I am so buried at work and it just keeps pouring on me!! Omg … I am soooo being buried!!! Totally pun intended!! Just by stupid things – things breaking, things going down, omg. I have soooo much happening!!! Is nuts!

Let’s not be all tense 😬 – let’s not speak of work things 🤫

One sad thing – someone “of importance to” our lives, died. I did not know them… but what a life! People should write memoirs because I would love to read that!!

They were old… but still. To lose is hard at any age.

Ok no more work stuff!! Done.

It is very hard not to always talk about funerals because I am immersed in them. Is what is in my life 😮

Also… I just realized something today… 😮😮 … well several stories are about to blend into one story lol … 🙌❤️ …

Ok… let me tell you about the angels in my life ❤️ … so obviously I struggled for few years but that was because of stuff… when I bought this house – I didn’t have much. I had been saving. And working and living below my means so I could save everything I could. I worked my ass off !! And just saved everything – I don’t go out and don’t buy much.

I moved in end of January / beginning of February … we are now in April … so… 2 months?

Ok well I bought a few rugs, a nice stand over the toilet and I bought a bed frame. I had a few things but not a lot – it may have been like camping inside for a minute lol

But then – one person give me couch and tv stand… a friends grandmother gave me these 2 beautiful antique chairs – I love them ❤️… someone gave me mattress for guest room… another gave me some tables and a beautiful lamp …

I did buy a beautiful wind chime ❤️. But I hang it inside where there is not wind lol … I just don’t want it outside where spiders can get on it!! I want it to stay nice. Just let me – it looks fine

My daughter kept talking about wanting couch for her bedroom (🙄) … and someone gave me another couch (that has a pull out bed!!) … they brought it to me today. 🙌 … today was lucky 🍀 day for me?? I did not know I was getting anything before today – this afternoon actually lol

So they just put it in my great big room as you walk in… I have plenty of room – but I already have a couch in this room… I have entire other side with nothing … but I don’t want another couch

Plus the new one is a pullout bed also!! Woo hoo! So then I figured I would surprise daughter with having couch in her room (I am sooo excited!!) 😃 …every time she comes back I have more stuff or more magnets lol (I collect magnets – but I only collect certain type) I always find new ones or people get me magnets

Anyway – the couch 🛋 …

How to get to daughters bedroom?? I am not supposed to be lifting heavy things. I don’t have good strength either. I can’t do by myself – I like to do things sometimes lol ✌️

So… what to do 🤔… so then I wanted my phone – but omg where did I put it… and of course no one texts or calls tonight …no one – usually they all always calling. Of course. 🤨 the “one night” I needed someone to call or text!!!

I found it though – obviously lol

And I called my oldest ❤️🙌❤️ I have humans ❤️❤️❤️ yay!!! One was working … the oldest was not…

He answers … hey mum, what’s up?

Hey… so whatcha doin? Lol


Well… do you feel like coming over and helping me move a couch? Lol

He laughs but says yeah he be right over ❤️❤️

Omg … I made my own people!! I have my own!!! 🙌 I just call them and they come over 😮❤️ and actually help me ❤️ … at any given time!!! Omg

Yes!!! 💪

I just pick up phone and ask – anytime – and boom he is there 😮 no questions or complaining nothing – just drops what doing and come help me 😮❤️ check that shit!

❤️ I made that man – look what I made 🙌

So he comes over and I explain to him the way we gonna do this lol … because my hallway is kinda skinny lol … and this is couch that skinny in areas so would take some maneuvering lol

Ok … so we go down hallway sideways and I kinda have to drag because is too heavy for me to lift!! It would hurt me. So I had it on my foot 🦶 lol … we went slow.

The doorway and couch did not want to work together 🤨😑 we had to take a small section of couch apart to fit this couch in her room. – we almost had to take the door off 😮😮😮 damn!!

We shimmied it in – and then the last part was like nope 🤨… and he goes … mum it might mark your door – oh well just push it!! It was just a little more and I can repair or replace door whatever

But he pushed and we got it yay!!! It was kinda fun

Then we put it back together … and I said to him – I hope she likes it lol – we laughed cause she’s got a couch now lol … we are not doing that again unless I move or something. She better like it lol – “surprise” lol 😄✌️ …see how fun life can be – it’s kinda exciting!! We shall see lol

But tonight – I just look around and see the love of my people ❤️ so am little just touched a lot – I don’t want to speak of it because I will cry. Too deep

And then also … the humans I made – my oldest is incredible – that young man took care of me after surgery … timed and meticulously clocked my meds – he was like little nurse – even when I try to pull the “mom” card … he make me follow doctors orders lol …

At first I didn’t want him taking care of me because he is young – he does not need to be taking care of his mother lol … I kept saying no … plus he would have to change my bandages and things – no.

But then he said “Mum you took care of me all my life, let me take care of you” … so how I not cry and how I say no?

So he did all that… and then even now – like I say … I ask anything and he does, whatever I need whenever 😮 ❤️ he is good to me ❤️ I raised him ❤️ I love him ❤️ but I always love him no matter what – he is always very caring ❤️

We having storm – it’s raining a lot of boring rain. Just rain – not really any excitement – heavy rain … pretty heavy but it lightens and then gets heavy

I think tmrw might be rainy ??


That song completely brings me right back to middle school (age 11,12,13) 😮😮 omg – there are a few songs that make me instantly remember things and almost go back in time?? That is one of them

We do need rain. But it’s never gonna be enough

Fine ok – get it all out overnight please 🙏 please don’t make me drive in rain ☔️… ugh there are always accidents everywhere omg … ok … try to get it all out over night!!! I will pray!! Just small little request ✌️ 🙏🙏🙏

Anyway… angels and rain ☔️ 👼 ❤️





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  1. Thank you 😊 lol … yes it does sound amazing when chiming

    I will get others for outside … lol yes the spiders 🕷 web everything up!!

    The little ball that’s on the moon 🌙 – it lights up with solar ❤️


    1. Ehhh I have black widows and wolf spiders – so nope

      Californias spiders are seriously on steroids – they HUGE

      Nope not in my house, I won’t bug them if they don’t bug me.

      I do not like biting things lol or poison ☠️

      Maybe your spiders are cute and harmless – mine are not!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like spiders l think that is the difference. In Australia, spiders were monsters, over here in the Uk we have some spiders that are aggressive biters like the harvesters, the cave spiders, the false widow, woodlouse.

        I got bitten a few times when working with the horses by walnut orb weavers, crosses and wasp spiders.

        The differencxe between our spiders and yours, Australian and Malaysian is that ours tend to not kill.

        Liked by 1 person

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