The times 😮

You should see what is like around here – the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 is everywhere – on peoples cars – in their yard, windows etc ❤️

It’s very sweet – I like that

Usually it’s our flag all over the place lol 🇺🇸… but today I saw Ukraines flag 🇺🇦 everywhere 😮❤️

I now know your national anthem too 😮😄 cause that is also everywhere! lol

It’s kinda really cool to see such support ❤️

So … I don’t really have any time because I have to go to bed 🤨 … so I can actually wake up and do this all over again lol

Are you really tired lately? Just curious! I am more tired than normal currently. I think the world is exhausting me

Oh… and … you know how I do NOT do social media … ok well …. Today someone who does not know these small details about me … was talking to me about this woman who does not do either … but she’s way older than me …

I have reasons but is not same as her reasons … I am fine and good with technology – I just stay away

I have strong opinions about social media and media in general. I think is very bad but whatever – I am probably just old 😉

Well anyway – they telling me “it’s weird they don’t have social media” and “what kinda person doesn’t have social media?” (Lol) and also… “they should get with the times” 😄😄 (what’s wrong with 1985?lol)

I don’t always share the little details about social media unless it comes up – otherwise I avoid completely

I’m very quiet with it – unless you try to be my friend which I’ll never accept because I’ll never go on- I just want it there as is- just frozen. But I don’t wanna see anything, know anything, read anything – whatever … I don’t like social media at all …not at all… I feel is dangerous and if you don’t understand me then that’s fine

You know I’m just protective… so no, I do not like it. Very bad for mental health .

I just kinda wanna be left alone from it … but do you know how hard that is ? I hate it … because just everyone expects it – and you weird if you don’t lol

But again I have my own beat so whatever guess I’m weird – oh well … still no for many reasons … I am sooo good with it.

But the rest of the world omg … it’s just funny to sorta see ? I live my life free from that so I do not have any of it ❤️ just peace of my own which is nice.

You are kinda expected to just have 🤨 … but I don’t want to … I want to keep – but I don’t want to go on. I don’t want to use

It’s ok, I don’t mind what others do – I know what is ok for me and what I can handle. So whatever – I’ll be weird lol 💋✌️

Ugh ok … I have to go to bed 😩

Almost Friday

Oh… country boy text me… I just don’t think is good idea to see – I don’t really want to

How do I say simply??? Umm ?? I really like the way he is with me and how he treats me … he’s a good guy – yes.

I just have few red flags on couple things. I think too many obstacles if he isn’t serious.

There is something very very important to me… so either you can or can’t whatever – but that is a deal breaker if no

I don’t want to tell you what it is… and I don’t wanna tell you my reasons. Whatever just how is

Is private thing

Ok I have to sleep or I will never wake up 😩😩 I don’t wanna go to bed!!!

Ok gnite 😘

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  1. Many people don’t like social media but keep on using it because of peer pressure 😂. Yes it’s definitely bad for mental health is not used properly, and very few people use it that way. I also get sad and very moody sometimes using social media. Its like that.

    Btw good luck with that boy, if you red flags it’s always good to avoid them rather than facing head on. Chill life is better. 😂👌

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    1. I stay away for several reasons – partially because of what it is but then other reasons too.

      Lol well I can freely speak to him because I have known him for very long time. We have had same convos before lol… like every time

      He’s not in my life or even near it …

      I never avoid him because he was kind and human when I was going through all my losses and things… I do remember that and I do appreciate … so I won’t avoid

      I just have red flags if he wanna come in my life. We do not want same things and there is that thing I want and he can’t – but I also understand too

      He is a good guy – always kind and respectful … so I can also be kind and respectful

      He never pushes and does give me space and time. It’s just we do not want same things so can be friends – but I think distance friends is fine

      We see 😳

      But yeah I don’t have any issues talking to him – I can at least say anything and we can have honest convo

      Lol but yes – chill life is better 🙌

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  2. I don’t use it. I have it and l do use the Instant Messenger part so l can talk to Suze in Australia, because l don’t have a Smart Phone and so no Whassup or app or whatever it is. I have 11 friends on my Facebook and they never talk to me, it maybe time to let it go, but like you, l hold it, just not use it.

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    1. You do not have a smart phone? What do you use? 😮

      Lol you make me have memory … when my dad died… I had to make all the phone calls to people … so I say to my mum – hey where is everyone’s number?

      She replied on dads phone…

      Go get me his phone

      And she comes back with this Razor phone 😄😄😮 so I had to remember how to use and then trying to type in things was awful!! Omg

      I have Facebook which is where I keep my blood family (including long lost family just found few years ago) and my friends from around country because lived everywhere … I have maybe 200? But again all over United States … and I don’t go on but I want to keep them

      I have an instagram but 🤷‍♀️ never posted anythinge and have my cousin in Massachusetts on there lol u ok we

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      1. Hey Trisha,

        Well the truth is, l don’t actually use a mobile phone, the one l have is an old Nokia brick as in really old style. It makes and takes calls, and the same with texts. But it only has two numbers in it and neither of those call me either.

        It is mostly used as a second ID for deliveries.

        I use a landline and l use my desktop. When l go out l never take my phone with me.

        I just have no use for it.

        I am more asocial than many people think.

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      2. 😮😮 wow, you like 1985 too! lol

        Landline lol … I have not had a landline in at least 10 years 😮

        Second ID for deliveries?? Huh? You guys get ID’ed for deliveries?? 😮

        You leave home without a phone? 😮😮 all my people would die… although I do miss the days of freedom from being found lol 😉

        I must operate with cell phone – I have kids and my friends worry because of the cancer and trauma, and then work blows me up the most … omg

        My entire world would crash without cell phone lol 😮

        Huh… you are antisocial… but that’s ok… whatever – not sure if that is way you want it or just how is?

        Maybe it’s environment & partly who you became?

        I am social because I was raised all over the place – I had to fit in quick and then go to next. I don’t like that… but I am social because of it. Is very easy to mesh with whoever ❤️ I’m pretty good with people – I have a gentleness or something that pulls people TO me 😮

        Sometimes that’s a lot … and I like peace … I have close inner circle … of amazing people ❤️ both new and old – but not many – maybe like 5? I keep really close

        And people call or text me … sometimes I write a reply but forget to send lol … or I see it – but I am so busy I think ok I will reply later and then I forget 😮

        But those who know me – know me ❤️ and they there strongly ❤️ I love them like family and their families are mine also ❤️

        I created my own family. Since I lost my own blood, I get adopted lol

        I am extremely protective though if someone tries to come close –

        Eventually everyone will hurt you even if they love you – because one day everyone dies… and you be hurt – heartbreak

        But that’s really the only exception for the reason I am willing to let someone come close

        I can handle loss – even though is hard… is still heartbreaking…

        And life is fine too…

        I’m just careful when people try to come close because I need to know who is, and they have to understand who I am also.

        I do get overwhelmed and go silent. It passes …

        My horoscope is cancer ♋️ … the crab 🦀 …

        I am like that… I get too overwhelmed and I go into a shell. You just have to give me time.

        It’s not bad or anything – I just need a moment to recharge or self care?? So that my spirit stays strong 💪 😘

        Plus I think the world is little crazy so I’m gonna be protective … friendly but protective lol

        So yeah… been through trauma so am careful with people …

        But having said that – many people call and text me all the time… I must reachable always – I am at mercy of phone …

        So much so … that I do not know ANYONE’S phone number 😮

        I just say “call so and so” and they are called for me lol omg

        If I lose my phone – I am up shit creek without a paddle lol 😮😮

        I really should invest in a personal address and phone number book lol – like 1985 😄❤️

        But yes I am slave to phone 😮😮 my life is there 😮😮

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      3. Hey Trisha,

        I am not ‘anti-social’; l am asocial – there is a vast difference.

        Anti-social would suggest l am antagonistic towards people and l am not as l am a very social and pleasant chap. I don’t like mixing with many people; l always say l am selectively social – l choose when to be social. But l don’t need sociality in my life to feel complete. Asocial behaviour is not a disorder.

        As such, it is simply a choice, but also it is very much a personality trait, and it does travel hand in hand with autism. I have Aspergers, so l am social to a degree, and l am an amicable person, people like me, but being with people for too long bores and tires me.

        Anti-social people are more aggressive towards people, and l am not.

        I can mix with all sorts of people, and they talk to me freely, but it is purely a choice of mine not to be with people all the time. I can spend hours by myself, and it doesn’t bother me. Many social people can’t do that as the quiet eventually gets to them.

        My mother is Cancer, and so too was my father. They were not compatible; l am a Taurus, and l am compatible with Cancers.

        The main difference between me and others who lead commercially busy lives as in whereas l work for me and don’t report to a team or a boss is that those who work within groups of other people have that strain of camaraderie and, as such, have bigger outer circles of friends.

        I don’t have many friends, l don’t need many friends, l don’t have a huge family circle, and l am not close to the family l do have; l love my mother, but she is more content with people chatting her up and feeding her vanity and l don’t do that. We don’t talk a great deal. I have very few close friends, but l have them, but most are not in this country. My main buddy is Suze, and even she is away at present.

        I have several acquaintances like the people at the reserve and my neighbours, but that is it.

        Years ago, when l ran the brokerage, l used a phone all the time and probably sent out 1000 texts a month, but these days l don’t need a phone and therefore don’t carry one with me.

        Suze uses her phone a lot, and her life is on it. My life is on my PC, but when l leave the house, l just want to be out of touch and in truth, no one wants to be in touch anyway.

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      4. Well I do not have that same peace … but I’m sure in your position I would be same way

        I also like the peace ✌️ I am not autistic though

        People do not bore me… but I like boring and peaceful … I can’t really handle anyone who be too heavy – I can’t handle pressure or things like that… I have that at work – so ya know … I don’t want that at home – kinda like being boring at the moment

        For me it is more fearing wrong person come around me and I don’t wanna go through any craziness – I’m too old and tired for that

        I love a warm comfortable home, good food, family… peace

        I don’t have any blood family near me. I create my own families around me.

        Sorry I misunderstood the difference …

        I do enjoy people … usually from distance because I need time… but I feel I am too tender to just let anyone come close so – would just have to be someone amazing

        Hahaha that is funny – both your parents cancer lol

        My mother is also cancer and my father was Libra

        My oldest son is Taurus… he is very kind but also strong for what he believes in.

        He can be stubborn lol – are you stubborn? Lol

        My phone is with me at all times – but my work also requires that … and I also have children so I am always on call for them…

        I’m close with my brother. Not so much with sister

        So for me there are literal lifelines lol currently

        I also can operate with or without people – but I do have incredible people in my life so without them I would not have survived – seriously! So I am thankful for the people in my life ❤️

        So I’m ok with whatever and if you can enjoy a person then that’s not boring 😊

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  3. That sounded bad of me, and l didn’t mean it that way — it’s not that people’ bore me’, but sometimes the social conversations can. I love talking about all sorts of things, and l love learning and l also really love talking to and learning about people. I should imagine you are the same, Trisha. In your job, you would get to know people and their emotions and behaviours, and you would have the opportunity to watch people.

    I watch people a lot because l learn things from them.

    People don’t need to be autistic to enjoy quiet time. However, l have always preferred my own company, even as a child; l liked being on my own. My parents considered me ‘anti-social’, but everyone wanted me as a friend because l was easy to talk to and l listened to people, and doctors suggested that l was introverted and shy.

    Like you, l like things laid back and easy like a Sunday Morning as the song goes …

    I like stimulating people, and l like chatty bouncy people; l can’t stand boring conversations, which then tires me out. I think that might make more sense.

    No need to say sorry 🙂

    It’s a bee in my bonnet, but only because people used to tell me l was anti-social and l used to try and tell them l wasn’t, but they were very aggressive bullies, and it stung a bit when they used to hurl that at me.

    I get you, and in many ways, we are very similar in our approach to people. The only difference is that you work with people whereas l am not. But l used to work with big teams of people all the time and manage them and train them and recruit them and wash rinse and repeat. But that was work, but when l got home, l would crash or if l needed to chill out, l would go to a rave club and dance from dusk to dawn and then go home and shower and start the day again.

    I could relax when dancing.

    Suze is a Libra.

    Am l stubborn? Not really, although some would say when l was younger l was very persistent, but l used to say that l was fixedly determined 🙂 If l believe in something with a passion, l will stand my ground.

    I am closer to my mother but not my sister. She and l don’t talk. At least my mother and l talk.

    As you have pointed out, the difference is, ‘when you have incredible people in your life, it makes the world a better place.

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    1. Oh yes, I get to see how grief effects people and their reactions. Everyone is different

      I also learn things from people 😊 I do see many emotions and behaviors

      As a child I was always a little mom or caregiver – I used to carry little dr kit with me lol

      I was little shy til maybe 13 … all 3 of us were very clingy to our mother – she is very loving 🥰

      My dad was all business and very smart – not much into showing emotion

      My brother morphed into my father – but I can make him still have fun and he does show his emotions to me.

      We have a sister – and we have done a lot for her … but the only time she calls is when she want money / never to see if you are ok

      Yes exactly!! That’s how is when I get home – I crash or need to chill.

      I don’t go to clubs or anything – I am more of safe homebody lol – plus I like sleep when I am able

      I have not been sleeping very well lately

      I like dancing too but my style is probably from 90’s 😄😄 so no one wants to see that lol

      I always hated clubs because I draw attention normally – never mind at a club – is a million times worse

      Yes I am same – if believe in something also stand ground lol

      Yes … I am very blessed for the amazing and incredible people in my life – I am aware how lucky I am for them ❤️ the world is better place because of them

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      1. I don’t think any of us are sleeping properly Trisha. My sleep has gone downhill since the start of this Ukraine crisis. I know my mental health has taken a battering to the point l keep waking up in the middle of the night if l hear the slightest noise whereas before l used to sleep like a log.

        I am still quite positive with some things but very worried with others.

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      2. Yeah I suppose that’s true? Cause that’s right about the time my sleep started being crappy 😮

        So here we are again – the whole world traumatized

        First Covid – now this

        Yeah I dunno I have been waking in middle of night for no reason?? Very odd

        Yes same for me – positive and hopeful but then also 😳😮… What is end game? 😮😮

        Yeah little stomach turning – but also hopeful and positive 🙏 … but also I do not trust so 🤷‍♀️ I keep eyes open. 👁

        I just hate that though – this is why people need to learn who people are and then also … I’m sorry but yes … mental health issues

        Whatever I’m American so I’m just kinda appalled by dictators and non democratic ✌️ sorry but it looks and seems horrific… and to sensor your people from the world 😮😮

        The nuclear ☢️ thing is very unnerving and what the hell??

        So ya know – I dunno

        I would like to say thank you to the surrounding countries taking in refugees ❤️

        I have heard loving stories of people jumping in to aid with transportation, rooms, whatever ❤️

        You can see the best of the best in people and also be careful of the scammers and the worst of the worst

        Well anyway – “me too” lol ✌️

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      3. Yes l know, one disaster after another. The world can’t recover from a pandemic and now we have this trauma. The nuclear thing is very unnerving, l agree.

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