Meh 🫤

Well there is just so much to tell and some I can’t unless I’m cryptic …

Whatever Monday that was, that was really bad… it caused rip in universe lol

Sigh 😞

And then I see the worst of worst person. But that’s ok – they can go ahead and be awful person – I know who I deal with

It doesn’t bother me that they are a terrible human being… whatever – go be your satan self – good luck with that.

It does bother me how treat others yet thinks is holier than thou. Whatever … but little bit of silence there because is bully. I am not going to engage so whatever

So whatever – not really much thought but just saying – really awful person!

Anyway moving on – besides that… ugh 😩 things keep coming and then is just us… 3 of us – so massive pressure …

Some jumped into help… but I dunno 🤷‍♀️

We doing everything cause we have no choice but things be kinda better ? I dunno.

There’s alot – so make me go silent outside of work

Whew ok – well hope goes well. I have a great little team that tries really hard. ❤️ they pour their hearts into it ❤️

They are amazing ❤️

I don’t know what I want to do. And then that makes me little silent… mainly because I’m in thought over a thousand things


I just have a lot of things that are weighing on my mind


Oh well. But that does make me silent – I also very much miss the middle of no where. Ahhh to remember … was rough but way out in middle of no where 🙌👏❤️ totally love that! Love the peace

I do love my little house which is a nice escape

I just miss peace of the actual country.

And then … when you have certain things you went through … you are ultra sensitive to certain things …

So I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I’m sensitive to something going on right now … and then that puts me silent and I gonna observe.

And then … There is also this odd situation that I am not totally sure what to make of it? So I am also observing that

I think is fine – but am watching – let me just observe more before I say anything

So I suppose this didn’t explain my silence very well… cause I can’t go into depth 🙁 but there are many things that have me in thought or quiet

I’m trying to handle many things.

I want to be careful with the silence – i don’t want to be so silent I can’t say overwhelmed.

Helps to come here …but I have been so exhausted, even with writing this I am barely staying awake – I have fallen asleep several times to finish this. But is good for me not to be completely silent – good to have little outlet

Also… winter is coming … it’s been cold – in 70’s but cold ,.. my cold is colder than your cold … California 70’s is colder than Massachusetts 70’s – maybe humidity thing? Next week we gonna have some 60’s and I’m gonna freeze

Ugh this weekend I will have to pull out my winter clothing 😝😝😝

Ughhhhhh winter!!!

Love summer much much more!!

I am definitely NOT a winter person!!!

So coldness has been a thing – you may think not – but yes!!!

Ughhh winter clothes 😝😝😝

And it’s getting darker earlier 😝😝😝

Ok just wanted to complain for one minute ✌️ I do not like winter. My least favorite season

I like warmth and long summer days ❤️ bbqs and baseball ❤️ ahh summer ❤️

Anyway I have to sleep… I can not stay awake

Is only moments so whatever – will make through

I do have strong mind and spirit – I make it and am still alive so far ✌️ I will survive

Ok be back soon 🙏✌️ …less silent ❤️😘 🙏🙏

26 thoughts on “Meh 🫤

Add yours

    1. I am lucky I somewhat know what day it is!! They all blend!

      Haha yeah – I was gonna use that song at end … also fits … but I just wanted something more electric lol … but yes also me

      That’s ok on email – take time – it will take me time to do anyway – no rush

      Thank you always 😊❤️

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    1. Well yes – I have to work this weekend 😞 Saturday … it’s dumb

      I am little bahhumbug for holidays – I just like my holidays silent and to myself

      But I have to do a trunk or treat with the hearse – which I don’t like anyway.

      They want us to decorate hearse for Halloween 🎃 and then meet at cemetery and have a trunk or treat people supposed to go to.

      I just think the hearse should be image of respect not for this – it makes me uncomfortable

      The theme we picked was It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

      I did a one and done… I bought a whole package already set so we don’t have to do much – just throw it up and be done

      That’s tmrw NIGHT – yes at fricken night!! Whatever

      Is mandatory trying to be in spirit of holiday – I am very silent on holidays since cancer bleh

      I had some really rough holidays so I just like it peaceful reflect full and quiet

      It’s too much especially with work right now – we should be exempt!!

      Whatever They can pay overtime if wish – totally clocking every second!

      Bahhumbug 😘

      I don’t like to be out at night in a hearse 🫤 or working when need a break

      Is a section of things I am rethinking ✌️

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      1. Yeah… I’m all for getting out into the public – but my job is a job of respect and care…

        I feel that is very weird – plus in my town we have many people who believe Halloween is a Satanic holiday – they do celebrate day of the dead but not Halloween … so I feel like I am disrespecting them AND the respect of this particular vehicle for what it’s purpose is for.

        They want me to dress up – but I’m just gonna wear street clothes and be self. There … there is my costume

        Quite witchy 🧙‍♀️ 😉😘

        Is just you really have to be respectful with this business 🤷‍♀️

        And again – I’m all for being more avail to public but this is not a business for this.

        But whatever is what is. For now 😘

        And they be lucky if I stay entire time and I am one with the hearse – I’m probably gonna skate early cause I’m not gonna like it – whatever – fire me

        So yeah whatever – do not have spirit here ✌️

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      2. Thank you 🙂❤️

        Well I really do not know how will be? Or go?

        It’s a day to day thing 😮 But I hope is ok too 🤞🙏 thank you 🙂

        Am not overly confident it will be? But we see. For reasons right? Lol

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  1. I am amazed how you have winters after having summers suddenly. Is it always like this? Like summers for a few months and then next month is winter? Seems different than here 😮

    Winter has finally started to kick in here as well. Finally pulled out some winter clothing yesterday night. Definitely chilly during the day and night. But is good during the day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well our summers lead right into October – we have a month of fall and then boom winter

      Yes you are seeing correctly – my temp and transitions into other seasons is not the best … it’s really fast

      My body does not always like the severe weather and temp changes

      It can be drastic – both hot to cold and cold to hot lol

      Days are nice here to recently… but is cooling down… we about to enter November which will be quickly leading into winter 🥶 October was our fall lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So if am understanding correctly, summer end’s by the start of October and then October is fall and in November winter arrives.

        I think I got it but laal think this is way too fast ⏩ from hot to cold 🥶

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes. Our summers are from April to mid June. It starts to rain from July to September. October is pretty good in weather slowly transitioning into winter by the start of November.

        Not too fast and not too slow. I guess if I ever come there I would be pretty flabbergasted about the weather 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah our weather does not always transition slowly.

        Our weather been really weird this year – but transitions into different weather can be pretty fast here generally

        We get used to it

        I was thinking – doesn’t your summer transition into rain pretty fast ? Or is it more gradual?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It does but not that fast. 20-25 days with few pre monsoon rains. It’s a lot of time to adjust. Rain to winter is more slow and gradual and same from winter to spring and summer.

        It’s weird we all are on the same planet but weather isn’t the same for all of us.

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      5. I know – once when I was a child maybe 13? … my father had a choice in transfers … and he thought he would include us kids in decision … we were living in Florida at time …

        Our choices were :
        Washington State – which I KNEW had ALOT of rain almost all year – nope 👎 I can not do that for all that gray and rain

        I can do little amounts – but I need the sun ☀️

        Our other choice was: sunny California 😄

        There was no choice lol … definitely California!!

        We moved to Southern California for little while ❤️ before moving back east … and then I came back as an adult but to Northern California 😊

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