Warp speed 😮

Alright well … tmrw I be going back and forth from my new house 😮

Why does that seem scary to me?

See My whole world is changing again… is like constant now!! One thing after another lol

Can we slow the bus down?

Is this how life is? Insane crazy all the time or is it just mine? Is this adulting correctly? Lol

Just so much change all the time!! 😮


Am a fighter – but I’m also tired

Just a little longer it be crazy and then it be chill

And just think… spring and summer gonna be amazing 🙌 omg – the summer of my life ❤️



Just means alot 😊❤️

I did that all rather quickly lol … battled death, cancer, Satan – many things … stood up – got car and house ❤️

That went really fast!! 😮 but not while going through it.

Life hit 2020 – that kinda took forever but after January 2021… been on warp speed ever since


I just look back for a minute and does remind me of this:

So… am I happy? I have peace, am alive, no one owns me, I have freedom, I have life ❤️ I also have pretty amazing people around me

My life is thousand times better than has been in long time!! Which is why I am cautious now lol

I had to fight to get here.

It goes at warp speed lol… I wish was little slower – but then I would keep saying “I’m not ready” and take forever …so life just goes full throttle on me lol 😮

But see… meant to be… I wasn’t meant for the condo… and it was all slow…

All this just fell in my lap and then went warp speed 😮

So yeah … all that comes into my life be like that

I always say whirlwind because things come into my life like that. I try to keep the whirlwinds to a minimum, but they just keep coming 😮


I do have wonderful moments in life through this warp speed whirlwind ❤️ make many amazing memories … life just comes – so find moments where you can.

Is just ALOT of change to adjust to all the time lol

I am survivor of many things lol


So… that’s why I am protective

Just alot of things

So wow… ok the 2020’s are just all change 😮 whoa 😮


It doesn’t feel real does it? And isn’t just when skyrocket into fame – can be anything in life that changes in a moment. Life happens so suddenly 😮


Just crazy.


🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please life no more crazy after this

Just let me be slow and boring lol – for a little while at least. 🙏🙏

Every time I find my peace – it hits the speed button lol .., stop ✋


Yes I am repeating – because I want life to slow ride it!!! And take it easy – I am old


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