Chico died 😭

Yeah… just because I work in funerals does not mean I can handle death well! 😮 my face so puffy lately because I keep crying over things!

Tomorrow is anniversary of my fathers death…

This is Chico … my little man…

I was volunteering with police department, when a woman brought this little man in …

He was little and malnourished, had flea infestation and a skin infection – he was not in good shape… he was really sickly.

I went to the front of the lobby and she put him in my arms… I was already in love – it was pretty instant. Like instant 😮

And then it was hot, and I didn’t want to have a sickly animal just in the cages for animal control, I asked if he could just stay in little crate near me? Up in office with ac… they let me … every minute I loved him more and more…

So since I was with police – they allow me to ask animal control if I could foster him until we found the owner. We had to run ads for 6 months and then he became ours ❤️

They said yes, and we brought him back to life. I took him to vet and they gave him antibiotics, which we gave him as directed. his hair grew back…

They also gave me things to get rid of fleas… and he ate heartily ❤️

My second son who is kinda quiet… was guarded with him at first… but then that little dog kinda became his child …

Chico was quirky and funny – he had a little sense of humor – happy dog…

When we would take him for walks he would refuse to walk by a gardeners tarp… he would sit his little but down before we got up to it and would not move lol … I would have to pick him up and carry him past and he would CLING to me.

I don’t know if he was abused before us… but he knows we loved him very much ❤️

He started to convulse on the floor… my oldest rushed him to the vet – and they tried CPR on him – but obviously that did not work. He is gone 😭

He was 9 but a chihuahua … he was part chihuahua and pug ❤️ he had the chihuahua personality thinking he could take on anyone… and the pug personality being like a little duckling and being your shadow – he loved to be center of attention and had so much energy! He was protective and loving 🥰 ❤️

He did have some problems though – he had the animal version of Lou Gehrig’s disease – he was eventually going to lose use of hind legs ☹️

I want a pet… but I hold off … and then I though maybe I get another one now?? But then I think – wait … they gonna die too??

And I think of all that love you pour into them and then they die and it shatters your heart 💔

But then also that love is kinda worth it isn’t it? The love they bring to you- they melt your heart and they be company. And funny. Little personalities … like another child 😮

I always think just because I work at a funeral home I have good grasp on death … I like to think I do – but not when you throw it at ME

I don’t think I really do? Cause death comes to face me and I cry… death comes for my mother, and I cry… death takes a pet and I cry!! I don’t like when death comes to my life. Can it just not?

I cry a lot lately … not depressed but heartbroken or scared

Ugh … ya know you really can die of broken heart / that is a real thing. Did you know that? It’s called broken heart syndrome and it’s extremely rare to be listed as cause of death on death cert … a woman who has been with us for 25 years said she’s only seen it once. She had no idea was really a thing until was listed as one of causes of death.

Ok so… tonight is Friday – we gonna cry. 💔 we are all broken hearted 💔

When I was little I used to think when someone died, all you had to do, is take your face and put it into the grass/dirt over their grave and cry as hard as you can… I thought those tears 💧 of such love ❤️ and want would bring them back… but it doesn’t. Obviously … I was little

I wish. But to every beginning there is an end. it’s just very hard to lose … is life… but still breaks your heart 💔

That song always makes me cry because makes me think of the commercials. Which also make me cry.

Ugh so many cry things!!

2022 is crying lately omg – I hate crying!!

How do you not cry?? How do you make it not do that? How do your tears not stream? Can you make them not do that? How? Is there a trick – teach me.

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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of Chico Trisha. I know that feeling well. I lost Scrappy in January 2020 aged 16 and she was my last dog of my once strong pack of 6. As much as l love dogs in my life, l am simply still not over Scrappy. Each time you lose a dog you lose a piece of you. Hugs to you and RIP Chico.

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    1. Thank you ❤️😢

      We lost my oldest’s dog right before Thanksgiving in 2018… she was 17…

      Chico was 9

      We have one more 😮 … she is 11… is little Apple-head chihuahua.

      Each child had their own dog… now only my daughter does. ☹️

      And then the remaining dog also seems to notice the absence. She waits in the hallway for Chico … he used to barrel down the hallway not caring if he was in his way lol … so she would have to watch for him not to get in his way lol – it was cute 🥰 … but now she looks for him.

      You should have seen the kids faces 💔😢💧

      Their eyes were all red and their faces puffy like mine – we must all be allergic to crying! But was hard to have all my children so heartbroken.

      Chico made us laugh so much. He was so quirky!! He thought he was king and ruler of his world lol ❤️… he was … we let him be king ❤️

      It’s very hard to let go!!

      He will be cremated and we will get him back in little Paw urn ⚱️ 💔😢❤️

      My son gonna keep it on his dresser in his bedroom

      I hate the loss and then also… the heartbreak of my children 💔💧

      That was really hard last night – we cried ALOT, and hugged while we all teary and sniffling

      RIP 🪦 Chico – we loved him soooooo much!!!


  2. Rest in peace 🕊️ Chico.

    I hope there were countless memories of Chico for you to ease your pain and keep him close to your heart. Animals are like that. They are companions we don’t think we need but once they come into our lives we feel whole and complete.

    I hope you take your time and then make decision on your next pet. It is not easy with everything happening.

    Take care. 🙏

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    1. Thank you ❤️😢

      Oh yes we have many amazing memories with him ❤️ he was quirky and really funny – thought he ruled the world lol ❤️

      We were not ready for funny stories last night, we all just cried. He just died so is still really fresh.

      They do complete our lives and they become family – even though is different species, we adopt them into our lives and they just become so deeply apart of that!!

      Oh yes… I have to make sure I am ready before I take that on…

      I like things to be meant to be … Chico was meant to be … all the dogs happened that way!!

      I don’t take the responsibility of another pet lightly – I would already have one long time ago if I did lol

      I should have a farm because I would love to have many many dogs or rescues

      I always do rescues

      Only one of them was not a rescue and that is my daughters dog… her dog was from someone I knew who didn’t want dog anymore so we take her.

      But mostly I do rescues only. All my life only do rescues. My daughters dog is very first one that is not a typical rescue. I will have to tell the stories

      I have to work today – thank you for your thoughts and comfort ❤️

      I’m off to work.

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      1. That is very kind and sweet of you to say – thank you 🥰❤️

        Well life and people you love gets tangled in your heart so you sad when you lose and will no longer have… time changes.

        I think I am good on change – I would like that to stop!! But ya know, is life and it’s not gonna stop …

        Is rollercoaster – you have amazing moments and also sad. Balance to everything

        Am blessed to know love ❤️

        God bless you also 🙏❤️ you always say very nice things thank you!

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    1. Thank you… yes this was sad ☹️💔 we miss him.

      They have very few heart break experiences – this one was big for them- they cared for him, walked him, fed him etc so they have major attachment

      Our hearts broke 💔

      Is good lesson in life and death. Never easy.

      We do have good memories ❤️ many ❤️

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