In just one year 😮

Alright so … what should I start with? Lol

Ok we start with the stories I CAN tell … Doby… (dough-bee – to clarify) 😘✌️

He’s just amazing ❤️🐾 I really love the little man ❤️ he is little now… but I swear his feet grow bigger daily 😮

He has grown since we bring home – he used to be really tiny … but he is stretching out lengthwise … he is longer and sleek – his little face ❤️ I love his little face ❤️ he brings me back to life 😮

I just haven’t had little one to care for in awhile… and is all new experience – chihuahuas are easy – I love them very much – but they are easy

With him there is effort – my oldest say “mum you don’t have to treat him like baby”

But he is my baby ❤️ he did also say – wow he’s calming down and chilling out

That’s because he melting into our world ❤️

Lol – only sometimes a jungle … usually because of work… but usually my downtime or free time is calm and peaceful – we play and then he wears out and I play calm music and man falls asleep lol 🙌

He runs and plays all around and goes under beds and things – but he is getting bigger and doesn’t seem to understand that lol – soon that will not be possible … little man gonna get himself stuck 😮

Also he has ZERO fear of life – omg this man!

He just has no fear of heights or things like that – although he IS afraid of motorcycles and Trains – the train is across the street from my work… lol so is very loud!! If you are on the phone with me when it passes – you will have to wait a minute cause I won’t hear a thing lol

He comes running to me and goes in between my legs when either one of those go by lol 😄❤️ he is so funny 🐾❤️ … now when he is little lol … I do not know how funny that will be when he is fully grown 😮😮😮😳 maybe for others but not me lol

I bet the man will not like fireworks 😞 💥 probably not – so no more enjoying July 4th – he will will be between my legs, I’m sure 🙄 he is soooo cute ❤️

Omg that’s gonna be an experience 😳😮 he was born on July 16th – he is in my month and a day after my mothers birthday ❤️

He will be almost one year old the next July 4th 😮😮

I can’t wait to see what he grows into ❤️❤️ he is such little pipsqueak – he is getting REALLY long and sleek 😮 … yeah he is getting taller and longer – but he is sleek ❤️

He also likes to slide across my wood floors lol … but we usually playing when he does that – it is hilarious – one day I will video

And last night – fine … I sat down after we played for awhile and had dinner … and we watched some tv … at first was his – and I can only take so much watching dogs run around lol … so I switched to something I watch and it was like last episode … and then it recommended “we bought a funeral home” they were turning it into a normal house but really cool… I just dunno if I would wanna live there lol … the whole funeral thing lol … by myself …I would freak myself out

And after that it recommended this show called “my haunted house … ok I am curious … well it was scary 😳😮 the program started by saying “MAY contain disturbing images” 😳

How bad could it be? 😳

MAY contain disturbing images ??? How about yes? They were ALL disturbing images lol

Well it’s not a movie and I don’t see it on YouTube and also probably would be too disturbed by the trailer myself lol 🤷‍♀️

Ok well I was scared … I should have taken his picture cause he was all into it lol 🙄😄😄🐾❤️ oh this dog lol – he so funny – he was glued, his eyes were all wide and his ears were at attention lol … hopefully that is not any nightmares for him lo … or me – probably me

So… let’s see what else … well there was something weird…

There is this kid who is young and very good looking … he knows that, and then also… many of the girls swoon (is that an old word, or is that still in use?)

Anyway whatever – I have mountains of work to do!! I am doing office managing, location managing AND families – not my choice and I struggle with so much work… but I have no choice

So typically I do not pay attention – whatever – make sure you working ✌️😘

Plus unless you draw my attention?? I do not notice anything … like when life tries to teach me something lol … it usually has to hit me over the head with it or I don’t always notice … same thing 🤷‍♀️ …

Well anyway…

If I see you are incredible human being …oh that is totally gonna draw my attention … What am I gonna pay attention to that other stuff for??

So… anyway … I have a coworker who likes him… she very flirty with him

I guess he messaging her asking questions about “me” 🫤

And then he ask if we need help and do need him to come over? Am I in the office? and things like that.

She tells me that it is because I make the atmosphere so welcoming and relaxed not tense or crazy.

Well whatever – we did not need help on Friday… well we always need help, but is another location that needs him more than us… so that is odd and now I am on alert with that. 🚨


I am NOT a material girl … I make my OWN material 😘… but there is something else that would be important to me – it’s just not money

I like this song ❤️ and fits here… if I just change the word “material” to something else and change a few other words slightly- lol – then yes this is me lol

And I just be on guard with that

And then lastly, I have a possible offer for something 😮🙏 I don’t wanna be too excited and just tell you – just let me wait and see – I do not want to take a chance on jinx’ing anything

And you don’t know what is yet ❤️ – so just wait – I will say later 💋 don’t get me all excited – there be balance 😮 – yeah ok no more … I’m getting excited so just keep that on back burner for a minute

And then …

See – it can be fun 😘❤️👏 I like it better when simmers into possible greatness 💋✌️

But we see – don’t get too far ahead or too excited yet.

… whoa 😳…. When I think back with ONLY THIS YEAR alone!! 2022 😮😳

Damn so much things change my life 😮

2017 was my year of devastation and loss… deaths – Alzheimer’s – cancer – satan … omg … 2017 was absolutely worst year of my life ever

There were very dark moments that year – and then on – for awhile.

BUT fricken 2022 has everything omg … starting in January with the house 🏡… and then little and big things in my life, that I don’t deal with usually and then life makes me lol

And then my mom back in June… July and August – doing a bunch of things… September – new edition … omg and here are the holidays 😮😳


And … the only reason I was able to stand up – was Covid – to shut down the world and schools … I could work full time and prove self and did …

Without the shut down – I could not have done it

And then also… it gave me little things – like driving on the highway 🛣 all by myself – I would hear this song in my head ALL the time when I drove the highway :

Because I knew was a once in a lifetime thing. I savored being only one on highway – I will remember that forever!! I will never see that again!

I would not have had a way to work and pick up daughter from school… Covid allowed me 😮

And I live so simple and peaceful and I save every penny – and then they do stimulus – I save that too… and that’s how I was able to get house – for years I saved …since cancer

I sorta had to let my life die… maybe like a fire – it burned to the ground in 2017… and I now have regrowth? ish lol ✌️ I still like privacy and peace – I am still silent except with work. Otherwise I do stay away from stuff – I love the peace that has because I don’t really have negative ❤️👏👏

The minute I free from everything – I have peace so I like that ❤️ I can feel the world better for my own self

And then from there – 2020 – here I am ❤️

I know I play that one a lot ❤️ I just like that one a lot – so let’s just go with it 💋❤️

Once I finish last surgery and it was ok… that was my first shine of light and then it keeps shining ❤️

Life let me live, life freed me, life let me survive AND life gave me moments 😮😮

But it is fluid so… I watching how the flow goes

Sometimes I have fails – but sometimes right place right time – I am water sign 💦 … my life flowing always!!

But damn 2022! Omg – the year that fit one lifetime, into one year! 😮😮😮 … and is still fitting things!!

Ugh and here come the holidays

Ughhhh I just hate the commercialism so much – I just like to enjoy quiet and peacefully – except I do like the YouTube videos of music and lights on a house – do those – I love those ❤️👏👏👏

But I don’t like how is forced to be so commercial and forced to socialize ughhh … I do that in July and August… when is nice and hot – blood pumping – pretty sure I’m hot blooded lol ✌️

In winter time – I am more bear-like lol … I prefer hibernation ✌️😘 brrr 🥶 … I do not like a lot of cold … medium or hot please

I always always always think of this commercial lol …

Yes – is like that when I remember Massachusetts or Maine winters 🥶 bone chilling!!

So I like medium or hot … not 115 hot – that’s a little over the top… preferable from 70 to 95 be good

Well anyway here come the holidays – I have be kinda social, but I am not – I am much more quiet and private during holidays 🤷‍♀️ means a lot to me … and I’m pretty sure it’s the cold weather, coldness and commercialism/ capitalist-ness – put those all together and I don’t like it lol ✌️😘

I feel the holidays can be hard for some – and should be more respectful with that- human kindness and compassion – but instead wicked commercialized and magic kinda lost in society ?

During holidays I think of people who are struggling or having hard time – not capitalism or gifts

Ok I’m done for now. Pretty sure that’s it

I worked this weekend because I have things I have to do and can’t get done during the week!! I have too much work.

Ok so – I will be around


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  1. You’re right, its been a heck of a year – so far! Mind you, I remember saying that the last few years so it shows shows the momentum that you have created around you! You are doing great!!
    And how spookily wonderful about Doby’s bday! Again, you were always right – you do own that month! 🙂 🙂

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