Work went fine yesterday. 🤨 compared …

BUT… I go and pick up my daughter from school …

So because something is seriously wrong with some people… there was a threat 🤨

A photo of a gun was posted to an anonymous Instagram account 🤨 and then said would show the school who they were on December 8th, and under the photo was caption that said shoot it up 🤨

Ya know that shit is NOT something to joke about!!!

So my daughter will NOT be in school today – I work at a funeral home and there is NO WAY I am sending her!!!

Not at all ok …especially after one from Michigan… I’m not even posting anything else about that…

And you wonder why people don’t like people 🤨

Cut the shit!

But with the way the world is, it does not help matters! ☹️

How sad for the state of humanity ☹️ makes me very sad to think of 💔


Just telling you because this is way world is – look at that! And these are young minds!!

Not just as a country… but AS A WORLD… how do handle mental health like this?! What can we do?

So many things influence!!

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