Breathe 🧘‍♀️😮😮😮 omg just breathe!!! Whew

I’m done.

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    1. Yeah… I’m ok.

      Since I came back from Texas ?? I just ?? I do not have the drive to kill myself working like before …

      Because is so many issues and things – is exhausting!!!

      And then I have employee who is manipulative and conniving – and bad … I have to babysit all that on top of everything else! I babysit a grown person 🤨 … basically because the corporation can’t grow some balls and fire? So just tired – kinda had enough

      And then the commute is just awful and ugh 😑 is hard because that hour each way – is just always darkness and soooo much traffic 🤦‍♀️

      That particular moment I posted this… I had just been informed of pretty large dent in hearse… sooo I was just done.

      The person who should have told me did not.

      Yeah that was not a good day!


      1. So sorry!!

        I’m still having issues with my supervisors lack of communication (and msgs on my cell phone after I’ve repeatedly told her it’s never on and I don’t check it at work) but the rest of work is good. My boss blew off everything to help out a family after his friend died suddenly, which impressed me. I would do the same but have never seen someone in mgmt do it!

        After a lifetime of hour+ commutes (usually much longer), I enjoy my roughly 20in commute ever single day! I find myself sooooo much more chill…no longer an aggressive speed demon, pissed off at everyone! But I laugh when I think about how often my dashcam must still record me calling people F-Ing C’s (but the full words). I easily said it 10t8mes tonight… holiday traffic sucks!!

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      2. Gahhh… driving home tonight had barely any traffic but car after car after car cut me off so closely rhat I couldn’t see their tail lights! I waan’t going fast but decided Life was, for unknown reasons, trying to slow me down even more. I finally got off the freeway and took surface streets.

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      3. Yeah drivers lately been insane – and it’s been rainy and also foggy and cold! 🤨

        Also… no matter what back way or easy way I go to avoid traffic, everyone KNOWS them too – so doesn’t matter 😮🤨

        I mentioned that at work the other day and one said to me… that’s because of Waze? 🤨 grrr sharing my secret ways lol


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