I love Friday ❤️

Ok so… deeper into death 😮😮

It just gets its grips on you and then takes you in!! It doesn’t want to let go – it makes you go further in lol

If you had told me 5 years ago I be working in death 😮 … I don’t know that I would have believed it? Not that I am not always compassionate – I am… but I don’t know if I would have went towards the pain… It wasn’t until all the death and cancer and wanting to get away from satan that drew me to death… I was tired but I also had sadness – I wanted to just have peace … and I needed to heal myself so thought I would face it, instead of fear it (is a rare occurrence but does happen lol) I just needed to heal and thought to connect with others who have same pain and know… it could help? And it did ❤️

The kids at my school gave me the spirit of life back after I finished cancer … other peoples children sparked my life back because of their brightness ❤️

That was right before Covid … and I was struggling badly – had just had major surgery and also fighting satan … so… I decided to get another job for weekends … and I chose death. 😮 I just wanted solemn

I sent a letter to the funeral home telling them why I am an asset lol … they immediately contacted and ask for interview … totally hired ❤️

Then Covid hit and I lost my school job ☹️ … luckily I had already started working for funeral home … and since I wasn’t working anywhere else – they said I could work 29 hours – maybe hours during week

I worked my ass off and became office manager – I love the job ❤️

Isn’t it funny – I went towards it?? 😮 but it has helped me heal through a lot and death kinda holds my hand in life 😮😮 it makes sure I am ok. Also provides my second family lol ❤️

It got me all through Covid and everything else. Kept me safe and here I am lol

It never wants me to leave, so it keeps enticing me with things – just when I think ok I’ve had enough – it’s like “wait I can entice you, don’t leave”

It’s timing is impeccable


Ok I will stay… I like the business part of it, but also the compassion and empathy towards others

I currently am with corporation… this opportunity would put me in privately owned … I do not know the difference yet… so maybe we see ??

It’s a beautiful cemetery – there are 3 of them.

I will get to learn cemetery!! Maybe we see 🙏


And yes – I know I share my story before – whatever pertains to the thoughts so you will probably hear same stories every so often ? If it has effected or made any impact ? So yes I know – sorry ✌️ plus I’m really tired 🧟‍♀️

Daughter went to her concert Wednesday night and shopping next day in San Francisco – had a blast … she spent the night and shopped in San Fran next day. Bought gifts for me and her brothers ❤️ i gave her the money to spend because is concert and many things … get a tshirt and food or whatever else … and she bought us gifts ❤️ just little things and she did get a shirt still 👚

Also daughter got haircut to shoulders today 😮 she looks adorable … but my baby keeps growing up really fast!!!

So I had her hair done in a salon… and afterwards we went to get some product they recommend for her hair

My hair is straight … bone straight (no pun intended)

But my daughters hair is ringlets … natural ringlets 😮 … ok so I dunno how to help her with it?? So they recommended some things … we bought them, and then I see Dunkin’ Donuts now has make up 😮😮😮

What??? Did you just merge coffee and make up?? Omg … so I just had to see – so I got one – we see – you can”t just use that Dunkin’ name … how they gonna pair with make up?? Coffee and make up?? Lol… I guess?? cause I am usually half asleep applying makeup, and I drink coffee while I do that … so I suppose it does go together lol … Friday brings me make up and coffee lol ❤️

So I try it and I will see – I haven’t used yet – I’ll try tmrw – or today actually – way later today lol

I am on call. It’s NOT quiet. I’m sooo sleepy though… my eyes hate me right now!! They just wanna sleep

I think that’s all? But I am sleepy. I will have to see tmrw after I hopefully sleep 🙏

This is why I use Sunday to just sleep all the time because I can’t catch up on sleep lol

Ok it’s quiet for moment – I need sleep!! So I gonna take it while able … my on call ends at 8am.

I also have back up ❤️

Ok I need sleep – gnite

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  1. Do you use a lot of make up or are you a natural make up as in just lightly?

    Is there a big difference to what you do now and cemetary?


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