Up in Smoke 😮


Tmrw probably be really Smokey

I have zero trust and zero sympathy for the power company – I do not like them. I will never like them or trust them. This is what they do.

They been in trouble for these things before and have cost many lives with fires and other bad things.

Do NOT speak to me about electric cars at all!!

They can’t even handle summer. I do not like them.

They always involved in bad. Never good!


7 thoughts on “Up in Smoke 😮

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  1. Climate change has resulted in drought and fires in the west and floods in the east. Same here power companies didn’t switch off the line while in the floods, resulted in death of young women who got electrocuted in Bangalore. So sad to hear such news. I attest to your story of how they are responsible for fires 🔥 every year.

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    1. 😮😮 that’s awful!! Someone mentioned the flooding over there, but not that… My condolences 💐

      It is sad to hear news like that 📰

      Yes!!! They are always starting the fires!!! Literally every year!! Omg

      They just not good – I am very tired of them. I do not like them. I’ve had enough of them.

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  2. Coworker was comparing Metro Water District to the power companies… both acting like routine inspections and upgrades are not the norm. MWD scheduled 2wk repair of a “feeder” pipe the main water supply, for the notoriously hottest time of the year, which ended up even hotter than usual. WTH??

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