When Monday comes 😩

Ugh well here comes Monday….


Ugh it’s only gonna be Monday and that’s also Halloween 😮

I am not looking forward to this week.

Trying to be positive but think this week will suck!! Badly! So ok – hit me with your best shot?


Ok Monday – bring it!


So let’s see 😶

I’m sorta exhausted lately. But was good weekend off

Whew ok …

I can’t stop Monday


I don’t have much to say. Not yet.

I just felt like complaining about Monday because I know this week will be hell – I pray for mercy but we see

I think it will be bad… but then I hope that it is just my mind thinking that way – and will actually be fine but we see


Let’s leave it with that and hope for best!


29 thoughts on “When Monday comes 😩

Add yours

      1. It’s chilly here – about 52 currently… but will drop to like 49 tonight

        Possible rain on Tuesday and will drop our highs to 60’s and lows to 30’s 😮😮😮


      2. Lol… I am familiar with FML 😄😄😑

        Mine is just a different FML 🤦‍♀️… I have to be at work very early – I try to leave at 5 but that doesn’t always happen

        My life is death 😮

        Love job but balance is difficult and pay sucks! Especially for admin


      3. Don’t make me be cryptic lol

        You do not know how many times I thought – oh I should just call her cause is too much and too private to just write ✍️

        Yeah final nail in coffin ⚰️


      4. Funny… mine was yesterday, then we got early heads up about layoffs today. My supv is pissed/freaked… I was all, “I know I’m low man on totem pole” and congratulating boss on getting shorter hours he already wanted while keeping benefits. Supv was dead silent. She won’t be cut but she’ll have my workload added back to her responsibilities.

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      5. ❤️ thank you – yeah I just see clear now and I also remembered something so will be positive

        You too!

        Like I say – is meant to be… time to move on.



  1. Happy Halloween 🎃. I hope you go through without much trouble. We don’t celebrate here so I don’t know much, I just know it’s decorations and candies. Keep yourself fit and everything will be fine I guess. God Bless.

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    1. Thank you 🎃 Happy Halloween to you too!! 😊

      Is one day that gives a chance for someone to be anyone or anything they want for one night … is fun and creative

      And trick or treaters (little kids) go door to door in neighborhoods and people give out candy … is quite a childhood memory

      They do still do that – you can trick or treat between 5pm and 9pm

      But now a days stores will let little kids trick or treat for safety from 1pm to 3pm

      Is nothing like used to be… used to be free’er and way more fun

      But maybe I say that because I was a kid then? Lol 🤷‍♀️

      The decorations and Knick knacks I like 🎃👻

      I have a box or several for every holiday – every holiday has its own decorations 😊

      Next up – Thanksgiving 🦃

      Sharing meal 🥘 with friends and family to be thankful for the food and for each other

      I just have cute little turkeys, wall hangings and linens

      Christmas I have most decorations!

      Some of my holiday decorations have been passed down or are from my childhood ❤️ … some are new… every year I get one new decoration 🙂

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  2. Seems really fun. I saw movies where kids go door to door and collect sweets.

    The decorations during Christmas that happen there is what we do during Diwali.. was last month. We clean the house and buy new essentials and decorate. It’s fun.

    I also like there’s a festival especially for thanking the food and people. Well thought out. I hope you enjoy with your loved ones. God bless😊


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