The things of today ✌️

I want to build someone’s confidence

Every day they impress me… every day the grow into their position – I couldn’t be prouder!! ❤️

I believe whole heartedly in this person and I make sure to randomly tell them these things – to build their self worth 🙏🙏 because they could be incredible if they confident – I gonna teach them that ❤️✌️

I want them to OWN it!

They do… but there is a level of confidence I want to help with. They are not totally confident within themselves

So… it will just take some time… once they come into their own – they will hit it! ❤️ I know they will!! I see drive … let me give you the courage and strength

They are young… but that’s ok… they just have to find their own confidence. They don’t see themselves in confident way yet – but they will …

I gonna have a champion ❤️

Be confident in your own self … know you can do it and do not listen to anyone who says otherwise. Believe in yourself!!

We are underdogs … is me and 2 others … but we kickin it! You have to walk in like you own it and then be confident with yourself and your words… I will train that

I see the amazing in them!! So I want THEM to see that

My champions ❤️✌️

And then tonight with my kids… we play this board game – called Find Planet X ?

A particular person was very excited for this new game lol … they start telling me about the game and show me the box – it had a name of creator on box and the name … yes I will play that because of that persons name lol ❤️😉😘✌️

It was cool but I didn’t understand really what doing at first ?? I have to download some app… then do research things lol and guess where Planet X is

Is the millennial version of “Clue” lol 🙌 … but with planets lol

It was fun – we had fun.

My boys bring over a dog recently… since Chico passed away…

At first they do to make me happy and also make this dog happy …

I love this dog! ❤️

They only bring dog recently… but now the dog is funny because when it notices the boys getting ready … the dog follows them and makes sure they remember to bring it with them. Otherwise it will follow to garage so can come lol ❤️

And then the entire time is here… it doesn’t leave my side – unless I go down hallway?? For some reason the dog does not like the hallway?? Interesting – that makes me have flashbacks to that Funeral Home movie trailer

But anyway… then dog doesn’t wanna leave lol – is an elderly dog ❤️


I have other stories about tonight but I am too tired – I can not keep eyes open anymore!!

❤️✌️ good night 💤😴🌙😘

16 thoughts on “The things of today ✌️

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    1. Yes actually, I DO have another amazing team!! ❤️

      Hahaha that those are the only worthwhile things lol ❤️

      Funny because we might get dog today – but we see ✌️ lol

      I am preparing and today we go “look” ONLY – but if we fall in love – I will struggle saying no… I know the word “no” won’t come out of my mouth if is small dog and we fall in love

      We gonna visit some shelters today 😮❤️🙏

      I already got the children lol … I just have to find the watermelon wine lol

      Have never had that ✌️😄

      Interesting you know that song

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I am aware

        Usually I love the word no! Lol ✌️😘

        Well we are picking up some supplies before hand – because I plan to eventually have one – I am planner lol

        But we figure let’s just “go look” 👀

        But you are correct – I worry I won’t say no lol ✌️😘

        Is very hard to say no with a dog in your face lol ❤️

        I know one loving dog and I’m done lol. 😮😄✌️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha! Lol … yes toddler mixed with newborn…

        Up several times for someone to go potty

        And then he so little and teething so he gets excited and nips but that’s because he little

        I have him not doing it with me… I already train him not to do to me… I give good attn when he doesn’t … and when he does I pay him no mind … so he is good with me

        But daughter got frustrated because you know how when you have a child already and get pregnant – the child thinks the baby gonna come right out and play?

        I have to explain he a baby and just learning – we have to teach him

        Right now he is tiny so doesn’t hurt and not hard bites – is playful and for attention … he is terrier so gonna get bigger and we have to break him of that

        Just reconditioning and teaching 😊

        I have to teach both of them lol … her how to train and him to quit the nipping (he just thinks is playing and also is only way he know to get attention)

        We will get it eventually

        I will be back at some point to answer things – has been little busy adjusting lol ✌️🐾

        He is worth it – he is a good boy ❤️

        She is also not used to something wanting or needing so much care and attention – he only baby

        And then she says to me “omg and people want humans of these?”

        Omg did I just get birth control ? Lol 😄

        2 birds – one stone lol ✌️💋

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes – totally is challenge lol … he’s a little handful ❤️🐾

        He’s into everything!! He steals our socks when we take off our shoes lol – like they are toys lol

        Yeah she is definitely getting little life lesson with little man lol ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh he’s doing really great – he attaching to ME lol … cause he HAVE ME all the time – I need a dog carrier like they have for children, all strapped on you lol

        He has such a great little personality ❤️ such a sweetheart

        But he is exhausting omg young energy lol

        Liked by 1 person

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