Dirty and already holidays 😮

Ugh so… I have to clean my car… eventually but I been seriously slacking.


Although the inside needs cleaning too – just all of it … meh… before I was in car all the time… now I am never in car, so I just don’t make time for it lol 😮

But that’s on my “to do / adulting” list

🙏 I don’t want to do it so I massively avoid lol … but I have to eventually ugh. I hate dealing with cars – that is not my area. Ugh

But I am checking oil and keep eye on fluids – I learned a little bit 😊 even though I hate it lol

But ok – rather not have it die.


❤️ I LOVE you for this Australia 🇦🇺 Metro ❤️… awesome 👏 Brilliant message advertising – someone was a genius ❤️

Anyway… ok so… here come holidays cause omg I can’t stop with the candy!! We not even in October or September for that matter …

I will for sure be too candied out by the real holidays.

I got some Halloween decorations – also fall. Just a few nice classy ones … I got 2 glowing ghosts for my window area … and a bottle of magic potion probably from Merlin’s former collection lol … it’s just an antique looking potion bottle .. nothing actually in it. And then I got a ceramic pumpkin with a design on it… when you turn it on… it lights the room up with the fancy fall design.

Also … once upon a time I loved decorating and holidays … not so much now… I prefer the holidays calm and chill. I don’t like the holidays so commercial… I do like the holiday, just not the push to buy buy buy .

I do not like the capitalist ways. Also if you don’t get something early – you get nothing at all

I just do few little things 😊 … I wanted to do graveyard out front lol – would kinda be awesome for MY house lol ❤️👏 … I still might ❤️

Also I was self professed master pumpkin carver once upon a time – I have not done in… umm almost 10 years?

So I found my tools today … maybe I do that ? But we see – I dunno 🤷‍♀️

Here is what is going to happen… i will get all holiday’ed out before the holiday even happens – will be longest holiday season ever

And then switch over to Christmas 🎄 😮😮😮 my first Christmas here ❤️ almost one year!! Look how that fly by -but not really lol – damn!

Look at all that happen in one whole year 😮 whew omg 😳

Let’s hope 23 not as crazy insane with things.

I do like life adventures – just not life lessons lol … but obviously – I will learn ✌️😘 life totally forces me!!!


6 thoughts on “Dirty and already holidays 😮

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  1. Dumb ways to die was awesome 🙂

    Is it a big car or a small car? Oh yes you must keep an eye on your fluids …

    What is it with you and graveyards then ……. be kinda cool though. I don’t have a front lawn here, so we can’t do anything themed, but we have creepy night graveyards.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You do not see brilliant advertising like that very often.

      Is small car – little Kia 💙

      Hahaha where would you like me to begin about graveyards?

      I have always loved old cemeteries being from New England – we used to walk around and read the inscriptions on the markers or headstones 🪦 and try to imagine their time period and lives – is fascinating and also beautiful

      Then also – I deal with for work.

      When I was little – I thought if you went into a cemetery when you were old,
      You would die soon 😮 thankfully that is not true 😉✌️

      I have seen your grave photos 🪦 …. It would be incredible to see those cemeteries 😮❤️

      They just have a beauty to them and I like to imagine the time period and who someone might have been or how they lived ❤️✌️

      Liked by 1 person

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