Change keeps coming 😮

Well… tomorrow (today- Saturday) will be rainy… but I have alot going on 😮😮😮 … omg it’s like ALWAYS!!

I am a funeral person!!! Why is it like this??

The more I try to avoid things … the more it is like a magnet to me!!!

I just have a lot to do… ugh

Also… someone tells me about a job … it is with my company so would be a transfer … and then IF I did that … I would work 5 to 6 blocks from my house!! 😮😮😮

Could totally go home for lunch – or walk to work and not need gas all the time – omg the money I save with that alone

And I spend an hour driving to and from work so that’s 2 hours of my life everyday

But this one is right here.

I already know and work with everyone. Is not one of mine… I would change bosses 😮

But also – I could just use my lunch to get my daughter and go right back to work 🙌

Omg … how I not want that?? I be same thing but for them.


So… change … oh boy! Ok well whatever – I’m getting pretty used to all this change!!

I wish we could take in some Ukrainians – I have extra bedroom and plenty of space.

During a war situation when people are being hurt – visas should be given for those people. Get them safe and ok

It’s so nice to see areas of Europe helping ❤️ see… “earth angels” … they DO exist!!

Well so anyway… looks like I might be changing locations!! Omg no more highway or crap things lol … no more rainy day traffic snarls

I could literally walk to work 😮😮😮

All money I save on gas and also wear and tear on the car … omg

I try to stop myself from completely losing myself in the huge bonuses that would be… I am already respected in this group too so would be easy slide over

I will have new boss

I haven’t said anything – they just mention to me today. I am thinking, or trying to – but there too many bonuses. I want to discuss with my boss first.

I would have to rebuild a core? But I can’t do that – maybe – if people read, follow directions and work lol ✌️ “team work makes the dream work” lol 😘

So… hmm …

It’s curious that death is my thing 😮 … but death got me through Covid! It allowed me to continue to work … and when we all shut down and all the kids homeschooled – it allowed me to stand up!!! Without it I was struggling because of daughters schedule

I found my people because they are quirky and hilarious and thoughtful and sweet – also we like family … they my second family… I am around them more than anyone!!

They have been supportive and a lot of memories with them ❤️

And then you also know sometime I will question if I still want … because I get fed up with always drama and every single year we go through crazy insanity- it is the corporation but whatever

Death somehow just always gets me to stay 😮😮 I do love the job… and just being so close to home omg!!! 🙏

And it’s almost like?? I dunno 🤷‍♀️ … with the cancer, death let me live … and then now I can’t leave death because is always good to me 😮😮😮

Oh my gosh!!

(I know this wouldn’t work with the song… but if you took the word “cake”… and just changed it into “Chocolate” 🍫 … omg – life complete!)

So doesn’t it just figure … I am standing on my own, I did it ❤️ I am ok… I have kinda of a wonderful life – saying that in many terms – I am happy and at ease. I have a peace ❤️

But isn’t it funny that I am …

… but then there is a very dangerous war happening 🤨

Change the word “people” in that song to “Putin”

Like finally I am free and doing well, have good job…

So on one hand – my life has been upward trajectory since my last surgery ❤️ my sun is shining brightly

I do work for it … I work very hard! I took my time and healed and lived nice and peaceful – built it up – and look how fast life picked me up! So… 🙂❤️ it makes me happy and it’s all really exciting and awesome…

So I wanna be all excited!! But then there is a war – and horrible things happening every day…

So on one hand I want to love life and be excited – totally enjoy the moments … and then I work with death… soooo I also believe to not miss a minute to savor your good moments … those moments carry you through your bad moments. So cherish everything you can while you can. Life just changes – you never know when change is coming.

But then ya know – human beings suffering and these awful events… so then you don’t want to be so happy because others are not – so I want to love life – but I feel guilty for that little bit … because my heart breaks for them… all of them, Ukrainians and Russians 💔

Also … just one thing… I want to make sure to emphasize something …

Be aware with news media… watch out for any biases… do not let any of them lead you – form your own opinions based on true and direct information

That is both incredible source of information and also an incredible danger.

Just be aware always 🙂 See why I don’t trust? lol … just always be aware.


My mind is going to explode with so many things going on!!!

Ok good night 😘💤

8 thoughts on “Change keeps coming 😮

Add yours

    1. Yes … it is – I just fight it sometimes lol

      I am cautious person so life gets fed up with that and will push me along lol

      It seems to always be ok ❤️

      But I also thought that when my father died so 🤷‍♀️

      Still strikes little fear – is change

      One way or other – it must be 🤨🙄

      I am just slower at it lol 😘✌️… I just take my time and do what I believe to be best

      Life just likes to push me faster lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well sometimes when life pushes you like that – it is for a reason, the reason being it doesn’t want you to miss out of an opportunity. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nervous 😟

      My boss doesn’t have best rep with accepting leaving and it’s not personal so little nervous.

      And then I leave them and it’s gonna be rough for them

      But is best for me 😮


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