Choices 😮

So… the theme of this week is “pissy” because everyone is pissy!!! Holy crap did we not get what wanted for Christmas or something?

But seriously yes!! Everyone is pissy – whatever – handle your shit ✌️😘

… whatever … I hang back… you do you ✌️

But it’s like everyone … and it’s rainy cold and crappy 🤨 uhhhh how much longer til spring???? C’mon it’s taking forever!! Sunshine – need sunshine and warmth!! Yes … I am a winter wuss lol … keep me warm and sunny – I have rules like gremlins lol … kidding …

But… it’s yucky miserable weather – also boring – stupid … cold 🥶 … not a winter fan … I don’t like a chill in my bones 😮😮 oh I hate that feeling … I don’t like the redness on my face… I don’t like watery eyes or runny nose lol – oh winter please be done!! Ok so yeah … the theme is pissy so I am pissy lol ✌️

So whatever every single person is under stress currently so… everyone is pissy. We exploding 😮 holy moly 😮 here we go again – there was a calm before the storm 😮😮😮 it’s true – that happens!

But yeah … I have to talk to people – for info – to give info – to ask questions – tons of things … and they all fuckin pissy! Just ya know … umm you can sense the stress …because you have it too lol

Just is crappy weather – we exploding, changes are being made lol and boom lol 💥

Also… guess what? I get to help find new location!! 😮😮😮 I have to keep in area but check it 🙌❤️❤️❤️ boom 💥 ❤️

I question sometimes – maybe I should leave death – it’s alot… but then I dunno

Death always lures me to stay… I do love my people very much … funeral people are actually really funny!!! ❤️ is like this :

They are all actually amazing because they are each individuals ❤️ characters 🙌 … ok maybe so am I lol … is just funny cause we all have quirkiness ❤️ yeah – I love my moments with them … are amazing moments in my life ❤️ but whatever – they pissy this week 😘✌️

I go quiet. I gonna give space always… whatever – you do you

There is many things going on!!! Fricken life!!!

The house … omg ❤️ … so yeah that’s lining up

Ok so there is that.

And then … ya know … I do not like to listen to things I don’t wanna hear lol ✌️I do not like when life tries to teach me something –

So guess who been texting me 😮

So yeah … country boy – see what is that?? No no and no … nope – not on same page and no. Pointless – nope 👎

But when life wants to throw things at me – it really does 🤨 c’mon. 🤦‍♀️ whatever

Just let me be… ya know … supposably when you go through traumatic events – is better that you give yourself time to heal…

And ya know – Rome wasn’t built in a day 😘 time – savor time…

And then ya know – I am learning my own self

So… I dunno … I am under construction and healing … so I’m taking time with my life

So just let me.

So whatever


So whatever … I do enjoy my life, am not ready. So that’s it

Can life not throw it at me??? Stop!

I just wanna have time and still healing – all of it was traumatic so … I want my own balance Re-stabilized and I am not there … so I want time for my own self

Oh wait lol …am I supposed to choose? Lol D

Do I choose…

Or ….

Lol … what would you choose ?

But see … you give me time and then you don’t know the ride I take you on lol …

Prerequisite is patience. Done and done ✔️

But whatever – no one can handle that so whatever. ✌️

Like I said above – so am I 💋

I have something else to tell you … ok well … sooo … I just threw my info to a job offer – ya know people tell me so hard … so meh whatever – I am fishing lol 🎣 … I didn’t TRULY think 😮😮

Because guess what… they want to move forward – omg … what do I do

Ok life can stop making tons of changes omg 2022!!! One thing at a time – not everything all at once

What do I do? 😮 uh-oh … I never thought they would contact 😮😮 ya know

Uh oh

Omg life stop

See … one rollercoaster ride at a time please

Oh boy – can I not make thousands of choices before the end of the year? Lol … life wants to squeeze everything into 2021 before it’s over and life is different 😮😮😮

Every time I look around 😮…

Ok so I have to think 😮 whoa 😮

Omg what is happening to my life – … is like lifequake 😮😮😮 what do I do? Which way do I go …

It’s ok I’m scared little right? Lol … uh oh holy moly – breathe

Choices Ok – choices omg

What will 2022 look like? 😮😮 omg

7 thoughts on “Choices 😮

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    1. No it’s not letting up… life is coming at warp speed 😮 it’s trying to fit everything into 2021 before it’s over 😮

      No not gonna level out yet 😮😮 omg

      That’s hilarious… how bizarre lol 🎶 cute little song though lol – it does get stuck in your head lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol – yeah… but that is also life … I would say “I want peace and for the ride to stop”… but I would rather ride, than die lol

        And I think for me is just periods of growth that I need?

        As with normal rollercoaster 🎢… there are moments I wanna throw up (lol) and moments of sheer thrill … but life is like that

        Have you ever seen BIG FISH? Is a movie… about a man who is dying… he tells his son all these incredible and fascinating stories while the son was growing up… the son thought they just colorful stories …

        But when the father died… all the stories proved true ❤️ and what an amazing life he had

        No one escapes life without having both ups and downs – it’s those loopers I don’t like – I don’t like to be swirling around upside down 😄😄 I also don’t like my feet to dangle lol

        It’s probably always gonna be a rollercoaster – because life is adventure … is life that colors the world 🌎

        I actually have many many blessings – and I do have a wonderful life and I am alive – so while it has its ups and downs – it’s ok… I am strong and also do enjoy the adventure … “cautiously” lol

        Quite the learning experience lol

        Life wouldn’t be life if didn’t have ups and downs – I’m very very lucky that I am still here to have that ❤️ so I don’t mind the ride too much

        Prefer “it’s a small world”… but “Thunder Mountain” is pretty cool and exciting sometimes too 😄✌️

        Life is what you make it anyway, and am just rebuilding

        I do chase peace / but also take in the ride.

        I know what you mean though ❤️ thank you!!

        Sometimes rides and adventures can be amazing – but if you want that, you have to take both good and bad… just life. I am learning ❤️ life makes you learn lol

        I hope 2022 is amazing for you also! I hope you love your life and have an incredible one 🙌✌️🎊 I wish you good health and safety ❤️

        Happy 2022 🥳🎊❤️🎢 – you holding on? Lol … I am

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, life is an adventure of ups and downs for sure lol

        I do have a pretty good strong grip on life itself. ✌️

        Just to warn you … that movie is little slow and you have to pay attention to the stories and the whole movie… if you don’t will be hard to follow but all comes together at the end and is a beautiful sentiment to life ❤️✌️I like the message and stories – I love stories 😉😘✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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