she had Alzheimer’s and Covid hit … so I had finally gotten a chance to go see her – saw her twice and then caught Covid – this was in 2021

      I had to go back out in June of this year for the health emergency

      Why what is that? A clot or something? 😮


      1. It has gradually been getting better – I just have to remember not to cross legs – totally remember when there is pain

        No calf swelling and gets little better everyday – probably just sat wrong or slept wrong – but has been very painful

        I can walk more normalish now – just slight pain with certain things – I have to be easy and not cross legs


  2. Well you might just have developed a weaker knee and when the weather changes and if we have a chink in the knee our joints feel it, so a knee joint might be the issue, it might also be muscular and they can be painful. I know a bit about knee injuries. My right is the result of a car accident years ago and it still acts up thirty plus years later and my left as my now main right supporter gets funny in the colder weather so l now wear two knee braces as additional strength supporters.

    Cold weather has a lot to answer for and yes whilst the heat burns me to a cinder l too am saying bring on the 21st dude!!

    Time passes quickly when its fun supposedly and yet also when you are busy, and girl you have been busy 🙂

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    1. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I didn’t hurt it in anyway that I remember ??

      Just on Friday I wake up with it like that? Seems to be little better as everyday comes

      My breasts do that change in weather stuff… when weather gonna change I know instantly because my breasts be weird and hurty (mostly my right side – I had more surgeries over there)

      Hahaha yes me too – totally ready for spring!! You must want spring for your allotment and things too!

      Yes been very busy!! Hope to make it go by fast! 🙏 it can slow down once spring is here ✌️❤️

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      1. Well yes you have a point – I have been tossing and turning cause usually I would sleep and bed would stay made lol – I wouldn’t move once in position …

        But lately is like elephant 🐘 sleeping in the bed!! All crazy and unmade… and then I did wake myself up with that too

        So maybe – but my legs more comfortable crossed and keep wanting to do that themselves – and it hurts but I want to cross my legs sooo bad!! So do my legs!!

        But yes – probably that.

        I also noticed that I cross my legs in bed … because it woke me last night when my legs tried to cross lol

        I’m a leg crosser lol

        Interesting – kinda like muscle memory now lol

        Yeah I’m sure is something like that – in my sleep 🛌

        I was fine day before and then in morning it hurt 🤷‍♀️ really bad, got worse, but is little better

        I just haven’t crossed my legs but that’s only because of pain… the minute my legs don’t notice pain – they gonna do it

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      2. Mm, maybe as you say you crossed your legs in sleep also naturally and that would have made it more of an ache, have you tried going to sleep with a pillow between your legs? That might provide 1] some comfort and 2] a preventative measure 🙂

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      3. Yes I have …but that makes no difference cause my legs will do what they want at night lol

        I have started out with a pillow … but by morning I must toss and turn so much that it comes out or my legs do not want it lol … my legs are thin so sometimes bony and want pillow – still doesn’t make a difference – I never wake with it between my legs lol

        This is a funny convo

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      4. How about tying a cushion between your knees 🙂

        So it’s only on one knee, in this case the poorly one?

        I used to have severe calf muscle spasms in bed late at night that would often wake me up in agony. It’s also called restless legs syndrome.

        I started massaging my calves at night, maybe you could try that?

        What time is your last coffee of an evening or do you have a late night drink? If you ease off your stimulants that might help sleep better legs wise.

        Or you could try simple leg stretches before bed.

        Yes it is a fun convo, especially to someone with a mind like mine [and yours hahaha], but this is my serious helpful writing hands 🙂

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      5. Maybe? Not sure if tying be good? Especially if active during sleep?

        Yes the left one – is better today … less of hobble – it’s not as hurty.

        I do that in morning after shower when I am putting on lotion, but not at night so maybe I can try that?

        Nope no nightly coffee ☕️- I don’t like coffee at night

        Not really any stimulants before bed – I’m usually so exhausted… I zonk right out

        It’s the knee cap not my calves though?

        Thank you always for the thoughtful helpful advice ❤️✌️

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      6. I will try that 👏

        Usually I am quite flexible so I don’t usually have these issues – except with my chest and strength – I have issues there always

        But usually never elsewhere

        There was lots of stress though so maybe something with that? But in my knee? Lol

        I dunno 🤷‍♀️

        I will try the knee massage – thank you ❤️🙏

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      7. Well there is another weaker point as well or two when you sit with your legs crossed. I sometime cross my ankles when sitting typing like now, l do so for comfort. But equally – the full American cross [mostly performed by men] and the half american crossing [usually performed by women] can also impact the spinal cord and the pelvis … so there is also that to consider 🙂

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      8. Men here do not cross their legs typically ? Maybe ankles like you say but that’s the extent typically

        Mostly women do – I do full cross ?

        Yeah well I already have scoliosis – you can’t tell cause is extremely mild case … but yeah I’m just wonky lol

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      9. The American cross or full cross for men is when they place the ankle from one leg onto the opposing knee, whilst the half cross is when the knees overlap and one leg drapes down the side of the other, the ankle cross is a position that was introduced initially for cashiers and secretaries when sitting underneath the desk.

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      10. Ok my dad used to do that lol

        I didn’t know the history behind that – thank you for that explanation ❤️

        Yes I drape my legs lol

        I do not like the ankle cross – I don’t think I do that 🤔 but I have seen it in the wild lol ✌️

        Very interesting though

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    1. Yes it’s just funny they all think of me almost at once lol

      And yes I have pretty amazing people in my life ❤️

      My leg is little better today – way better than it was on Friday – thank you 🙏

      It will be fine 😊 I have just not been crossing legs and also staying off of it & elevating

      It is very hard not to cross legs – my legs will do automatically … I don’t notice until my legs try to do that then I feel pain – I have to be aware so my legs stop doing that – is just habit

      Hard habit to break lol ✌️

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      1. Yeah lol … just another Saturday in the Park lol

        Hold the Line… You caught that lol – you are impressive

        You even know our one hit wonders lol

        How bizarre lol

        Well I have to do some cleaning, laundry – and someone needs a bath 🐕

        No I can not hold off but I take it slow.

        Slow ride 😘😄👏❤️

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      2. Haha, to be fair they were a very big band and you still hear them played on the radio late at night! 😉
        Hopefully, you have not too many chores to run! Sunday jobs are such a hard habit to break ;-p

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      3. Huh … interesting

        I just figured each country had their own music – except for maybe the really big hits

        We have a few crossovers from other countries, here and there

        Did not know you had that much of our music 🎶

        Ok now I see Lol .. I googled

        Ahhh interesting

        Haha well yeah me too – always had headphones on lol – or a stereo – plus I was the roller skating middle schooler generation lol music music music

        When maybe 5th grade… 10 yrs old? I had twin neighbors who were in dance squad so we’d all go practice with them

        And then to escape the world “music” 😘✌️

        Interesting though

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