What is life doing? 😮

So you will not believe what occurred 😮

So Adonis 😮

Ok well… where to begin 😳😮

So yesterday he was just Adonis and I not pay attention other than how good looking he was… whatever – that’s not deep so whatever – but damn

And he’s good looking so usually they are totally aware of that 🙄… and ya know “playboy” or whatever – so I just don’t pay attention to stuff like that. I just keep to self

Then today he talking … he’s a veteran, been to Middle East couple times 😮 and this guys got drive! Like insane 😮

He went silent too 😮 different but also same

So ok whatever – coincidence

And he’s a Yankee – I am Red Sox – that is a serious line drawn!!! No joke lol ✌️

But he’s cool and omg opened every door always, even if I got to door first and opened it… he would go behind me and hold for me to go first 😮😮

And would open car door, all of it 😮

Back at the office one of my coworkers kept asking me privately “Trisha do you feel a vibe?” … over and over she ask me lol

There was that electricity … there are some people you meet who are just electric 😮 I am careful with electricity 😮

But c’mon … he on other side of country. And got a HUGE job working for a huge bank in another country 😮😮 he travels constantly (that wouldn’t bother me though IF I trusted… but that trust is earned not given so whatever)

I am in California and I am old. He can not be interested.

So ok whatever… he is just being amazing lol … he noticed things I would say and ask about 😮 and noticed my reactions on things 😮

So we just work… I stay late. There were others there too… they upgrading our systems

We ALL left about 8:30pm 😮😮

He keep asking me what to do in area … so I say not a lot on a Tuesday night, do you want to get dinner or something? (My son was with daughter since I was working late)

So we went to dinner and talked 😮 he took me to fancy restaurant – never let me pay for anything! Not one thing 😮

He is very smart – he’s an engineer … and then we have same respect of life? Same morals, want same things 😮

Also not that it matters – but also same religion – I only mention because I said something about being Catholic and he looked like he was thrilled about that lol 😮 and also said he was too… that came up a couple times 😮 not weirdly, just how convo went

He also asked me some really personal questions you ask when you interested 😮 because earlier in day… we talked about stuff and I made comment that I don’t date or go out – I stay away mostly so I never let it get to those personal questions

It’s been a long time but I don’t mind because I find it peaceful like that, until I find what I want and yes … I do find some that are just electric – I do totally want that so… he has that… but I don’t know him.

The convo flowed, and we laughed and he was so kind. And his level of compassion and caring is amazing…

We have similar experiences

You know what’s funny? Why is always young man? Lol… not that age, race, color, religion mean anything, but still – I am over 10 yrs older than him!! Omg 😳

If I do not think of age – I am ok

But then I think of it – and that’s a hard one ?

And I sorta think I have double standard lol 😮 because I would not think much of older man with younger woman

But when on other foot is little more ?? I don’t know?? Noticeable ?? Or not as accepted ? Or it just is odd because is me??? It’s probably me lol

And he walked me to my car, opened the door for me – and gave me this hug 😮😮 …like you don’t want to let go 😮

So I’m never gonna see this guy again lol …

I just met him by accident lol … he just so happen to have job at my facility 😮 of course it was mine

He asked for my Facebook and Instagram so I had to explain little. He didn’t have any issue with that – I just can’t … I thought about for quick second and then thought of what would happen if I open … and then I think I just can’t ☹️ … not even a big deal but is to me.

But again he was ok with that… he has my number

I am not really sure what I think about whole entire thing 😮 that was a big giant whirlwind day?? 😮😮

It’s late – I got home really late and am exhausted – had a fun time though 😮😮 I did not see any of that coming 😮😮 but I need to sleep!

I did NOT sleep with him or kiss him… hug only… just in case you are wondering… I’m not there

Hug was fine and he seemed like wanted kiss, but … I just need time – I am not ready – not even for Adonis 😮😮😮

I just need time to know. I really can’t be at ease without that.

I enjoyed actually having dinner with him 😮

Ok on that note – goodnight 💤

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  1. Here’s a question Trisha, and you don’t have to answer this … but do you think you will ever be ready?

    I know your backstory, l remember everything we have talked about and l like so many others follow your story – but if all the boxes were ticked at all the right times, would you be ready?

    it’s a big ask really, but with the way your life is at present and the comfort you have worked for with your house, but trust is a huge thing with you, l get that – but do you think that if you look for perfect that sometimes opportunities disappear? This is a generalised question, but we know each other well enough to raise such a thing between us.

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    1. Well, I am not ready because don’t know this person …

      Anyone can tell me anything about themselves and I handle self just fine – plus peaceful ❤️

      I will always chase the peace and also …

      Is it a missed opportunity or dodging a bullet?

      I’m not a one night stand person at all… so… nope. Don’t really care

      Trust me no opportunities missed

      I’ll do a post and you will understand

      Hahaha always love your questions 🙌 bring it lol ✌️

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      1. Well bring that – I am open to knowing someone … these people just want one night stands … they not sincere

        I am open in the way to know someone then maybe … but I have to see who are first and if I trust them

        Yup that’s gonna be thing – so only A game lol

        I don’t deal with it otherwise

        Get to know me and I will see. No one has the patience for that, so I don’t have sex if they can’t 😉🙌✌️

        I don’t care what argument is – I don’t want sex if not intimate and not doing intimate without knowing someone

        Don’t care if younger or older – however I do have cut off age because there is NO WAY I am dating any people who are my childrens age

        I’ll just mention that real quick – but otherwise I am open to see who’s got balls ✌️😘

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  2. Well l have balls, but l am x000 miles away from you so can’t award you anything but virtual friendship and challenge you occasionally.

    Your broken trust issue runs deep, l get that, trust me l really do, but until that bitterness calms a bit , you are probably better off enjoying your life the way you are already Trisha 🙂

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    1. Lol challenge me occasionally 😄😄 you funny – bring it

      Well yes. Made impact so yes am protective of own self.

      I have no bitterness… what bitterness are you speaking of? What makes you think is bitterness ? I challenge you dear sir lol 😘

      I love my life, I love the people in my life – I do have a wonderful life – I enjoy my life very much

      I want to enjoy the person and know who they are as person/human being.

      I can let guard down for someone – I just need to know them and be at ease with them – then I’m good 👍

      I also want to want them… so there are qualities ✌️

      Either way – love life. (Except winter – hate winter!) ✌️ ..but I love to hate winter ✌️😘


    2. Also… I do not like “dating” … it’s outside my realm

      I have thought about how someone gonna know me if I don’t date? Lol

      Eh… I really like being hidden away ❤️ is the bomb – and I found my peeps 🙌❤️

      I laugh everyday ❤️ I enjoy life even when crazy – all of it – are these amazing memories with these amazing people ❤️ good and bad. We go through many many many things 😮 but we team and amazing.

      I am with them alot- they are second family – omg they my people ❤️

      So I just feel… I want to love life with someone sincere or not at all.

      Nothing wrong with not trusting – have you met the world? 😮

      I had horrific horrific experiences – so I just want peace now … that’s like a prerequisite 😘✌️

      I find peace in way I can handle. I will always go after peace ☮️

      Life been better and better for me … is that what you meant? Not bitter but better? Lol

      I do miss sex – but I also don’t mind because is peaceful.

      So… just saying… for my own soul, is best if I keep balanced and doing what I am ok with for my own self. I do everything like that. ✌️

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      1. Explain then… you can’t say and then not explain. By all means state your case.

        Are you bitter? Cause I don’t even think on that term until you said it.

        Is not being bitter is being protective of self – and I have good reason for that and valid feelings.

        So go ahead – what you got?

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      2. I don’t need to explain further Trisha.

        All l am saying is there are many types/stages of bitterness. Maybe bitterness was too strong a word, but l would still say there are stages to bitterness and everyone has a different interpretation of that emotion – anger, sharpness, harshness, acidity these are are also words that can describe bitterness and the stages for the feelings of emotion that travel with them.

        You have explained your case of how you feel very well and in a balanced manner.

        You say you are not bitter and you are happy with your life and given reasons to back it up therefore l have no reason to explain this further to you.

        “Are you bitter? Cause I don’t even think on that term until you said it. ” [If you are not bitter or going through any stage of bitterness then you don’t need to think on it further.

        As Suze would tell you, l tend to drop seeds for people to think further on – all l have done is dropped a seed, but you have sailed through it with ease, therefore the seeds sown will harvest greener pastures.

        Maybe the word that best describes some bitterness is ‘hurt’ and then what follows hurt and disappointments is recovery.

        That’s all 🙂

        Seeds or trains of thought make us all think, but how we feel about ourselves is what really matters.

        You feel good and you are rediscovering more about your needs and wants every day.

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      3. Life takes you on journeys… you learn from your experiences – “smarten up”

        Everyone’s experiences shape who they are and how they see.

        No one sails through anything with ease … none of my growth has been easy but I do love my life and the people in it. I have worked VERY hard to get where I am!!!

        I am proud of what I have done and excited for things to come.

        I am human, I have emotions… there is nothing wrong with that. Also nothing wrong with being protective because I love the peace that I have from that.

        If you judge me to be bitter than so be it. Funny that you can judge, but can’t explain reason for judging – I don’t see it as a seed … I see as a judgement

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      4. I know you didn’t mean to be intentional. I know you coming from your own views and experiences

        I don’t mean you any distress either.

        You don’t have to give up your view because I take wrong – that’s ok ya know

        I just explain how that came across

        You free to be shaped by your own experiences too

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      5. I should have explained it … but l sensed l had upset you Trisha. I said to suze that l felt l had upset you and wished l hadn’t opened my mouth.

        All l meant was the ‘bitterness’ [wrong word l agree perhaps] l sensed was purely because l know how much you distrusted men – that you had walked through fire to get where you are and l am so very impressed with your journey, but with the troubles you have with men, and the stress from your marriage and then the cancer, then the typical approaches of men caused you more concern.

        I realise now that to NOT explain it was wrong for you. I thought perhaps stupidly now that my reluctance to not explain it so as to NOT cause stress, has done exactly just that 😦

        That’s all l meant.

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      6. Yes I do distrust … I distrust intentions of people not just men… but men try to come in close. There is nothing wrong with being protective there and I am comforted and at ease with how I handle things for myself. I don’t need to be like anyone else

        No I don’t like how men approach and I don’t like motives from people.

        I would not call it troubles with men – I don’t give it much thought, I pour myself into work ✌️

        Only when faced right in front of me then I will notice. I am happy as is… so not willing to be brought back down. If someone comes along that matches me, then great… I don’t look for it because if meant to be will be and I keep my peace. When a man has patience, kindness and effort – then we see – but until then whatever

        I do not mind my protection I have. I like the peace and I need that, so I stand very strong on that.

        Thank you for explaining, appreciate that 😘

        You not stress me … I just also speak my perspective – is good to give perspective … understanding comes from communication ❤️😘

        I am aware of who I am and how I do. I know I have areas – life gives lessons… I just flow along with them… life will happen

        People grow in their own time as they’re able and what ok with.

        Lol but thank you for explaining – appreciate that. Strong negative word and no explanation lol … oh yeah you light little fire 🔥 lol 😘

        Peace to you and Suze 🙌❤️ have a safe and loving Merry Christmas and bright amazing things for New Years ❤️ 2022 🙌❤️

        Ps is ok for you to open mouth lol 😘

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  3. I am sorry l upset you Trisha, it was never my intention to do so. I will not do this again. I shall back away from your blog, l never meant to cause you so much distress. I do wish the best for you, your family, your Christmas. Please take care.


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    1. You can do as you wish… I do not mind debates and you are always free to speak your mind.

      I do stand my ground on things … I am used to a man trying to make a woman feel bad so he can feel better about himself and keep her small.

      You need to understand what a person walks through before you can make blanket statements

      I am aware you do not mean any harm.

      I do stand up for self though.

      Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year season too. – take care as well

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      1. I do stand my ground on things … I am used to a man trying to make a woman feel bad so he can feel better about himself and keep her small.

        This most assuredly was not the case with any of my actions.

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      2. Well this is a good point to show then… Is the experiences that shape who we are or become.

        I do love that you are a thinker and like to dive into subjects – I find that fun with you.

        But if a person is happy and at peace with things, and how they handled… then why would you throw in negative?

        There are reasons why people are protective over different things.

        You good Rory 😘 is ok. No harm no foul – we just having convo – no offense taken …

        You are free to have whatever view you wish.

        Also remember … I am Irish AND I am woman lol 🔥… also American …so triple whammy? 🔥🔥🔥 lol

        I know your intentions are not from vicious stand point. I know you mean well. Not upset with you.

        But if you gonna call me out – I’m gonna have something to say about it.

        Life is a reflection of what we live through lol …. Oh if a sentence was ever true 😮

        Just saying … gonna also say stuff ✌️ maybe give you different perspective and thought?

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