Smooth 🙌

So… how do I start this off? Well, I will start at beginning of day…

When I left home, I literally was behind every SLOW person on earth … they all live here!!! 🤨

Ugh 😑

And then the radio started playing this song:

So I go to pass by Dunkin Donuts 🍩 ☕️ … and thought ok – if I am getting signs of a bad day right from start … I’m getting a fricken coffee ❤️ – I’ll give myself a not totally bad day lol ✌️

But it continued… not only was I behind every slow person on earth, but I got stuck behind every train and light rail lol …

Ok does life not want me to go to work?? Lol


Then it went good… I meet with a contractor who I thought was gonna be this big huge deal – but he make it very easy for me ❤️ thank you sir – pleasure doing business ✌️

I got something bad – handled and working perfectly ❤️ I pulled that rabbit out of my hat 🎩

So then, ok well… my locations are in the Capitol of California – really big city … we have massive homeless

Today one was strung out probably on PCP by his actions ?? But he was yelling and swearing at no one … but then he began banging on our windows which all glass.

He was gonna break in… we call police – and put in several 911 calls

And they too busy… they never show up… they drove by and I try to flag them, even some stranger tried to help me flag them down – but they couldn’t be bothered and too busy.

Ahh haaa…. So you see, they want respect but where is the protection? And if police are not going to be there for you – this is why you can not take away guns!! See … then provide protection!!

We totally thought he either going to break window or doors – I was ready to even grab a chair 🪑

Technically is not totally police fault – is city’s fault for not having enough per/capita – and state for not funding that.

Also this why people get mad too… so yeah … also broken – on many levels ✌️

So… this is why we keep our doors locked 🔒 ✌️ appt ONLY!

So there was that – I was gonna sign a trespassing document preventing him from coming near funeral home – next time he be arrested – but they never showed up 🤨

Lovely protection here 🤨😠

See forces people to carry guns because of this society.

It was crime in progress and they didn’t even ever come. Thanks for nothing – handled ourselves

We video taped everything, and we stay out of his sight but trapped 🤨😠 … after couple hours he leave 🤨 that was not cool… imagine if someone was alone?!!! Which we are sometimes 😮

Ahhh my life 🙌🙄

So alright – much excitement day – thank god this location had no services! Oh thank god!

Well anyway – remember what I tell you about that thing I know? That I wasn’t supposed to know?

Ok well is happening. I just get informed – so… I can tell you after tmrw what it is ❤️✌️

Yay!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 👏👏👏

Holy moly, these ups and downs of life… one minute is completely devastating and next omg I so happy ❤️👏

So see what life does… is only moment for everything. Life be crazy – or is it just mine? Lol 🤷‍♀️


But it is a moment of bad… and then good comes back… bad is coming again – because “life” ✌️

Is cycle… always be balance of good and bad.

I just really don’t like that when it is ALL in one day lol 🤨😮 … it’s also really hot like oven outside!

Was not a bad day. Crazy but not bad, was smooth ✌️ totally thought was gonna be bad day!!! 😮

** Also… do not count chickens before they hatch!! Lol

But yes was smooth day

10 thoughts on “Smooth 🙌

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  1. First hand example of why guns are necessary. I can’t believe why they didn’t show up. That too in California. 😟 You were right when you said once that not everyone has guns and it’s still useful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They have so many problems – police need better training on certain things, and they need more police – not less!

      What if I had been there all alone and that crazy man show up – he was ready to kill someone yesterday 😮 said even said he was 😮 he was loud and scary!!

      He was already violent out side so where is the safety?

      So we gotta solve that!! Ourselves evidentially

      But yes – that is definitely a reason they can not take away guns!! When they can provide safety and protection then we can discuss

      Officers at a school shooting in Texas from earlier this year – they wait outside instead of running in to save children – they did nothing.

      Umm aren’t they police?!

      So ya know? 🤷‍♀️

      They can’t even deal with gun control because they can’t get the government correct

      So these are things that we fight about

      The is never change – I will have to solve the safety issues on my own.

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      1. Your places can have private armed guards to solve the issue. Or maybe just anyone who is willing to secure the place when there are people inside. I hope you can find a way through this.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Armed guards would be alot of money!!

        We have night security and we have cameras everywhere … but during day.. we do not have regular patrols.

        I looking into security measures currently

        The big city is nuts


        The little town is not

        Completely different world!

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    1. Oh today will be a few crazy events 😮

      But should end well? 🙏

      I already know gonna be crazy unusual day!

      And it’s Friday 🙌❤️

      Thank you – hope you have awesome Friday too 🙌👏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol … you remembered ❤️👏

        I did forget was MY month 😮 my month was crazy, I missed the 4th and kinda my bday

        I did rock today though 😘✌️🙌

        Like a rockstar 😉✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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