Growing up 😝

Ok… so 5 days into New Years … so far is ok

We had the inspection and there is few things with house owner has to fix – which they doing … but I have to wait.

Loan already approved and done, but need the ok from city and another inspection to make sure everything is legal and ready for sale. I’m fine with that.

I am never in a rush… whatever … I have waited this long… I am patient ✌️

My daughter, however, can not wait – she’s already dreaming of how she want to paint her room lol 😄😄 … patience my lady, patience – it is a virtue 🙌 … some lessons for my little woman lol ✌️

Everyday she ask me when lol … like that car ride to vacation or to visit someone you love and the kids say “how much longer?” Lol

We are just waiting on that ❤️

Also… today she ask my permission to attend a concert 😮😮

I have NEVER been to a concert except for theirs at school – for band or chorus. I have been to symphony does that count?? I don’t really think so

My mom put the fear of that in me for being trampled due to some concert in the 70’s ?? The Who 🙄

And then more recently, like my mother – I also had this to throw at her:

So I initially say hell no… because you could be trampled or bad things happen.

But she’s like a little lawyer with presenting her case lol 😄🙄 …

Ok so I hear her out… she give me every single detail… and is calm chill music – no raving so she say no trample lol ….

Is in San Francisco 😮😮 … 2 hrs away

She is 15. 😮 crap … why can’t they just stay little? Lol

She will have a chaperone going with them – a parent of one of her friends … will be her and 4 other of her friends

They are seeing a pretty chill artist… I look them up and read ALL about them

She will spend night with friends after concert.

Is $40… I pay half… Satan pays other half

So she’s now at that age, that I have to kinda let her fly- while I can still guide her? But I also have to let her grow up and experience her own life, under my watch

Omg so terrifying – but ok – I can let her fly 😝😝

I told these people not to grow up!!! They did anyway!! 🤨

Ughhhhh 🤦‍♀️ my last baby and my only girl… how I gonna let her be a woman lol bleh!! 😝

Is soooo hard!!! But ok, fly little girl… experience life 😮 I can not hold her in glass her whole life – I have to let her become her own self

Please god protect her 🙏🙏🙏

That is sooo hard.

And she’s my final baby

I trust her – I just don’t trust other people lol

Ugh I hate life lessons 🤦‍♀️

Ok… I’m gonna give her a moment – so I said ok

Bleh bleh bleh!!!!!!!

I can’t keep her from the world and I don’t want her sheltered like I was… so ok.

Please let it be fine 🙏

To you normal people is probably nothing – but to me is everything. I don’t do concerts – have never … So is hard – I worry and that’s my baby girl.

So whew… I do not like this growing up thing. Can’t I keep you forever? 🙏❤️

Ugh here it comes – the teen years – god help me!! 🙏

I am happy and proud to see the woman she’s becoming… but is bittersweet to let go little bit. Let her experience a little life – ugh of her own.

It’s important so… ok 🤨 bleh – I still do not like but ok… trial run – we see

She’s a good girl with good grades / so ok.

Letting go is hard 🤨 can’t you just always be my baby?!

She’s sweet with a fire 🔥… do not know where that comes from 🤷‍♀️😄😉😘✌️

At least is a concert and not a man yet – oh thank god – this growing up thing with a girl is gonna kill me… with boys was ok… but she’s my last one and only girl. Also… know how men are so 😮 oh god!! Thank god I have not come up against THAT yet!!! Which I have a story about but for another time – wait til that hits. 😳

Ok one thing at a time – it’s just a concert and will be totally fine.

We also have Covid in the world now… so that was also a point from me – she promises to mask the entire time… and she’s had her vaccinations

I can’t hold her back from her life -I want her to have life – but it’s just hard because is my baby.

I would love to say “I’m not ready” because that’s my thing… lol 😘✌️ … but is her life… and is better if I am still with her to guide her so… I want her to experience a life – but I am torn because I want to also protect her, hold her close and never let her go – but she is a good kid.

Sucks to let them grow up 😝😝 I’m not ready! Lol 💋✌️

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    1. I know ☹️

      Am so proud of the young lady she is becoming ❤️ she’s a good kid

      Just all my babies grew up so fast!! And she’s my baby and only girl.

      Yeah if the concert even happens with this Covid crap stuff

      We just got informed she was exposed – now I have to call work and tell them I have exposure 😑

      So yeah we see what happens 🤨 lol ✌️

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      1. I believe she has Covid – she is sick today… sore throat and not feeling well, fever and all that – she is also fully vaccinated… she is at her fathers

        Is most likely the omicron which is lesser Covid strain … not killing vaccinated people – but everyone is catching it.

        I do believe I must still hopefully have immunity from it ? 🙏 since I just had the severe one in November 🤨 … so far I am normal and no issues at all – I keep testing self and keeps coming back negative with me

        Fricken Covid

        We testing her currently – but I’m pretty sure. All the symptoms match

        My poor baby ☹️


  1. I saw my first concert at 15 (1978)! Stadium/first come seating… we were in line at 4am… headliner went on at 9:30pm. It was an amazing & positive experience.
    I hope your daughter’s goes as well!! Who is she seeing??

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      1. The day had blanket tosses, himan pyramids, ice fights, and straw chains (from stage to 2nd level!!). ELO had storm troopers, a laser fight, spaceship flying over (suspended from a helicopter), lasers from stage to stadium top which stopped freeway traffic (stadium was open on that side and lasers were new), and a hot air balloon with fireworks.

        Pretty major 1st impression of concerts!!

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