What life just did 😮

You just never know what life does 😮😮

Whoa 🤯 shockwaves

I will have to be somewhat cryptic because it involves work…

So I helping someone… their name is my name, but they spell it wrong lol …

Anyway… I talk to person and we speaking and I looking something up and making small talk…

So I tell them my maiden name and then they immediately ask … 1 or 2 … they are 1 … spelled wrong … I am 2 spelled correct lol ✌️😉

Then they say – well we from County Mayo… wait me too! And then they kept saying things and all I could respond was omg me too! We are both related to Grace O’Malley 😮❤️ (that’s probably where my fire comes from lol ✌️👏👏)

And THEN he say other side … and that’s MY MOMs side omg … from same area there too

He shares my brothers name 😮 only his middle name is my mothers maiden name and that’s his other family name too 😮 holy moly

So now we both all freaked out cause what the chances omg 😳 🤯 damn that is crazy!!

I just found family at work 😮 because of what I do… and they probably family from a hundred years ago 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🤯

But he has both sides of me 😳😮 my mom and my dad 😮 omg

And then to meet like this all way over here

My mind totally blown!! Completely 😮🤯



💚 ☘️ 🇮🇪 💚

😮 imagine that 😮

Such a giant world …but yet so small 😮

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    1. Crazy!! To have both sides like that 😮 I wonder if looks like me? Or my brother ??

      We grew up really Irish so… it was really cool to speak about same things 🙌🇮🇪💚☘️

      Really crazy though 😮

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      1. Well both sides of my family massive Irish ☘️ … so the flag of Ireland 🇮🇪 was always a thing – right next to USA 🇺🇸

        My grandfather would sing me Irish songs and try to teach me little Gaelic

        He always wanted us to proclaim we Irish lol … he was so funny

        And then my grandmother was only one who was not Irish lol – she was Lithuanian so she would pipe up and say – don’t forget you Lithuanian too lol

        My grandfather on my mothers side had their coat of arms on his vehicle lol 🙄😄😄❤️ it is forever burned in my memories ❤️

        We know our coat of arms and where we come from… mostly ❤️🇮🇪💚 there was a great pride from Irish

        Just a lot of Irish songs, stories, food, sayings and things like that – none of which my friends knew or had

        My father played the accordion and I would dance ✌️😘 🤫

        And I was always the whitest – which you think be great but they tease you for that too… and I was with freckles more than normal people – way more

        I would get mad at my family for giving me so many freckles, it’s obscene (like someone dumped a bucket of freckles on me) and having me be so Irish… people used to stop my family anywhere just to tell them how Irish I look – I hated that! Felt it was rude for people to just spotlight one person like that – even if was a child!!

        I stuck out so bad in the areas we lived … so was always comforting to go to grandparents – I fit in with Irish

        Half my moms side here before we were a country… and half came at turn of century

        My fathers side arrived from 1901 to 1925 … I am 3rd generation American there

        Was just a deep Irish pride with Irish things.

        We knew we were American – but also definitely knew we Irish ☘️ ❤️

        Plus our last name – and names in general – all Irish …all of them!!

        I am not so immersed in Irish anymore – so kinda woke me up. 😮 made all that flash back 😮❤️ and I have lost them so was just crazy but also really nice 😊

        Maybe they saying hi to me …and as always “remember you are Irish” 💚 maybe they reminding me for some reason ?


      2. I was English growing up in Australia, so my parents tried to make me respect the way of Great britain whilst living 12,000 miles away.

        However that didn’t sit right with me, l am more the sort of when in Rome do as the Romans.

        So from around five l started to be more Australian and from the age of around eight l remeber telling my father l might be English but l am living in Australia so that doesn’t make me his English.

        I came back to the UK in 1977 at the age of 14 and have never once felt remotely English or British or evn his Irish. I felt more Australian for years, now l don’t seem to have any fixed nationality l call my own with pride.

        I think it is this lack of nationality that might be why l have never been able to sit comfortably with the monarchy, it’s never felt right.

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      3. Mine was a wonderful mix… the pride of the Irish 🇮🇪 with the pride of America 🇺🇸

        Gave me very powerful outlook on spirit and being. ❤️💚

        But I do understand what you say… I move all over United States growing up

        So I don’t totally fit in Massachusetts where my family is from… and I don’t quite fit in California because I am very east coast

        But I don’t care – I March to beat of own drummer

        Was still same country and we don’t have monarchy … although we did have an Irish Camelot 😘😉

        Isn’t Australia under English rule?

        What is so different to you ?

        What is way of Great Britain?

        Well you are fitting in quite well as a Sandwichtarian lol ✌️😘

        Anyway… many have mixed nationalities and from different places

        Who you are and home… if your blood is English but you feel more Australian – nothing wrong with that… was your foundation 😊

        Your father could say whatever he wished… but those are the formative years and that is where you formed – where you molded …

        I feel more American than Irish … not many around me are Irish and I lost all my Irish family mostly ☹️

        I miss my Irish – but I have never been there – I just have deep love for 💚☘️💚

        I feel mostly American because if I ever visit Ireland – I am totally American and that would stick out … so I know I would not fit in with my own people but I love them anyway 😊💚 I have their blood 🩸

        I am Irish blooded raised American lol

        I am very proud to be both ❤️

        Did you know your grandparents?

        Also don’t forget to tell me what way of Great Britain means because I am curious. What is different compared to Australia …

        I only know how USA is… you will have to tell me your places details

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