Monday gonna kill me 😮

Omg … please let me survive Monday!!

So … every part aches and hurts – omg every muscle 😮 oh boy can I feel every part!! I could barely move this morning -it’s that ache that reminds you – you don’t work that out lol

Ok so there is that… I am sore AF!! I am not a spring chicken lol

Alright well – you know – it was a weekend with more cases – I told you not to die!!

It’s been really amazing waking up in the house… so I kinda have 2 sides to it though?? I stare at everything and just smile – I flash everything that happened to get this far – what I had to walk through … that give me weird, but good feeling… I dunno?

I feel joy but then … I feel sick to my stomach – which is fine… it will be good

Weird thing happened yesterday? I was moving stuff into house and the neighbor out – I waved and went to maybe exchange numbers? Since are neighbors? But he saw me and ran away?? 😮 ??

Um ok – I’m not scary I promise 🤷‍♀️ but whatever

Also … back your shit up Russia! What is wrong with people (aka leaders?) ugh just back it up – leave them alone – don’t be bully or asshole!!

Ok so… Monday – deep breath 😮‍💨

Please don’t kill me Monday!! 🙏🙏🙏

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