❤️ A day with Mom ❤️

Today I spent day with my mom ❤️ I brought cupcakes to have for birthday celebrations – me and her … but I brought enough to share with everyone ❤️

They messy eaters lol

I got to watch movies with her and her friends and see how day goes ❤️

I’m not too sure how I feel with someone other than my father around her. I’m a little protective lol

But she seem happy? I think?

She forget most things now. Only sometimes does she remember her life.

She laughs with me still though – full hearty laughter ❤️

We watched National Lampoons and we were all roaring with laughter

(I love you Chevy Chase ❤️)

I eat lunch with them and we listen to music…

Ugh their music is so ancient lol … good just ancient lol ✌️

Was songs like this…




And THIS one …they all know as my mothers song…


That’s her real name – but she hates it…. Lol – it was her mothers name… she has never used it – and she will correct you if you try to call her that lol

She uses her middle name always… and then when she name me, she name me after her with that middle name… I hate it lol… I never use it, and I will correct you if you call me anything other than Trisha lol … sometimes older people or if anything to do with government and needs legal name… I have to use the one I don’t like 😝 … it makes me cringe lol – it sounds old world … I just like Trisha better

But funny how that cycle goes lol 😄✌️❤️

I did not give my daughter my name… she has original first name that I pick… only her middle name is after me lol 😄✌️… I made it be her middle so she not hate like we do lol

Anyway – such old songs – I had not heard some of those songs in years and years – since my grandparents

My mom is young ☹️… she turns 75 on the 15th. She knows those songs but her songs are more …





My mom is young to be where she is. But it happens obviously. See how delicate the human mind is? And body! Was her mom too. 😳

Anyway… please play the following for me… lol …







There’s a whole playlist so… this could keep going lol …

When I sit there listening to their music, I was imagining what would be like for my generation lol

That will be fun … lol … if we remember ✌️

So was good… little odd, but they all adorable. It was little like cross between One Flew Over the Coocoo’s nest and 50 First Dates 🤷‍♀️ 😳😳

They would have convos with me?? And sometimes it’s jibberish 🤷‍♀️ or they say the same things 🤷‍♀️ … or I just don’t understand ?? I just smile.

And I laughing with my mom and being with her… but I ended up with a collection of little elderly ladies lol … they all just take to me ❤️

One say you have beautiful smile, one want to hold my hand, lol awww they are soo adorable

I do not have the heart for that job… that would kill my soul… I get attached… I would love them and then they die – omg – yeah I could not do that job!!

I am after the fact – so I did not have connection – I connect with family with grief.

But to get attached and lose – ohhh yup that would just totally kill my soul! Omg – that job would kill me right off!! I could not handle that.

Her friends are cool… not really sure I like a man so much around her that is not my dad – but since she not remember and I guess he make her happy…it’s just weird for me.

All of them are memory care, and they are all on the level of my mom or worse. 💔💔

They are adorable – and you see life just come full circle …

You are born needing complete care… and then you hopefully learn to care for self – and others … and then as life winds down, you slowly need complete care again…

They just big adults – they messy eaters, they wear diapers, they need much assistance and compassion

So life just went in a circle ⭕️

I just wonder what they looked like once, what was their life?

At work, we get photos from families and when you see them so young and so beautiful… it’s just crazy to see how age does- they still cute – but I just wonder – who were they?

My mom had blood in her urine today. That may be a thing – but I have to go home! I have to, I have to get back in office. They gonna stop the blood thinners and see if that helps?? 🙏

I am blessed being able to be here for her. Was so worried so far away. Am blessed with couple extra moments with my mom- I wish I could freeze time to keep in a bottle 🙏 for whenever I want it!


We looked through old pictures from the 70’s and 80’s and laughed ❤️ – her clothes in the 70’s 😮😮and then mine & the hair in the 80’s 😄😄✌️

We laughed at old memories and vacations and those things.

The ladies who work there kept saying omg you just like your mom, you both even have same movements and mannerisms – they could not get over how we the same

See I told you – we identical … so is sister. We all the same… just more modern younger/older versions

God must have had a special using the same mold lol… we move the same, same faces, same smile, same hand gestures or way we cross our legs … we laugh the same and speak stories same way… we have same demeanor – same look to us… she is also always thin

So since I look just like her – then you add same mannerisms and things … and it’s like a clone – I know… I am my mothers daughter ❤️


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  1. You saying that life winds down and we all need care when we age really hit me. It must be really like that. They are precious, they need to be taken care of. I am very happy that you will spent some happy time.

    You will go back home now? They calling you?

    Take care, god bless. 😊🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I suppose some need more care than others – some can live into their 90’s or 100’s and need little to minimal care or help.

      Not all are as lucky – is just the luck of the draw – but as you age so does your energy and body etc.

      Life comes full circle

      I have to get back to my kids and I can’t just keep staying away from work.

      I be back… is hard to leave family 😭💔 every time we sob – because you never know what can happen and we love each other very much.

      It excruciating to leave my mom. I worry so much and I have love love LOVED having my mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      My kids are missing me… I am their mom.

      Thank you ❤️ god bless you and your family too 🙏❤️✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. I loved being with them ❤️ they all adorable and I loved having my mom ❤️❤️❤️

      But it is like that… some look and seem normal until you speak to them and then is like twilight zone??

      Their convos go in circles or are jibberish… or they say something and use hand gestures but really say nothing??

      So I smile or laugh or try to catch a hint of what they say… and pretend I just laughing and speaking with them ❤️ seems to make them feel important ❤️

      They don’t realize how they are. ☹️💔

      They sweet and innocent and are adorable 🥰 ❤️

      I have totally enjoyed and cherished my time with them ❤️❤️❤️ even if convos were weird – I don’t care – I just loved the time “with” ❤️

      I care that she fades away – that crushes me…

      But if she gonna fade away like that ☹️💔… then I want to make sure I enjoy every moment I can.

      If I don’t understand convo or makes no sense… I don’t care … is the time I care about ❤️

      There will be a moment I be crushed completely … so I will have these wonderful moments with her and her people – because I gonna need that!! 😩 I’m gonna need funny and good memories to carry me strong so.

      And just having my mom… no words to describe ❤️❤️❤️ is like heaven so… I got to have her ❤️❤️❤️

      Yes … Very different music eras!! But all great music 🎶 ❤️

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