Beautiful Life ❤️

Well I had a very FULL Saturday!!! 😳 omg – can I get some down time from drama? Whew ok … so the answer is no to that currently.

Ok so… hmm… well first let’s start with something good… something I just found that I love 😮😳 …

I don’t watch tv usually … but I was cleaning yesterday and decided to just have tv on while I clean… well since I do not watch tv, I do not have cable or satellite… nada… I do get discovery plus cause you know documentaries or informative programs sometimes ✌️

I have smart TV’s which connect to my internet and my oldest son set all my tvs up with Roku? I dunno?? But I get tv?

Yesterday when I was cleaning, and turned on the Tv… it said – hey you might like this show … and the name of the show is “Murder House”

They take a home that had a horrific murder that shocked the country or area… and they completely change it and make it completely different to get the haunting spirit off the home… omg

You mix murder and home remodel 😮 it sounds so gory and awful – but is amazing – the stories, the houses, and the remodel.

I binge watching them 😮 I can’t stop!!

How my TV know me? lol fricken smart ass tv

Ok.. I feel little better now… I really love that morbid show 😳😮 omg

Ok so small situation with work… I walked in on something because I pop in unannounced. I am right around corner – careful

So I gonna handle that as warning and let pass… we have had so much drama – that I do think best to let this one lay… but for future reference – no. So handled with a warning. Next time I won’t be so forgiving – I was thankful to have someone with me

But that was awkward!! Very much!! ok… let’s just move forward. Careful … one freebie – but I be aware so careful

I gonna be watching – time will tell

So alright – well one of my best friends and his husband came to my house – I love him so much ❤️

He is hilarious and knows all the laws – he is brilliant person!! Also incredible human being ❤️ hence being one of my best friends – if he wasn’t gay!! Omg – he is just amazing and incredible human! I can not say enough ❤️

When I buy house he come to see and bring me things ❤️ he knew I had nothing and also what went through and he knows I work so hard. He bring me plants (fake ones …because I tell him I am plant grim reaper lol – I only keep ONE plant alive since FEB 2020… and is aloe plant – which I am allergic to lol … but I can keep it alive!! Everything else dies on me)

He also brought me 2 antique chairs … like these cute little rockers ❤️ I love them

And he brought me a mattress too … that was when I first move in…

Many of my people have help me furnish ❤️ my house is all love from my people ❤️ every single piece ❤️❤️❤️ do you see why I love life because the people around me are incredible – they take my breath away – bar is set really high for humanity ✌️

I buy things here and there to make my own … just little things like bed frame for the mattress … and I bought a microwave to match kitchen. But I slow – I don’t really spend money because I am surviving? Plus there are things I wanna do to this house first and I love my house of love ❤️ every piece tells me how loved I am 🥰 so it’s touching – I don’t wanna get too mushy lol ✌️ kinda too late but whatever

Today they do so much for me ❤️

As a man – I totally trust him know who he is – brilliant man!!

One fix my door and they both bring me this beautiful bed omg 😳 😮 is cast iron and huge 😮 – is really beautiful!! ❤️

The bring it for me and put all together ❤️

We talk and laugh whole time – I bought some Nan bread 🥖 (very good – reminded me of a softer slightly different version of pita bread) and we had hummus – just for snack… with water – healthy stuff

He is vegan – I am not … but I will try food – except anything from the sea or water… nope 👎 but I want to give him good things too – make him know he appreciated and loved also ✌️

So last night he say to me – find a place for us to go for food


Ok well – with food… I eat meat and things … I am not familiar with vegan … but I find this place that was really incredible – everything was vegan and GMO free and gluten free – you would think eeww yuk lol … but omg so fresh and decent

I pick because had almost 5 stars and I read all the reviews on many sites – and I read the menu … so I thought I would chance it lol ✌️ I did good 👏 they loved too!

You still not gonna make me vegan- I just can’t … I was still hungry after – but was delicious for vegan food (all plants) that’s not typically my thing

Also – I do not like spice in food – I like Mexican and can handle Mexican spice

But … I don’t like cilantro or any weird spicy things – he got nachos and I try and way too spicy for me… you take a bite and it’s normal for a minute and then boom the heat hits – yeah – I do not like my throat on fire 🔥- only Americanized Mexican ok … sometimes I can also handle small Chinese food heat, but very little … otherwise I can’t handle with both heat or tummy

I had a chicken sandwich but was no chicken – was all plants – they only say that… it’s like a chicken patty but all plants and they make everything fresh fresh fresh right away! It was really good. I was impressed because I am not total planty person lol ✌️

I would be a carnivore ✌️ not a herbivore lol. I just like to see?

Pretty decent – was good to share with them… but isn’t a place I be like “hmmm I will go there” …unless I with them… I was impressed though – for eating only plants lol … interesting

Loved the atmosphere ❤️ so cute!! Was different colors and like Andy Warhol ish pics on wall? Super cute – definitely with character!!

I had so much fun with them ❤️

See I have a life ❤️

You rich in the way you see it 💋✌️❤️ I am so lucky 🍀

Yeah … so the bar is set pretty high. Sorry

That’s kinda funny lol

Moving on… guy 🤨 ugh 😑


Ok …

So I am a mom… granted she is at a sleep over birthday party tonight … but ya know – I do need down time… omg do I need down time?

He call me twice – but I with my friends and no. I not answer – I busy. Chill.

And then he text me and say he know the date we go out again / ok … 🤨

Ugh 😑

Ok I will deal tmrw – I can not for rest of day today!! Sunday I will deal and adult … ugh

It can never be just chill, understand boundaries – I am still raising a child and working very hard at a job I love … I am also gonna need down time.

Back off

So. Ugh … always

Please just chill. Do not come at me fast and furious – way too over my head – That immediately makes me retreat hard so please just careful with boundaries and do not come at me like that… too much.

On Friday with my kids – I say to them… we should save up and take trip to Hawaii to have family vacation 🙏❤️ …

They all made faces about Hawaii 🤨… they say and what we do?

I answer with many awesome examples lol … and they roll their eyes 🤨 what??? How you not want that???

They say no

Ok fine – where you wanna go?

Oldest say Japan and then the rest of them jump on board 🚂… they all want to go visit Japan and then they all start talking excitedly about Japan – Tokyo and some other big city I did not know?

They speak of electronics and video games lol

Ugh so I look it up and is all city 😮 I say that… where the nature? That is a lot of people and also very big city 😳 that would probably be shock for me …

They tell me all kinds of things and tell me about getting everything from a vending machine lol


They were losing me lol … but then they say there are country areas and so much history and culture – ok well I would like that…

But then also… one other thing… Japan 😳 … what about your earthquakes? Yours are worse than California’s at this moment

We are due for one – either San Fran or LA 😳

But yours I see on news before – they look scary where you are 😳

We on the ring of fire too. But yours look more intense 😳 and also more frequent

When I go into San Fran – I pray a little ✌️😘 please not today

But ok … if they want that – then maybe someday

I do not speak any Japanese – the oldest does 🙄 … he has been obsessed with Japan since a child lol – he is not Japanese at all lol … but he has always loved and admired. Funny though

He had a friend in school who was Japanese and the kids father wanted his son to come back to Japan and visit family – the actual son had zero interest – but MY son was like omg I will go lol 🙄

He has Japanese energy

I like Japanese too… but that’s like the only place they wanna go. None of my other suggestions were liked – only Japan

So alright – I won’t understand a thing but ok – pretty sure many speak English ? And I have a phone that can translate so I think I could do fine … as long as translates correctly 🤨

My life feels vibrant ??

But sometimes it also feels like this:

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Life ❤️

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  1. OMG Japan is beautiful. I read about Japan. Yes mostly big cities now but in far off areas there are some cities which are still natural.

    They have these houses which still feel like 🛖 huts. Beautiful.

    You should visit when you get chance. Don’t miss. Japanese people also one of the most honest. I watched a youtube video where they find and return anything people lose. Very nice to see. 🙏🏽

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My kids tell me about their reputation of honesty… which I find amazing! 😮

      But when I read about that – I read about the way their government operates… I want to see how government effects the people… I watch that…

      I always look at area, people, government … especially the government & business

      I hear that they are nice and polite and honest for social norms and what is expected in the social group

      But remember they are people too… so corruption is more silent …

      Women remain less than in Japanese society

      I hear government and business corrupt with kickbacks and favors.

      I also hear their justice system is guilty until proven guilty and no proof needed?? I don’t know … that is what I read

      I hear the government is harsh… controlling …

      I definitely watch how women and human beings are treated as well as how a government operates or controls their people.

      I am not saying they bad at all… is beautiful country and a beautiful people…

      I am just saying – is humanity … and none of us are perfect

      But I am more careful if I know government is controlling or corrupt … I am United States, so me too- we have issues too 🙄 … but at this point ours flap in the wind for all to see lol – and we allowed a lot of freedom due to our constitution ❤️ – but Japanese keep their corruption silent

      Japan is more reserved – their culture is beautiful yes absolutely – breathtaking!!

      They still have crime – is just more against their own-selves and not tourists

      Japan is also MASSIVE tourist destination and you do have to keep up an appearance to draw people to you

      They smart with that.

      But just keep in mind – I don’t trust – I am well aware of “appearances”

      Beautiful people/beautiful culture – but still human

      As always, by all means – if I view incorrectly, please correct.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right, no country is free of corruption. Japan must have it too, no matter how silent.

        Some of the most cruel crimes I have heard about took place in Japan. So yes crime is also there. Every nation has. They want to attract a lot of tourism so maybe they are safe with that. Don’t publicize much.

        I read that they have beautiful nature. Mostly that’s why famous I think.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah tourism is huge business for them… They are very respectful people towards others.

        Absolutely beautiful culture … but yeah – still human lol

        Whoa 😮 I just look at their nature!! That would be stunning and then I’m sure as you move away from big city – you really get to see the culture ❤️

        The culture itself is very beautiful and intriguing ❤️

        I like the nature and history parts ❤️

        I not so much video games and electronics lol – but they have that too

        Liked by 1 person

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