Fireballs and Angels 😉

So… I signed the papers and bought the house 😮❤️❤️❤️

All by myself – I own a house ❤️ we just have to wait on appraisal and I can move in ❤️ probably between Christmas and New Years 😮😮 Omg!

OH MY GOD ❤️ I kinda look back and see what I went through, and also, how hard I work for this… so ❤️ omg 😮


And also this… but I found a house lol … not a man or woman … a house lol…is perfect – I am soo I love with that house at this moment – my cheeks hurt from smiling and I think my heart is going to just burst out my chest 😮❤️ it was perfect ❤️

So I found a love ❤️

I will probably look like a dork for little while – because I can’t stop smiling… and I can’t get it to turn down lol … so I just have constant GIGANTIC smile 😮❤️ my cheeks hurt so much!


So also… I would like to add… I have an angel.

I met her from the internet – my first and only time ever lol … so when I met her, my very first thoughts “going to” this meeting was… “please don’t let me be killed” 🙏 lol … cause you know “the internet” …sorry but whatever ✌️

But then I meet her.. and her personality is amazing… sweet, kind, funny… ok so then I relaxed a little and as we talked … her husband died the same year as my father … and she had breast cancer like me… so there was a comfort from her?? And I felt safe? She gave me a chance to stand up ❤️❤️

All through Covid she check on me.. are you ok? Are you doing ok? Do need anything? ❤️ Always does that… always always always ..

I am always fine and never ask for anything, but she still always checks and says that! ❤️

So anyway … I have an angel… without this woman and the kindness of others, I would not have been able to stand like this…

When I had my final surgery… and I was done… I won ❤️ was my first win – so that kinda makes me teary (still smiling though) …but that was a marker for me

Took one win, and then, meeting her … and also many others who’s kindness helped me to stand ❤️

If she didn’t come into my life at that moment … I don’t know if I could have stood so well. I certainly would not be where I am now 😮 … definitely standing because of her!!

I walked through hell and back! She helped me feel safe ❤️

And then after that… the light came back… and kept coming back ❤️ and amazing people helped me do this …

I have many angels who touched my life 👼❤️ and allowed me to climb ❤️

The impact of many people… I would not be here without that ❤️

Even the kids at the school I worked before Covid -they brought my spirit back to life ❤️ … here on WordPress I get to speak, or be silent, been wonderful for healing, and I sometimes recommend blogging to some of our families … (I never share mine or anything)

But without this woman… so kind and loyal and caring – I couldn’t have done it! She let me be able to grow my strength ❤️

Just also saying that ❤️✌️

I have to sleep exhausted 🥱 also cheeks hurt

Gnite ❤️

Ps oh yeah – I might have a situation??? 😮… I will save that story for tmrw 🤦‍♀️ ✌️ … let’s just do awesome stuff tonight 😘❤️💋

14 thoughts on “Fireballs and Angels 😉

Add yours

    1. Lol oh well we will see if situation or not – not sure

      I’ve been too busy to handle any other situations lol

      Work also been busy.

      And then all the paperwork and signing my life away ✌️😉❤️

      I soooo love that house ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Well I told him I was not interested in having a relationship with anyone because I just do not have the time and I am trying to juggle life right now…

        But he doesn’t listen – he wants to give me presents and I say no … but he keeps trying to give me gifts

        So I avoid like the plague because no! No way!

        Not sure if is situation or not – we see 🤨

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      1. You are very sweet and kind. 🥰

        Am very thankful it falls into place like is doing!! Is little emotional after everything. So yes, I am very thankful for that.

        Also I am mostly happy because I got away, am alive and am safe and doing well ❤️

        The house is because of hard work and saving and then also … right place, right time, etc etc lol

        Definitely a blessing and am very thankful to have come to this point ❤️

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    1. Yes I am very very blessed with pretty amazing people ❤️

      I have wonderful life because of the people I have in it ❤️

      That is a very sweet and kind wish to say to someone – thank you 🥰

      Please take care of yourself too!!

      Happy Holiday’s ❄️

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