Hmm 🤔 🤷‍♀️😮

Ok so… let me show you couple things … then I tell you why… none of these are my videos – I am just showing you places near me … I will explain shortly … I want to show you the beauty first…

First… there is this place:

OR …

OR …

I can’t find a video exactly what I want but is another Lake up in mountains

These are all within my area… and do you see?? So beautiful and stunning it just blinds you because you wanna be there and you breathe so deeply with how incredible it is

These are 1 hour away from me going south up the Sierra Nevada Mountains… it mesmerizes you!! Just imagine how peaceful and beautiful to be there!!

So yes … ok … peace tempts me and I am sometimes blinded by what seems to be sooooo amazing … just look at those videos – to actually be there in these places … it’s stunning… spiritual? So just takes your breath away.

All your countries have histories, that my country, is too young for …or could never even compare to… but MY country has this incredible stunning natural beauty – I can’t even describe in words – it’s stunning! Definitely a national treasure!!! ❤️

I am blinded by these types of things lol… because is peace … I chase peace … I know the peace I get from the planet 🌎 … so I am probably blinded??

So… I recently met this person… he happens to be a man (🤨 lol ) … you know how sometimes you meet people and it clicks? Well it clicked? We didn’t stop laughing and talking whole time. Enjoyed the convo very much… some total stranger thought we were together because we click so well 🙄 no no, stop saying stuff lol … we just meet

He ask for my number… ok … so I give to him.

He want to take me to one of those places 🙌 – to kayak he say… I told him I have no strength for oars and he say is peddle paddle

But wait…

Because my people say… Trisha!! You just meet – he could kill you lol … ok yes … I do see point lol… I just get blinded by the country ✌️ …that they have a point.

Dang it.

He’s probably NOT gonna kill me lol… but ya know… how much we really trust people?

Aren’t these the areas all the horror movies take place at?? Lol 🤨 … it’s always at some lake in the woods lol

I can not even handle that trailer – Nope … those things freak me out – I do not watch horror films typically lol ✌️

See I have imagination and also live in California with Hollywood right here lol … don’t make me think horror lol … I do not like horror

Don’t take away the peace I find.

Also… another thing … since they put the seed of doubt in my head… I also look at that and understand we are in July … so that would mean that there is fire potential.

Fire moves real fast – you don’t wanna be caught in area like that …during forest fire 🔥

He is builder from the Bay Area … he is older than me though… by a generation – we just enjoy convo and hit it off – nothing more at this point.

Pretty sure he is “not” out to kill me … but never underestimate anyone!!!

So… hmm 🤔…

He wanna show me peace and get away? We have this incredible beauty here in California! These places are national treasures so… I’m pretty sure we both just appreciate that? It won’t be for little while anyway.

I get excited to show people these amazing, beautiful, peaceful places also… my friends are not typically the mountain type? A few yes… but most love the coast

I could show you so much here in California – there is so much!!! 🙌 you don’t always find people who appreciate same like you do…

Every state has something or things that are stunning and incredible.

My summer vacations were cross country trips like National Lampoons lol

… and this was mostly the music I hear or was exposed to:

A lot of earthy/crunchy American Folk music lol … music that told stories ❤️ or said lessons ✌️… kinda make you see life? John Denver, Neal Diamond, Elvis, Peter, Paul and Mary, Jim Croce etc. yeah that was my music until I was like 12 …

So yes … I love those things … I love to be in awe of history, peace & nature…

Blinds me kinda because I want that so…

I know … you gonna say “just do something normal” lol …with people around then…

Eh … yeah what? Movies meh 🫤 I don’t really watch stuff normally – nothing really great – Hollywood and society kinda sucks now -so I would prefer to be with the earth which is always stunning anyway

And then you have to be around people to do things … so eh 🤷‍♀️ – I don’t like crowds for reasons of disease and also guns lol ✌️ I would rather have peace out in middle of no where …

And what is there anyway? Golf, mall, casino, amusement park, regular parks – it’s just not same as what nature created.

Well anyway I love the country of my country ❤️ 🇺🇸 ❤️

My friends be very protective and sometimes little devil in my ear lol

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be murdered…

But then I think of the world … and think hmm… well I dunno … anything is possible , don’t know him

Sucks you have to think like that

This is why best to not let people come close

And also … I don’t have time for stuff so?? I just wanna enjoy nature/life things

I do prefer Lake Tahoe… but those I show you are what he suggest and are actually closer to me. I could even stop by and say hello to a location I talk to! But I don’t wanna seem like total workaholic or have anyone totally come into my world

I’m still not ready for anything… I just wanna enjoy the peace of the earth. It soothes the soul always

It’s south of me – not north

I don’t usually venture south – I always aim at Lake Tahoe … so be new territory …

Is the area of the California gold rush boom… I have been there many times – I just don’t venture that way usually – I know Northern California best… I have panned for gold before – it’s pretty cool

Do I seriously need to worry someone would murder me? Omg if that is the world – I am done!

Would you think that? Ok so then …how I do stuff??? 🤷‍♀️

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  1. Do l think you are going to be murdered? No ……. well l hope not, l would miss your wit and posts 🙂

    Maybe this was a metaphorical question?

    Take it slow, suggest somewhere country but with lots of people and take Mace! Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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