❤️ Saturday ❤️

I worked but Saturday was good day!

I slept in maybe by half hour because was Saturday so that was pretty awesome!!

And then I text coworker and say – you want coffee? And so I stop at Dutch Bro’s and get us coffees 🙌 ahhhhh

I would have stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts … BUT … CALIFORNIA Dunkin’ Donuts suck!!! Omg they do nothing right!!!! Wrong wrong wrong!! 😝😝😝 I love them but you do not train your California workers how to make it!!! Omg – don’t even get me going on this one!!!

So… Dutch Bros and the coffee was good… better than Starbucks … but still not better than NEW ENGLAND area Dunkies ❤️❤️❤️ …only they know how to do it right ❤️❤️❤️

So I was happy – coffee leisurely Saturday morning

Funny little Chevy chase type things happen to us this morning – I love this woman – she makes me just laugh …

So most of the time … we have very very very heavy things … and the cases pour in and what people don’t understand is that everyone’s loved one is important to them – every family is special to us… the process is NOT quick!!

There are forms to be signed, vitals to know, causes, we have to get doctor to sign off on causes – meaning we chase them 🤨… the county and state have to approve everything – if causes are not accepted we have to chase doctors again …

They can’t just put dementia 🤨 – we need to know details… or the state will not accept…what kind? How long have … any underlining conditions?

MANY MANY THINGS… and in some instances – causes can be pending for many months and they will give amendment to Death Cert with what was determined to be causes

That’s just the death certificate – then because we have so many deaths – we juggle schedules …with us, with churches, or catering, or escorts …

Lol… I get mad sometimes because we use escorts … AS IN POLICE escorts lol … BUT if you just Google the word “escorts” lol … you do NOT get police escorts 🤨🙄 – oh that makes me so mad – I am usually going really fast – and I forget there are other kinds of escorts, until I hit the search button … THEN I remember 🤨

Also… clergy, priests, speakers, singers, organists, there are many schedules we juggle…

And then we make all our own prayer cards and service folders – plus put together your contract… any orders you make and if it is a pre-arrangement – we have to file a claim to receive the funeral payment … must pay in full before services rendered – because no one would pay afterwards 🤨

And then multiply all that by 30+ families 😮😮 you have no idea 🤷‍♀️ and some have a lot of loss 😮 like me back in 2017!

Most people do not think of all the other people who have died too… and everyone wants everything expedited … we do work our asses off.

I am just sharing what people usually don’t see or know or think of.

Well anyway- there is that. We treat everyone special – like I said … All the families are special to us!!

So it gets heavy and then if are children – is awful … and we get all the emotions at us – it can be hard …

So I just feel we balance that in the office … we enjoy each other’s humor, it lifts the load because is awesome – definitely lightens the load with laughter … and the laughter is not about our families or work…

It is always because we had done something funny or telling of some chevy chase moment we had lol ❤️ or stories from our kids or how was growing up 😄 ❤️

It takes the pressure off when you just simply enjoy the moments and the ones you with ❤️


Except… I am NOT very much enjoying the new guy… he’s kinda mean and condescending… that condescending is gonna be a BIG problem… careful in that area.

No one died and made him king – so get off your high horse.

This coming week – I am calling staff meeting and will be laying down some laws ✌️💋

He’s rude…


My boss is aware of situation and already give me go ahead for the staff meeting.

And then … I have been so busy … but through all that… I just backed away from people little.

I prefer to handle the shit, and not be involved in any swirling drama … I work alot too … but I’ve been zoning in on work.

I felt offended by things 2 people did, so I just back up. One just laid something on me that wasn’t even true… without even knowing anything… and that was after they were really mean to someone 😮 guilty or something?

Respect professionally and still friend personally – just little guarded after that.

The other one… I want distance from… is a woman… and she just uses people to get what want. So with that, I do not like – I would rather not be around that.

She’s been an ass – and I haven’t spoken to her at all for weeks… so whatever I just work … I don’t need anyones bullshit.

But today she need something from me 🤨 … so she act like nothings wrong and everything ok – sickeningly sweet / because she need something

I am just distant – a million miles away? Guarded

Whatever – I’ll do your request – but not gonna pretend all is fine. Because is not.

I don’t need toxic in my life in any aspect


So whatever – don’t really care about that situation to be honest – whatever …

I do have someone who means alot to me who just learned on Friday they have a form of skin cancer. I’m sure will be ok 🙏🙏🙏

It’s just that “C” word makes my heart have that quick fear feeling!!

She gonna have surgery and have removed – will be ok 🙏🙏🙏

I sent her this:

☹️💔 so that sucks but that news came to me on Friday … not today… so I have had a moment to digest.

And even in face of the bad things – if you have someone around your life that makes you laugh through the heavy – they make life worth it ❤️

You just have to find your people. ❤️ also know who to keep around your life, who can trust? That helps too.

And until it’s over:


The key is: keep good people, remember to laugh, know when you are having moments with others and cherish those times – they don’t last forever… keep yourself strong with whatever makes your spirit stronger.

Believe in yourself, never leave anything unsaid… be who you want to be.

Anyway… we had a good day together working – we laughed and got through a lot of work… I had to go to the post office today 🤨 .:. Which is little similar to the DMV 🙄 lol

I was getting flags… 🇺🇸 … is for the veterans caskets – and then given to families. To get a flag for your funeral you must be a veteran, and you must provide me with a DD214 – which says that you were HONORABLY discharged – I can not get a flag without that form

I will have to press one of the Flags on Monday . 😮 those flags are HUGE!!! They come in boxes and we press them so they are all wrinkle free and beautiful ❤️

I have a million things to do on Monday … but should be good day!! 🙌❤️🙏🙏🙏

Tomorrow we are gonna go over new house cause I gotta do few things … we excited 😊

I have to order grocery’s and pick them up tmrw – I been so busy I am slacking on that!!

Ok well … Saturday was pretty good. I forget how peaceful the weekends can be…

But that’s only when none of you people out there die!! So keep trying to not die please 🙏🙏

There was just a peace to the day today ❤️


15 thoughts on “❤️ Saturday ❤️

Add yours

    1. I just like the coffee – is everywhere on east coast… west coast has Starbucks which I do not like 😝 … I would rather have McDonald’s coffee as opposed to Starbucks!!

      And I work in funerals lol … we live on coffee lol!!

      Every room has a Keurig ☕️ ❤️

      But sometimes we just need something on road or special if we having hard day lol

      So yes I do know my coffee lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes… lol … I usually do 2 cups in morning and then I need to switch over to water or something else or I will get too jittery??

        But sometimes I will have an afternoon coffee … does not effect my exhaustion lol – I still sooooo tired lol… but I do work a lot so whatever …

        Mmmm 😋 coffee 🙌❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So three coffees a day or anything in the evening? I drink mostly milk and coffee only but not milk in coffee and have around a litre or 2 of milk daily and maybe a litre of a coffee daily 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Milk does not go well with me since I got old, lol …

        I use a non-dairy creamer

        You have 4 cups? lol …

        I don’t usually do a evening coffee ☕️… only if is someone to enjoy with. Usually after nice meal.

        But again – only with someone to relax and enjoy with. Otherwise no lol … usually no lol

        Must have one in morning when I get ready so I am awake lol…

        Then one to start day at work, and usually that’s good, then I switch over – but sometimes we so exhausted that we do more in afternoon (only another cup usually)

        Sometimes if is a rough day we just lose count of coffees lol 😄☕️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. 4 cups a day? Is that what l have? I went and measured the amount of cups l have a day with water and a litre jug and realised l am probably 7 cups a day. first around 10am and the last around 8pm. I don’t drink anything after 8. Mm, that’s quite a lot, but then, ten years ago l was on 15 cups a day so at least l am not as bad as that anymore 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Lol … you do WAY more than me! I would be too jittery.

        But what is your coffee/milk ratio ?? Lol

        Is more milk than coffee?

        Is half coffee and half milk?

        Or is coffee with splash of milk?

        I would say I am coffee with splash of nondairy creamer

        If I was home – maybe I would have more but I work a lot and I’ll have a coffee – but thousands of things happening, so I’m up and down and then it gets cold. Besides the one when I get ready in morning, I can usually have the first cup at work.. and sometimes, maybe a second… then switch to water or something

        What coffee do you drink at home? Or in general?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I drink all my coffee black only Trisha. It’s funny, l drink a lot of milk straight as l find it very settling for the stomach and digestion. But can’t drink coffee with milk anymore as it turns me off coffee.

        Now strangely enough l used to simply drink your basic strong instant coffee it was like spitfire fuel. I can’t do fancy coffees.

        But in the last eight months l have started drinking Nescafe Oat Coffee. They are so nice you lose track at times how many sachetes you have had a day.

        I drink from a mug which is l think about a quarter litre of liquid.

        I have been drinking coffee since l was around 8 years of age. I started drinking in Australia as l couldn’t stand tea. I used to drink it with a splash of milk only, but l stopped that practice in 2015.

        I get jittery if l don’t drink coffee. I shouldn’t drink more than five cups a day because it upsets my digestive system, but since drinking the Oats Gluten Frees l have been doing well.

        Coffee is not really a stimulant anymore to me. it doesn’t keep me awake, at times l uzse it to make me sleepy 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I am not a huge fan of black coffee but if is all I have …sure – as long as, is not too bitter. If smooth then yes

        I do not know your English measurements lol

        I wasn’t allowed to have coffee or soda growing up

        Yeah I would assume your system is accustomed to coffee now

        I am not big on tea either but I have some friends who are all about it… when I am with them I will do tea … or if I am sick lol

        I don’t know that oat coffee you speak of – but I don’t look around cause I love the Dunkin Donuts coffee … I just buy it and make at home or work.

        I have never tried to see if keeps me awake or not ?? Maybe if I was not active it would? But I have zero problem sleeping lol

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I am as active as you Trisha. I have just found over the years that if l ‘want’ to fall asleep as opposed to not then a coffee will aid me. But l am averaging between 4-5 hours sleep now and my biggest frustration is my body doesn’t want to shut down.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Ah the programmed body. I used to have one of those when l worked for corporations as in on someone else’s time clock. Once l started working for myself after perhaps 4 years my body clock started to realign itself to a new clock. 🙂


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