The death of death 😮

It’s coming. 😮

Death is coming to end … ☹️

Problems in every location – about to explode again! I can’t go through that every single year! I am way too exhausted!!!

My boss is slacking so … I’m tired – we are all exhausted.

My best director wants to leave – one of the other office managers wants out too… all the original core team who have been loyal and hardworking and we went through absolute craziness together 😮

So I think the time has come? ☹️

I have a lot on plate ☹️ it’s too much, without any support. I’m too exhausted.

So we see – just saying

About to go back into the fire 🔥 today

Meh… I love the families and helping people

But I am not loving the work environment

The core team and some of the new are amazing and I adore them ❤️

But there are others who don’t care about the families or the job. And California laws are crap.

This is someone’s DEATH! Not a taco stand 🤨

So I’m exhausted ✌️

I gonna look around and maybe jump ship ☹️💔


The death of death 😮😮😮

Well… I am familiar with death so whatever

We see what happens 😮 dun dun dun 😘✌️

~ sigh~

9 thoughts on “The death of death 😮

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    1. Yes 😳🙏 thank you 🙏

      Will probably take little while – while I find good fit? I don’t want to take just anything

      And would have to be worth my time and flexible on weeks with daughter

      Which is fine to go slow because still working on that condo evidentially – I thought they said they wouldn’t accept my loan… but actually we just need copy of HOA agreement for terms and conditions and the HOA won’t release documents with terms to us… they won’t give to us or the current owner 😮??

      I need those documents or it can’t go forward … the city attorneys are even involved 😮

      Lol – yes luck would be good ☘️✌️

      Can something be easy? Lol


      1. What kind if HOA refuses to disclose terms?!?

        If my job disappears (a possibility), I’m probably going to simply stop working, cash my 401k, and hope for the best. I like this job but nothing is forever and I’m already starting to resent waking up!

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      2. I don’t know? Seems very shady?? We see

        Well you have to do what is best for yourself… but you are so young still 😮

        I would definitely be too nervous to do that.

        I am hitting that point where going to work kinda makes my stomach turn.


  1. Well weigh up the options – death behind or life ahead?

    I know what l would choose.

    Time to let loose the shackles and start to live for you again. Find a new pathway where you can help families Trisha.

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    1. Lol… yes I know

      I am little nervous being out and about around the general population.

      Sorta actually LIKE being tucked away (no one can really get to me… I am always hidden usually “behind the scenes” )

      I like to be in background, not be noticed… but that doesn’t happen

      There are many aspects of the living – that I am little nervous with. ✌️

      I am nervous if I am ready.

      I am ready ..because it’s a lot and I’m so far away!! Commute so bad. Everything taking a toll on me

      So yes – it is time.

      See this is what I speak of with life pushing me lol … if I take too long, life will just force it

      I am slow when making choices or deciding on change – cautious, think it through thoroughly

      Life gets bored of waiting and knows I will decide forever lol

      But I will love whatever it is I find ❤️

      Just nervous to come back to life 🤷‍♀️

      I’ll find what’s meant ❤️

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