Re- Adjusting 😘

Well I don’t really feel like speaking or saying anything – but I always feel better here… so we see

Maybe once I speak- will be better?

I dunno – I am not very full of life this evening

So I’m a little sad because I love something sooo much – but it is time

I can’t

I mention to a girl friend and I tell her … she says to me … well Trisha you wanted for stepping stone – now you just step up

Hmm well somewhat true… I always build

She is right

I forgot that, until she said that

And I have always loved life – I never want to not love life … I also would not like to become a customer in my job anytime soon.

I also remember other things talking to her


I’m ready

So yeah kinda sad eyes to be ready because I also have loved

Ahhh but this is the 2020’s so ya know – nothing stays the same and there is constant change always so ya know – whatever … I am so used to the 2020’s now!!!

I heard this the other day:

I loved Prince ❤️

That song made me just smile instantly because it took me back in time – I have not heard it forever

It takes me back to freshman year in high school and my best friend talked me into …omg – well a choreographed thing to this song 🙄 ugh the teen years lol … THANK GOD cell phones and things were not a thing when I grew up “anonymous freedom” … no evidence that any such thing ever happened 🙌😘

It was super dumb … but we had the best time ever … we just laughed and had so much fun … it still makes me laugh to think of. But still THANK GOD there is NOT video!!! Oh thank you for that one life!! ❤️👏👏👏

So I remember the time ❤️ … and then I also remembered all the dance moves omg lol … I could totally imagine like a flashback memory but also like was yesterday ❤️

Anyway – well this worked ❤️👏 I feel better

So I suppose I will end with this song …


8 thoughts on “Re- Adjusting 😘

Add yours

      1. Lol right?

        Well – this is a week where shit is hitting fan everyday 🤷‍♀️

        Yesterday was bad – today will be bad

        And then to be honest I’m burnt out – we have too much work, not enough staff – upper management isn’t helping

        And on Tuesday … well I will email you

        Today is going to be bad!!

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