⚠️ Severe Heat Warning ⚠️

Northern California


Between 4pm and 5pm (in 2 hours) be worst of it!! Is hot now.

Cmon Friday!! 🙏


Please be careful and aware of heat stroke and heat exhaustion!!

Be aware!! It’s been busy so be careful – watch yourself!! It’s very hot!! ♨️

I have to try too!! 😮♨️⚠️ – it’s crazy hot!

I’m totally good on summer now!! No more!

9 thoughts on “⚠️ Severe Heat Warning ⚠️

Add yours

    1. Yes lol… very hot! The heat is off the hook! 🪝 🥵

      I am staying in and staying cool – is still hot though …

      If step outside you can feel the danger ⚠️… you can feel it cooking you!!

      Way too hot!!! Too much – without relief til Friday?

      Ha then we “cool down to 90’s lol ❤️

      Funny what you consider cool when you have felt hell lol ✌️

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      1. Thank you – today will be my test… it poured in over weekend…

        Also just let me say – word has gotten out there is new management and here we are ✌️😘 – they are trusting us ❤️

        So it poured in this weekend, and it’s due to be 115 today… and we have services and things 😮

        So yeah pray for my soul this week! 🙏🙏🙏😘😳😮 ♨️🥵

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