Rain ☔️

What day is it? Wednesday? The days all blend except Friday lol … totally always know when is Friday lol


That’s the best Friday song ❤️

So I thought – or let’s go ahead and say I misjudged the week… completely!!

Because when it started… it started sad. So I was like “oh great, it’s gonna be all kinds of sadness” … I thought that was gonna be the theme of the week!!!

But I was wrong!! I judged before I knew lol

So Monday was sad… Tuesday was decent – didn’t kill me and was pretty chill…

And Thursday will be a tough day because it’s gonna rain… so that means suddenly accidents everywhere and no one knows how to drive in bad weather omg … fricken California drivers!!

But we get to have a storm ☔️ … we see

Of course it will be during the commute – of course

It will rain hardest as I walk from the house to my car tmrw… so I be soaked… it always happens – always always always … I swear life thinks it’s funny 🤨🙄

So Thursday should be fun…

And Friday… ohhh glorious Friday ❤️ … I be working from home… I have 2 webex’s one at 9am and one at 10am… that one be an hour. Then daughter has dr appt at 12 which I can just work while she do that… and then we gonna get her hair done and I can use my laptop while she doing that too!! And it’s Friday so family night – gonna be amazing Friday!!

Ok so now on to personal matters – that’s all work and normal stuff …

So today… lol… at 12:30… someone ring my doorbell… well luckily I have alarm system and I can see what you doing and I can even talk to you at my door!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I swear it’s like the best invention ever… I am enjoying that entertainment and knowledge of who’s around my house lol

So I go to look… and there is 3 people coming out of my house – it was daughter and her friends lol … she was locking the door so I say “ hey you leaving?” LOL (it’s like sooooo awesome!)

And she suddenly gets the biggest smile and rolls her eyes lol … and says yeah … I said ok, be safe – have a good time!! I love you! She said I love you too, oh and mum, I wrote something on the white board for you. Look when you get home

I have a white board that hangs on the wall – it’s not for anything other than little notes … little notes of whatever – usually saying I love you or telling a joke or sharing drawing ✍️ whatever

So I come home … and here is the white board…

❤️ … did you notice … she pointed out which drawing I was – just incase I forgot my hair is straight and hers is curly lol ❤️ plus she is shorter than me lol … I love it ❤️❤️❤️

this is her first big thing … she’s always beside me … so first time I let go to let her have life

I don’t really like it lol … but I trust her – and also my parenting so ok. She’s a good kid.

It’s just weird and hard because that is my baby – my last … I want to freeze time but life doesn’t let me lol… and then the older she gets the faster it goes 😮😮😮

So I don’t know … I am happy she grow up and having experiences … but at same time – I already miss her!! She is protective of me, and of course I am of her – but I let her know life and I do not shield her from things she needs to know… I do not shelter her… is best to know what you up against

But this is the biggest thing I have ever let her do…

She is in San Francisco at a concert 😮😮😳

It’s a concert which you know- don’t get trampled…

Plus is 2 hours away AT NIGHT 😮 so yeah lol … she’s lucky I can’t find a live feed of the concert lol ✌️

She is spending night with her friends tonight – it is spring break for her this week ❤️ she hasn’t had school all week.

She had this planned back in January lol

Anyway… so I saw the white board… and went to fold a blanket and I think I see smiley faces “😊” in my carpet…

Ok so first let me explain – when we moved in … all my floors are wood (which I like because easy to clean) but I needed some rugs to soften…

I let my daughter pick the living room rug… she is a feel person … 🙄 everything has to be soft lol whatever …

So she picks this shag rug… whatever – is her house too so if she like I’m fine with that… it was soft so ok let’s try lol

This rug omg … if you come to my house and feel this rug – that I all you are going to want to do… is soft and slippery and amazing omg – yeah everyone who comes to my house literally CANNOT stop touching the rug lol

I will vacuum and get the lines all perfect in the carpet and then people make snow angels or something in it lol… I had literally just vacuumed yesterday so it still had the lines this morning…

But daughter had her friends come in while she got her stuff … here is my rug …

See someone was feeling and drawing pictures in my rug lol … you really can not resist once you feel it… is just unique is weird never ever felt a rug like that …

People will come over and not expect that … then they feel it and then they just wanna keep feeling lol … it’s a little humorous lol


I get feeling and comedy with that rug lol – probably best purchase lol – next to my surveillance equiptment lol …because I really love that!!!

😮😮😮 I just hear thunder ❤️


I am not looking forward to the commute tmrw ugh – I cringe!! Ugh 😑 I’m gonna have to wake up soooo early!!!

Why is gas going up? Supposably something about Covid ? People working from home… so why are there still thousands of people on the road???

Ugh yuck – gonna be wet 💦… I better wear comfy clothes. Rain boots for sure! I have some nice tall black ones of course lol above the knee… but is flats … if I wear heels 👠 I am way way way too tall … I do not like being so tall!! Omg … I have to get special pants because my legs are too tall for normal regular people pants 🤨


I am normally 5’7” … but if I wear heals 😮😮 omg I’m sooo tall!! I don’t like that… I feel like I tower over everyone – oh I hate it… I am ok being 5’7” … but not 6ft! Lol … I do not like it

So… just gonna say this… I am home alone… on my couch… with a blanket over my legs and just writing…

It’s raining … I can hear the water splashes as cars go by… I heard thunder… I could hear the rain falling …

I have a small lamp on and a aromatherapy calm candle (lol) … but the big over head light (on the ceiling fan) just turns on ALL BY ITSELF 😳😮

So whatever I accept the light turning on – but I did freeze for minute lol … cause what the hell?? I just left the light on… ok wanna be on – so be on.

So I continue writing … and then the light shuts back off 😮😳 ok … I’m sure there is explanation

That’s a little creepy … it turned itself on … let it stay on for like 5 minutes and then shut the light back off lol 😮


So… that’s interesting – I do not want to know. Let’s just pretend that did not happen lol – that distracted my attention lol 😮

If it becomes a thing, then I will worry.

Alright. Well I should be around to read for little while til fall asleep but I have to get ready for bed at this moment … happy Wednesday and Thursday


Good night 🌙💤😴

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