Hello 👋

All is ok ❤️🙏❤️ thank you for your thoughts and prayers … they have helped ❤️

I tell you more later – I still have my mom, and today a wheelchair be delivered here to the house and I will take to my mom later ❤️

She has declined, but she stable and ok ❤️

Is only me here – my family had to go out of town for something this weekend. They be back Monday… So is just me handling things.

So my sister just call me today – actually a police officer and my sister call me… big long story… so she agree to accept my help and come to cali…

But we see how serious she is with words. Words are meaningless without the actions … so we see – I know I could make her life better … but she’s gonna have to walk away from her entire life to come to me… that will be like a death for her

Not gonna be easy

So I kinda have many things flying at my face 😮 a plus I still working every day full hours just remotely

If I offer to help – she better be serious. I’m not joking.

I be speaking to some resource connections I have and see what can line up and set up for her

Let’s see if she burn bridge? I can not do for her – she HAS to do for herself – seriously – she has to be the one to want the change. It can NOT be for me!

She has to be at point where she done and ready – or I gonna have a shit show on hands.

But if she ready … get ready …

I can not believe I gonna take this on… but ok … come to me. But must be serious! 100%

Whew… it’s been emotional between my mom and my sister … and I am alone. Meh

I did do 2 relax things while here …

We went to a water park last Saturday ❤️ or whatever day it was … it was fun – I am very old now for severe water slides 🛝 lol

And I got my nails 💅 done with my sister-in-law – was early bday present to me, she say ❤️

In the light … they are pink…

Don’t totally inspect – I have a scar on that finger and I am a mom, so just pay attention to the color only – in light …that is the pink color they are

But look what happens in darkness… they glow in the dark 😮😮😮😮😮 I so love my fingers right now ❤️

Ok… so I do need something. But only from particular people… I need information in some stuff in the State of Maine – do I have any Mainer’s?? 🙏🙏🙏 I will give my email if you in Maine – I have questions and I try to search for info online but can not find anything I need… so ANY Mainer’s??

Ok I have to bring wheelchair to hosp

I try to be back early enough

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    1. Yeah ❤️❤️ me too 🙏❤️

      I never had ones that glow in dark before – now I want that all the time lol … no more boring polish for me – glow please!! 🙌❤️


      1. I currently have neon hair dye which should glow in black or UV light, but haven’t been anywhere to check it.

        I looooove crazy nails!! When I got hospitalized over new year, the only thing that kept me from crying was my pretty snowflake toenails. It kills me not to have mani/pedi!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha you have to take pic…

        Where would have UV light? Or black light? Maybe dance club from 1990’s? Lol …but where now?

        Yeah I should mani pedi self care more but eh. Not necessity- is really awesome though and I am totally in love with these ❤️ still!! Lol

        Every night they glow lol – so delighted ❤️🙌


      3. You inspired me to order a set of glow gel polish for whenever I return to a salon (I’ll give it to them).

        Yeah… Club New Wave has black lights! Guess I need a night out!

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      4. They are truly the coolest ever!!! I always forget they glow cause they look all normal during the daytime… and I have many things occurring so I forget about the nails…

        And then I go to bed and they turn a white color in the dark and glow and I just totally love them!!! Every night I remember how much I currently love my nails 💅 ❤️

        You really should do, you would love!! It is sooooo cool!!!

        Lol – maybe is universe telling you time to go out?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I dunno. I almost bought a ticket for the touring production of Moulin Rouge but at the very last step I decided I’m not ready to be shoulder to shoulder with strangers… too muvh covid, too much monkeypox.

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      6. Is monkey pox still a thing? Is that happening seriously?

        Covid I am just tired of. I wear a mask 😷 for myself and sensitive people.

        I mostly distance and don’t like crowds in general

        I don’t trust large crowds for other reasons… but works also with Covid – I am not usually around too many people

        EXCEPT when I FLY

        I never take down mask around people even if I dying!! Do not care what anyone else wanna say or think – I will wear the mask for my ownself cause I don’t want any kind of virus 🦠

        Generally, places that I have noticed – are like life back to normal?

        Is what you are comfortable with for ownself.

        Protections for Covid, MP, or whatever else they wanna come up with 😷

        Stay safe 🙏❤️

        I be safe but I’m also really tired of all the shit – I do not know what goes on anymore, cause I just stop listening to them.

        Kinda tired of the worlds crap with things. 🤷‍♀️

        Better to just not listen. I handle my own self safely because they just never seem to know what the hell they say.

        Be safe but also remember to enjoy life – if able



    1. I kinda peeked at her earlier. I haven’t had much time to read really… she probably won’t know what I need

      I need things offered through state of Maine for homeless and or information about perhaps resources from MaineCare – the state healthcare??

      Until I can get back to cali and handle – but should be ok – I just need time and trying to keep her also safe

      …if one more thing happens lol 😬

      But I will check her more out eventually ❤️ thank you


  1. Glad you are doing fine. And looks like things have calmed down a little for you as well. That is great indeed. I hope your mother’s recovery is going nicely as well.

    Nice nails, maybe some chemicals that’s why they glow in the dark? Look so cool.

    I hope you sister is ready and she complies with whatever she needs to do from now.

    God bless you. 😊🙏

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    1. Yeah, she doing ok. She know I am someone to her, but she is forgetting me… she remembers my spirit but can’t remember my name, or who exactly I am. But she’s been alert and laughing and seems soooo much better ❤️ she kinda declined and is slipping away… but is doing good at moment ❤️🙏

      Hahaha the nails 💅 are sooo cool – even still ❤️

      It’s not regular nail polish – it’s a dip?? I dunno 🤷‍♀️… she would dip my nails into this pink sand lol – and then paint over it and it turn into nail polish – was cool 😎… We did last time I came out too.

      It’s so hard when family so far – I can’t even imagine how hard must be for someone who has to change countries 😮😳 … unless they don’t have their family anymore? Then I guess wouldn’t matter??

      I hope my sister makes the right decisions also 🙏🙏 she’s gotta be tired?? So we see.

      I will have boundaries but also help her… but she can not have any contact with him or I can’t help her at all. It will be for nothing – it always is… so no contact or nothing… we see

      Life is decisions that are not always easy. Sometimes really hard decisions have to be made so I hope she can 🙏

      I would love mom to be able to see her too! ❤️🙏

      God bless you too – hope you and yours are well and happy 😊 ✌️🙏❤️

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    1. I learn she does have an ID and she does have health insurance – but it’s through state… is called MaineCare… for those who can not afford.

      So I gonna see how we do this – I gotta get back to California- then maybe see if have her fly to me.

      Hahaha the nails 💅 are sooo cool!! I love them still – and every night is soo cool too!! I forget and then night reminds me lol ❤️✌️

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