Move lol ✌️

They arrested the person who posted the Instagram photo of a gun and threatened the school.

No shooting occurred thankfully

They said hardly anyone in school yesterday … they had maybe 1 or 2 people in each class .

So… what teaching moment is there?? Is that it and we just move on… someone else’s problem to deal with this person?

Parents created that – you think they know how to fix? There is a saying – takes a village to raise a child

This is the issue… things happen… people expect someone to handle …and nothing has changed 🤨

Stupid gun laws are not going to do shit

People kill people

EVERY TIME, I tell someone I work at funeral home – immediately they ask how creepy must be.

At first, when I first started was a little unnerving 😳 yes… I remember the first time I had to check an ID band 😳😳 … they were stiff and cold. But to look at her, she was beautiful and looked so peaceful! And wasn’t a young woman- was elderly woman. She found her peace. The first time was little weird, but then after many, it no longer phases.

Does not even phase me now… Other than imagining the life they left behind and people they touched – but in no way is it creepy. Someone still has to care for our dead… if it was you – you would want someone who would care.

A body has normal bodily functions and things, this is just a part of life. So all that I can comprehend – doesn’t bother me – I’m a mom also lol ✌️🙄

But point is… I somewhat desensitized from death? I don’t see as creepy or gross – I see more compassionately – but that’s how it formed for me.

Sometimes if is homicide or something tragic, that hits me in sad way. And we always want the family to have peace, so that can be a difficult tight rope walk! Those are little heart wrenching but not creepy.

With all the social media and social unrest and also exposing our children to things that they should not be shown so young… a young mind needs time to mature and understand themselves, as well as the world.

And then we wonder – “who’s gonna fix this”? 🤨

Yet we just throw everything at them.

I was one of the last generations to actually HAVE a childhood!!

Just sad.

Desensitized by the world and not comprehending the effects. 🤨

When do people wake up or grow up?

Where are the teaching moments ??

Sadly missing HUGE opportunities for change!!

And then that’s frustrating!! Because regarding certain things … I want to just say “MOVE” and take over lol ✌️ that immediately comes to my mind… but with people, not computers ✌️

It’s funny because all these people exercise, eat right… care about their bodies… bodies bodies bodies

But they don’t get how to raise a world ☹️💔

Nothing will change over night – takes time to clean up fuck ups ✌️

But doing nothing, does nothing.

Small things to start. Like when you have to clean or organize… if you just see the mess can be overwhelming and exhausting. But just pick a pile or area and take from there. Pretty soon you will be so proud that you stand back and adore your work … yeah see … relate to things for change then not so overwhelming

But people just have to listen (which I might add is not a strong suit 🤨🙄) 🤦‍♀️

At work, I have same title as others – there are 3 locations. So 3 office managers … we do our jobs but we are each different and have strong suit.

One loves planning memorial parties and get togethers – so she plans those things for funeral home outreach – come know us 😘 … we aren’t scary lol … we are very funny … compassionate and funny – thoughtful and kind… come meet us ✌️

One loves putting together lists… lol … lists of numbers or addresses or things needed etc … so I always have tons of info for whatever lol

And then me… 🤨 … I am strong with handling things – you got issue? – I will handle or solve lol ✌️😄 … you need someone for something? I have contacts and connections – with people I trust

I just don’t like particularly having to handle my own stuff lol ✌️😘😄 (in personal matters – at work -I handle it)

Well anyway… that point is – everyone has a strong suit… what is your strong suit? Maybe if we all learn where we strong, then we work together?

But ya know whatever – “dreams”

Lately I have been coming home, making dinner, laying down and literally falling asleep 😮🤨 at fricken 6:30pm!!!!!

Twice now that happened 😑 then I wake up wicked early!!! To early… like now – 2:30 am 🤨

So I have to force back to sleep or end of day is bad and I tired again lol … I do not want to be falling asleep at 6:30PM!!!

I am going to say it is because of cold and darkness – covers call my name and darkness makes me tired lol

I am counting down to December 21st !! 🙌 every year that is my turn around point – once reached December 21st then spring is going to be around corner …

December 21st is always shortest day of year 😝😝😝

But once it hits that… then lightness starts to come back and then spring and summer ❤️❤️❤️

So yeah – every year once fall starts – I count down to December 21st lol ✌️

Ok I need to force sleep because is way too early!!! I won’t survive tmrw if I don’t

🙏🙏🙏 hopefully can

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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