Queen of Hearts ♥️ ✌️

Happy Saturday ❤️


I heard that song on my commute yesterday lol… it made me flash back to middle school lol

MTV was pretty new …


My parents felt was too provocative… and blocked it from the tv… but my parents blocked everything … the world is provocative









Lol … when Madonna song came out I ask them what that was – what is a virgin? Lol 😄😄🤷‍♀️ I did not know… and they did not know how to respond lol

And they didn’t 🙄 … totally sensed the uncomfortableness lol … my parents DID NOT like Madonna lol

I was 1st ☝️ child of 3… they did not like the exposure to the world on a child that was their 1st, and they had hard time letting me grow up lol

I broke them in lol

It is hard to let your children out into the world… you just have to trust your parenting and love your child. Open communication

And then when I discover they uncomfortable – it draws my attention even more lol … instead of making uncomfortable… they could have just honestly explained 🙄

Yeah lol… was little provocative lol 😄😄 but ya know… it was before my generation too … and if technology gonna be in their lives just be careful

When I was little and we go cross country… in the van we had an 8-track lol … I had Donna Summer, Elvis Presley, John Denver & Sesame Street fever ?

I loved to blare these songs : (disclaimer – I was like 5 lol)





That’s until I discover music other than theirs lol

Yeah – my poor parents lol ❤️

So… this builder guy… interesting. Hmm 🤔

Things he is currently doing correctly …

1.) he does not overwhelm me with texts or immediately be weird lol…

2.) he texts just enough for me to remember him – and let me know is thinking of me 😮 … and he be sweet and kind and kinda funny when I don’t expect it lol … but is gentleman being very nice – very kind – sweet

So far doing well lol … we see.


… I really do not expect anything… just because I know how world is… we see.

And then also… would I have time for someone? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I don’t really know what I am doing lol ✌️… learning lol

I have a lot going on already so I do not know if I even wanna open this can of worms yet? Omg

But we see … ☝️ chance

So far so good. So far he doing well.

We see

And then sister … I tell her – one way ticket to Sacramento only… but she still insisting on way to see mom…

She will not be able to handle, she has no way to get there… talking to me about hitchhiking or ride share 🤨

Then she say she too depressed and has anxiety so working is not something she can do. 🤨 ha!

Ok look… I have no problem giving respite for awhile until strengthen soul … but she gonna have to work. I can’t unless she gonna eventually work… and she will be expensive because she does not understand money or care because she expects to be taken care of.

Listen – you gonna have to change mind frame…So you want the help to get better and see mom?


Fuck it? Cause I’m not going to lose everything again… so which is it?

I’m not gonna baby her ass – so decide your life. Been here done this. You think would change but does not. ☹️

Sorry she does not have the luxury of calling ANY shots… do you want help or do you not?

I do not want to play these games.

I lay it out and explain everything to her… but she still takes it in her own direction.

So I dunno how that gonna be. Currently it’s exhausting.

People were there for me, when I needed people and is best if is family – but she does not care… she does not care about spending anyones money – has zero comprehension of cost of living … she does not care about anyone else – she pretends to, only to ask for money… and then makes it about herself.

She gonna have to suck it up, cut the shit. Do you want a better life or not?

It is time to grow up and learn life … but if you don’t want to… that’s fine with me- don’t ask me for anything.

I will make sure she see mom, but she is in no shape to see her currently, and she hasn’t seen in years … umm ?? Maybe 10 years?

She is not prepared to see mom yet. It be all bad.

This woman has some serious grown up decisions to make.

I’m a little offended … I don’t have a ton… I am offering her help. But is not good enough – will always be more. Won’t ever appreciate.

It’s her best offer currently… my brother wants nothing to do with her the way she is.

You can lead a horse to water – but you can not make him drink.

I can not save her… I saving myself … but she my sister so I want her to be ok…

I can give respite and help build soul, and even get a job … but if don’t want to even attempt to help self – then I can not.

I have my own medical things and what if something goes bad? And I responsible for everyone – yeah I can’t

So … I’m gonna need her to grow up.


She’s younger than me!! 9 years… so yeah – she gonna have to do stuff or no deal.


I love her – but I can not take her on if she does not wanna help herself. I am not in a financial position for her to not do anything or contribute and then my offer not good enough for her…

So she try to make me feel bad and say she hitchhike and stay in shelters … ya know I don’t like her playing on the heart

Can we be realistic?


I be back later ✌️🙏😘❤️

11 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts ♥️ ✌️

Add yours

    1. Thank you … it’s funny to remember the things that went on when you were a kid… like the music ❤️

      Also the influential effects those things can have. Pretty interesting 😊✌️❤️


  1. I hope your sister realises that she is in a very tight position right now. And she cannot afford to play the double game where she gets help and also won’t do anything to improve. I hope you can make it clear to her for once and for all that this is her moment to take it or leave it. That will help her probably to think straight and take the right step.

    She is a lot younger than you, but still an adult. She should understand the world.

    God bless 🙏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – I hope so too 🙏🙏 I don’t know though?

      She is an adult though and these are her choices. I hope, I hope, I hope she make good decision!! 🙏🙏

      Thank you 😊 ❤️ god bless you also

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe you need to let go of this Trisha for the time being? [your sister] Some people will never learn because they don’t want to. You have given her the cards, laid it out on the table – but ask yourself how much stress and hassle you want and need in your life considering how far you have come?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I do ask myself everything you say…

      It’s just she’s blood family and what if is mental health issue? Does family just walk away?

      But then with a mental health issue… with an ADULT (in age only) … how I keep her there?

      I don’t know that I can do a mental health issue… I am tired – I went through satan … so yeah I know

      And she choose this path for herself – she had MANY opportunities to make amazing life – and did not.

      She is my baby sister … I do want her to be ok and if is mental? How I help her so that her life not end horrible? And homeless?

      We do keep distance and we do not give money anymore- if you do, she never leave you alone.

      So… to give tough love does not work, to give love love does not work, to give information or opportunities do not work… so what if is mental?

      Who takes care of them if not their families ? But then how do families do that?

      Are families forced to walk away? ☹️

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      1. I am not saying your choices are easy Trisha, they are far from easy. You are an empath so it’ll be much harder on you and ALSO [it’s big for a reason] ALSO you can relate to what she is going through, that resonates with your own experiences with the devilry and satan – but – sometimes family are the worst at taking advice from other members of family.

        I have recently had to advise Suze to try and step away from her daughter’s bad decisioning, because it was starting to tax and stress her. I don’t wish to see Suze ill any more than l wish to hear of you becoming ill again and it being caused by stress beyond your control.

        You are a savvy lady Trisha and l know you’ll have thought about everything l say now and before – because you will have thought it long before l voiced it here.

        Is it a mental health issue? Probably but not one you or a doctor can do anything about – it will come down always to how much a person is willing to put up with before they say enough is enough and accept the out stretched hand.

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