Brrr’s and Barks ❤️

It is FREEZING 🥶 tonight Omg

I am so California soft!! Is windy and low tonight is 53 brrr!! Omg

And high tmrw only 77!!! Also brrrr!!

Ya know … California supposed to be warm… ugh winter is coming!! Bleh

My sky’s are not gray they are bright and sunny ☀️ which I like but I would like summer back!

I am freezing!! 🥶… yeah I’ve gone California soft 😮 ugh winter 😝😝😝

Ok so time to count down to December 21st … the winter solstice … once I hit that… I know spring come soon 👏👏👏

Yeah I am not a winter person at all… I do not like winter … am too warm blooded ✌️

Bleh – winter 🥶

My little man is growing 😮 … no one listens when I tell them to stay little lol 🐾

Check him out … we got him on September 17th – he was 2 months old – born July 16th, 2022

Oh my gosh!! Such a little thing ❤️ look how tiny he was!! Damn he grows fast!!! Cause one month later and look … you can see the comparison in his little legs 😮 he is exactly 3 months now 😮😮

Look how long those little legs got lol and the ears keep growing too! Lol

Here is something I notice … with chihuahuas they have BIG dog syndrome where they think they so big 🙄

But this guy has little dog syndrome lol … where he still thinks he is little 😄😄 …you do not know how many times he gets stuck somewhere because he used to fit and thinks he still does… like under side tables or beds lol – ok little guy – you are not so little anymore lol … he got his head stuck in a gate while I was loading the car – and I have my hands full and he freaking out cause he stuck – felt like some Chevy Chase movie omg … dude relax – I’m coming – be right there 🙄 stop thinking you are little – you are not so little now

Funny how that works though?? Look at those long legs lol

Look how big his ears continue to get 😄😄❤️ I just love him soooo much ❤️

He is my shadow always – he has completely attached ❤️… and me too ❤️

Once in blue moon he still has a accident in house but not often – he’s really good with it … but when he does … I will say “who did this?“ and he slicks his ears back and goes somewhere I can’t see him 😄😄 like nope not me, don’t look at me 😄🙄❤️

He has such a cute personality

And I’m reading him now… I know what his bites mean… some are for potty, and some are for attention … and I always feed him at 5:30pm so at 5:30 he totally reminds me is dinner time lol – literally on the dot!! Lol little man does not miss a beat!!

He doesn’t bite hard at all just ones to say “hey I need this“ … if goes past 10pm he even tells me when it’s his bedtime lol ❤️ I usually put him to bed at 9:30pm but is Saturday so I was gonna let him chill with me … but by 10pm he like “ok I need bed” lol … first child I have ever had that actually reminds me is his bedtime lol

He is sweetheart he really coming into his little personality ❤️ he is such a good dog ❤️

When I took that photo today –  apple put a (?) over his picture ?? Ummm what?? And when I click it said look up breed info and told me he was a German Pinscher ?? The ears match!!

Every picture of him tells me German Pinscher 😮 the ears and photos when I look up a German Pinscher totally match!! He is also part terrier but I don’t know what kind – I can see it in his face and also his chest is white and he has freckles in the white area ❤️❤️❤️ ok sometimes freckles are adorable – ok fine ❤️

He has the cutest little forehead wrinkles ❤️ and he looks at me when I say stuff and I’m pretty sure he is so smart he understands …

Sit was very easy to teach him… but stay is not… he can’t not totally grasp “stay” yet …we working on commands – he learns so quickly – he has best little personality ❤️❤️

Lol those big ears ❤️

He likes to come up right beside me everywhere – and tonight something scared him cause he bark several times and stood in front of me… then he growl at door for awhile lol

Ok so he knows he has a bark – but I guess only uses when he needs

He’s got a good bark but is still kinda pipsqueak type – but you can tell is because he young… he only barks for protection no other reason 😮… I heard they are barky but he is not 👏

He has melted into the family so completely ❤️

He also does not like to be cold and thinks it’s cold outside lol he runs to potty and comes right back, where before when was warm – he took forever!!!

Also… normally dogs don’t let all their pee out at once but he will and it’s hilarious … he will stand there and squat / yes I said squat 😄😄 forever!! Until is all out lol

He doesn’t lift his leg he just squats 😄😄 whatever – is adorable lol ❤️🐾 you do you baby ❤️🐾

Today he is 3 months old… he has been on earth for 3 months ❤️😮

He also dreams and barks in his dreams … or makes noises lol … is so cute and adorable currently lol ✌️❤️

He used to suckle in his sleep but he doesn’t do that anymore lately – he’s so funny ❤️🐾

Ok I’m kinda quiet this weekend … but I be back tmrw … I’m just taking in the time off and staying away from world ✌️😘 is nice to take a breath ❤️

Ok good night for now 👋💫🌙 💤 😴 ❤️✌️


20 thoughts on “Brrr’s and Barks ❤️

Add yours

    1. Omg he is just so awesome 👏 ❤️❤️ he’s so funny ❤️

      I throw a toy and sometimes it falls up on a chair… well he stands and jumps until he can get his little body up there – is the most hilarious thing lol ❤️ is hard to get video of because we are playing

      Also if I am sitting on couch and have to go get laundry or do something … he immediately takes my spot when I not there and not looking lol … I move to other side and if I get up again he will do same thing – is hilarious – I just know my seat will be taken lol 🙄😄😄

      He has very active doggie dreams lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know – he’s so funny with his new long legs 😄😄❤️

        I wonder if counters are gonna be easy for him because I will have to figure out how NOT to have him on kitchen counters lol 😮 he’s a sly one 😮😄😄

        But I’m hoping won’t be a thing 🙏

        Will make whole new cooking experience

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yesterday I made small comfort food 🥘 casserole – just a small one … and this man went nuts lol

        Could NOT control himself just by smell and seeing me eat lol – even though he had just eaten his own full dinner with yumminess 🙄

        I can not be out of his eye sight or have unknown whereabouts lol

        He must be my shadow 24/7 omg – if I am home – he is on it 😮😄

        There is no escaping lol 😮

        But he chill so it’s ok – he has bursts of the zoomies which is hilarious lol ❤️ but he pretty chill when he with me.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh yes – he’s amazing ❤️ like he knows everything – very sweet boy

        He literally chilling right beside me, I know what he wants and needs and he knows what I want and need ❤️

        He is fricken awesome ❤️

        I was nervous if I be good for big dog … but he’s just perfect ❤️ he’s perfect ❤️🐾

        Tonight he seriously seal the deal with his dog compassion ❤️ just when I think he can’t possibly be any more amazing – “he is” ❤️

        So yeah he’s perfect ❤️ ditto for him

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I was thinking about you and your little new one this week. Haven’t read for a while so probably that’s why.

    Good to see he is settling in nicely. And he definitely got bigger in such a short time. Lovely kid. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I got lost in work for a moment myself – think be better now 🙏 hoping

      Yes he is growing like a little weed – he’s tall but skinny and sleek

      His legs and ears grow really fast!

      It has only been 1 month and he just like a baby – growing and changing so fast!! 😮 I can’t imagine what he be in a year 😮👏 ❤️

      He’s a little gangly at moment with the leg growth spurt lol – he is very funny ❤️

      Thank you very much ❤️ he is quite lovely 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So adorable!!

    They say we’re gonna have another La Niña year so enjoy the cool weather while you can! It’s overcast and cool here today, perfect “sleep in” weather, so that’s what I did!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love warmth not so much with cold. But yes I know what mean – cause when heat comes so can fire!! So ok

      I clean today – I try to sleep in but by at least 6am I am just up… my body is set to early – I am old now lol


      1. Yeah – my body on auto wake up because is every day

        And then when wake like that my mind starts thinking of everything I have to be doing and since I work so much I slack with personal stuff

        So my mind starts going and then I’m up – I have to take Doby out anyway


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